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Proscenic Technology Co.,LTD Special Sale Information Up to 32% discount on Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

Proscenic Technology Co.,LTD
[Special sale information] Up to 32% off on Proscenic robot vacuum cleaners! ……
Proscenic Co., Ltd., a comprehensive manufacturer of household appliances, conducts research and development, production, and sales of a variety of products, including cordless vacuum cleaners, air fryers, robot vacuum cleaners, and air purifiers. We are now offering the Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 850T, which has a suction power of 3000Pa, at a special discount price for a limited time. At Amazon’s special sale on September 8th, you can purchase the 850T, which normally costs 24,900 yen, for 16,990 yen.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] [Robot vacuum cleaner 850T sale information]
Proscenic official Amazon store ( will be selling it at a special price for the following period.
Period: September 8th 09:20-21:20
Special price: 16,990 yen
[Features of robot vacuum cleaner 850T]
[Image 2:] Features 1. – [Suction & wet wiping] [Multi-purpose introductory machine in one, greatly reduces the effort of cleaning]: It can vacuum and wipe with water at the same time, so you can free yourself from the hassle of cleaning and wiping your hands.
Feature 2. – [Super strong suction power] [Feels most comfortable on bare feet] With 3000Pa of suction power, it can thoroughly clean dust in the crevices. It can easily suck up fine dust that can get deep into carpets and rugs. Feature 3. – [Extremely easy to operate] [APP + remote control + Siri/Alexa/Google voice compatible] Of course, you can control the app and schedule cleaning while you are out! It also has a reliable remote control and super fun voice control. In particular, you can record your favorite voice commands with Siri to achieve various useful functions!
[Image 3:] [About Proscenic]
[Image 4:×122.png ]
Proscenic Co., Ltd. provides high-quality smart home appliances to customers with the aim of realizing a “smart and comfortable life.” We will continue to develop new features and convenient products that meet customer needs, and leverage technology to provide optimal solutions.

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