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Pony Canyon Co., Ltd. GLAY TERU will hold his second painting exhibition in his hometown of Hakodate! This is a joint exhibition of 3 people with two artists with whom I have a good relationship.

Pony Canyon, Inc
GLAY TERU holds his second painting exhibition in his hometown Hakodate! This is a joint exhibition with two artists with whom I have a good relationship.
[Image:×2480.jpg] From November 8th to November 14th, GLAY’s TERU will hold his second art exhibition at Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse Hakodate History Plaza. This time, entitled “THREE COLORS EXHIBITION,” it will be a three-person exhibition featuring architect and artist TAKUMI, who is in contact with TERU, and young painter Akari Fujikura, who lives in Hakodate. The concept is “past, present, and future – a chain of creativity”, and the three parties create a place for interaction and co-creation that transcends generations. This time, which has evolved in both scale and content since the first solo exhibition, which sold out tickets every day, is a collaboration between rare artists with different characteristics, and expectations are high for the event. How about experiencing art in Hakodate, one of the most emotional cities in Japan, during the autumn season of art? THREE COLORS EXHIBITIONTERU, a three-person exhibition by architect & artist TAKUMI and painter Akari Fujikura Date: 11/8 (Wed) – 11/14 (Tue) Time: 1st 10:00 – 10:45 2nd 11 :00-11:453rd 12:00-12:454th 13:00-13:455th 14:00-14:456th 15:00-15:457th 16:00-16:458th 17:00 ~17:459th 18:00-18:45 *45 minute change each time. Venue: Hakodate, Hokkaido Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Hakodate History Plaza [Ticket price] Admission ticket 2000 yen (tax included) A4 size clear file included *Numbered in order of entry [Lawson ticket sales schedule] Primary reception 9/11 (Monday) 15: 00~9/18 (Mon)
23:00■Second reception 9/26 (Tue) 15:00~10/3 (Tue) 23:00https
// ■General sale
*First-come-first-served basis Sales start from 15:00 on Sunday, October 15th. *Tickets will not be available for the event where advance sales have ended. [Quantity limit]: Up to 6 tickets per person. *Can be purchased multiple times. -Artist Profile- Vocalist of TERUGLAY. Recently, he has been working on a lot of GLAY’s single songs, but at the request of each artist, he is also energetically providing songs and producing. In addition to his music activities, he has been making regular appearances at the Red Ribbon Live as part of the AIDS prevention campaign for many years, participating in the White Band Project, and working to support the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto Earthquake. In June, how can I express my song if I capture it as sound and visualize it? He held his first solo exhibition “Visualization of Sound” at Aundo, where he exhibited works that he continued to draw with such a theme. TAKUMI’s maiden work, Maison de Miroir, was discovered by world-famous photographer François Allard, and he is currently working on a wide range of projects in Japan and overseas outside of architecture, such as hotels, theme parks, stage art, and planning exhibitions. In recent years, he has received many offers from the ballet world for his one-of-a-kind stage design. Created a whiskey collaboration at the Peninsula Hotel in 2022. In August 2023, he was in charge of the stage design for Tchaikovsky’s Journey. Winner of Steidl Book Award 2016 Grand Prix. Work in progress at Steidl. Thanks to TERU, I come to Hakodate once a month. Fall in love with the charm of Hakodate. Akari Fujikura 2020 Participated and appeared in Nippon Television’s “Akashiya Sanma that nobody knows” art dealer project. Debut oil painting “Child staring” is sold by “Sanma”. Moved base to Hakodate in 2021. Held his first solo exhibition “Me Brain COLOR” at Hakodate Kokusai Hotel. In March 2022, a solo exhibition “Unfinished Drop” will be held at Aundo. Held a solo exhibition “Toro STYLE” at Hakodate Kokusai Hotel. Held a solo exhibition “Kusei BEAM” at Daimaru Sapporo. “BUG” will be held at Aundo in 2023. This will be my last exhibition in Hakodate as a teenager.
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