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Pony Canyon Co., Ltd. A must-see for K-POP fans! Two works of the web drama “Witch Shop” series co-starrin g Korean idols are being distributed exclusively in advance on ABEMA Premium! A comment video from “CIX” Yonghee has also arrived!

Pony Canyon, Inc
A must-see for K-POP fans! Two works of the web drama “Witch Shop” series co-starring Korean idols are being distributed exclusively in advance on ABEMA Premium! A comment video from “CIX” Yonghee has also arrived!

“Witch Shop” series where you can see co-starring members of groups that are popular in Japan such as K-POP idol groups “PENTAGON”, “GFRIEND”, and “CIX” Season 1 “Welcome to the Witch Shop” (14 episodes total) Season 2 ” Witch Shop REOPEN” (all 10 episodes) will be available exclusively in advance on ABEMA Premium from August 2023. At the same time, a trailer and a comment video from CIX member Yonghee have arrived.
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This work is a youth fantasy romantic comedy drama series that is set in a shop called “Witch Shop” run by a witch. In Season 1, “Welcome to the Witch Shop”, high school girl Hye Ji (Jang Hye Won), who has an unrequited love, happens to stop by the Witch Shop and her life changes completely. Later, a mysterious high school girl named Yeon-ji (Lee Hyun-joo (UNI.T)) transfers to Hye-ji’s school and supports Hye-ji’s love life. Meanwhile, when Hye-ji’s childhood friend and handsome Sun-woo (Yeo-won (PENTAGON)) transfers to her school, things take an unexpected turn. The main character of this work, the suspicious transfer student Yong-ji, is played by Lee Hyun-joo, a member of UNI.T, a nine-member girl group formed in South Korea in 2018.
Yeo-won from PENTAGON, a boy group made up of global members from Japan, Korea, and China, played the role of Hye-ji’s childhood friend, Sun-woo, a popular high school boy who is good at sports but surprisingly bad at love.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] Following “Welcome to the Witch Shop”, the latest work in the series “Witch Shop REOPEN” attracted a lot of attention as soon as it was released on ABEMA Premium, ranking in the top 12 on the same day. The witch Lee Haena (Yelin), the owner of the “Witch Shop”, meets a timid and lethargic high school student Jiho (Yong Hee (CIX)) who has no dreams, and struggles to save the “Witch Shop”, which is on the verge of closing, friendship and love. The pattern of growing humanly through is drawn.
The clumsy and blunt owner of a witch shop is played by Yerin, who is a member of the girl group “GFRIEND” and has been nicknamed “Yochin”. Her high school partner, Jiho, was played by Yonghee, a member of the five-member boy group “CIX”.
[Image 4:×960.jpg] “Acting idols” who have not only idolness but also acting ability. Please enjoy their co-starring and the chemical reaction created by it through this series.
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[Image 6:×960.jpg] ◆ Trailer|Welcome to the Witch Shop
[Video 3:] ◆ Yonghee (CIX) Comment & Trailer | Witch Shoten REOPEN
[Video 4:] -Delivery information-
“Witch Shop” Series All episodes are now available on ABEMA Premium! ・ “Welcome to the Witch Shop” All 14 episodes (episode 0 (zero) 2 episodes + 12 episodes / 1 episode about 10 minutes
・ All 10 episodes of “Witch Shop REOPEN” / about 22 minutes per episode -Work information-
“Welcome to the Witch Shop / Synopsis”
A “witch shop” that seems to be visible only to those who have a wish that they really want to grant. Hye-ji, who has a crush on Yu-ho, accidentally enters a witch shop and is forced to buy “candy that seems to work for love troubles” from the store manager who claims to be a talented witch, and decides to use it. Furthermore, by chance, he ends up working part-time at a witch shop. One day, a girl named “Yonji” transfers to Hyeji’s school. Youngji helped Hyeji and Yuho in every way possible so that they would love each other. Meanwhile, Hye-ji’s handsome childhood friend Seong-woo transfers to school, and things take a turn that Young-ji didn’t intend.
A fantasy youth romantic comedy woven by four men and women who are in unrequited love!
“Welcome to the Witch Shop/Cast”
Lee Hyun Joo (UNI.T)
Jang Hye Won “Boogie Nights”
Jung Hyo Joon “Melody, Not Solo”
“Witch Shop REOPEN / Synopsis”
Two men swear at the “witch shop” run by the witch Henna. Jiho, a high school boy who happens to be passing by, witnesses Henna punishing them with magic. And the next day, Jiho is surprised to see henna at school! However, no one seemed surprised by Henna’s sudden appearance and treated her as a normal student. Ji-ho tries to reveal that Henna is a witch, but is kissed by Henna and falls under a curse that constantly causes minor misfortunes. Henna decides to reopen the store due to Jiho’s honest and stern disapproval, who decided to work at Henna’s store in exchange for breaking the curse. In order to scout the three talented people necessary to revive the store, Jiho is getting involved and swayed by Henna’s reckless plan.
“Witch Shop REOPEN/Cast”
Jung Ye Rin (former GFRIEND)
Young-hee (CIX)
Kim Ye Rim “Love is Poro Poro”
Kwon Ah-reum “To the X who doesn’t love me”
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