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Puarani Hawaii Beachwear releases collaboration T-shirts with “Boathouse” and “Captain Santa” ~ Three de signs full of Hawaii from November 1st ~

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Puarani Hawaii Beachwear releases collaboration T-shirts with “Boathouse” and “Captain Santa” ~ Three designs full of Hawaii from November 1st ~
Puarani Hawaii Beachwear (3118 Monsarrat Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA, store owner Kazusa Flanagan) is a brand of Joymark Design Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo, CEO Yoshiyoshi Shimoyama), “Boathouse”. , and collaboration T-shirts with “Captain Santa” will be on sale to the general public from November 1, 2023.
Joymark Design is considered a legend in the apparel world, creating the “Boathouse,” which was said to be a social phenomenon, establishing the marine traditional category in the fashion world, and naming it “Blue Traditional.” In addition, “Captain Santa” has become a character that is supported not only in clothing but also in various lifestyles. Since then, various brands have been released. He continues to have a great influence on the world of entertainment, music, and sports, not just as a designer.
Puarani Hawaii Beachwear, located on Monsarrat Avenue in Honolulu, Hawaii, is the flagship store of Puarani Hawaii, a long-established local swimwear brand that has been in business for 30 years. It continues to be loved by many locals and tourists from all over the world who are looking for beachwear that “stays in place even when riding the waves,” “stays in shape even when washed in the washing machine,” and “excellent texture.”
There are three collaboration T-shirt designs: Boathouse x Puarani, Tiny x Puarani, and Captain Santa & Tiny x Puarani. Boathouse and Captain Santa are in a dream collaboration with Hawaii’s Pualani Hawaii Beachwear. It has a fun design with a Hawaiian feel, and is recommended for boathouses, Captain Santa fans, and people who love Hawaii.
[Collaboration product details]
Release date: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Sales price: $42
Size S, M, L, XL
Sales store: Puarani Hawaii Beachwear (Monsarat store)
Sales site: (Can be shipped to Japan)
Product Image Product Name A “Logo Collaboration T” Boathouse x Puarani Monsarat chic collaboration logo T-shirt
[Image 1:×900.png ]
Product Name B “Surfer Girl Tiny” Tiny, a surfer girl full of energy wearing a Puarani swimsuit
[Image 2:×900.png ]
Product Name C “Captain Santa & Tiny on Monsarrat Avenue” Captain Santa and Tiny enjoy Hawaii! Holoholo (meaning walk in Hawaiian) on Monsarrat Avenue. Pose with Diamond Head in the background!
[Image 3:×900.png ]
*T-shirt colors may change at any time

Contact information regarding this matter
Puarani Hawaii Beachwear (In charge: Kanako Yukikusa)
[Reference materials]
Q&A collection with Mr. Yoshiyoshi Shimoyama of Joymark Design and Mr. Kazusaflanagan of Puarani Hawaii Monsarrat
Joymark Design Yoshiyoshi Shimoyama (hereinafter referred to as Captain) Q1: I heard that Captain does not do business in Hawaii, so please tell us why you decided to collaborate with Puarani Hawaii Beachwear. A: The main reason I go to Hawaii is to enjoy surfing, so I had no intention of doing business there. However, in the past, we
collaborated with a golf course on Oahu for about two years. I had been approached by many others, but in the end I didn’t feel like developing a business. However, when I met Kazusa and learned that she was a big fan of Boathouse, I felt grateful and thought that I wanted to help her rather than doing business, which is what led to this collaboration. Actually, Monsarrat Avenue is my favorite street in Hawaii, so if I’m going to do something, it’s here! Another big reason was that I met Kazusa just as I was thinking that.
Q2: Please tell us how the idea for this collaboration came about. A: When you stop by Puarani’s shop, why not display a boat house or Captain Santa in the shop? That’s the idea. I drew the design myself, framed it, and gave it as a gift.
Q3: Please tell us about your thoughts on Hawaii and what kind of place Hawaii is for you.
A: Hawaii is a dream place for me. When I was 22 years old, I thought, “I want to do my best and live in Hawaii!” I entered the world of fashion because I admired and loved Kensuke Ishizu of VAN. Although my origins are in the United States, I am greatly influenced by Hawaii when it comes to creating products. The design of both Boathouse and Captain Santa is always inspired by my own lifestyle. After watching Yuzo Kayama’s movies (such as The Young Master of Hawaii), I want him to wear Boathouse! I created the design with this in mind. Captain Santa is also a character born from his admiration for Hawaii. The lifestyle taught by Hawaii’s nature is truly a dream world! I think my feelings and the place called Hawaii matched.
Puarani Hawaii Monsarrat Kazusa Flanagan
Q1: Please tell us about any encounters or memories you have with your favorite boathouse.
A: During my youth, I was so obsessed with boathouses that I could even describe them as being together with boathouses. When I was in high school, Neutra and Hamatora were all the rage, and naturally I became a big fan of Boathouse. I’m originally from Sendai, but I saved up my pocket money and went on an overnight trip with a friend to a store in Aoyama to buy a tote bag and sweatshirt. At that time, it was quite an adventure for a student to travel from Sendai to Tokyo. I wanted it that much.
Q2: Please tell us about the story from when you met Captain until the collaboration.
A: Actually, my encounter with the captain had nothing to do with Puarani, but I was supposed to visit him at his home in Hawaii for a magazine interview. However, at the time, preparations for the opening of Puarani, which were underway at the same time, were in the final stages, so I ended up not being able to go for the interview, so I asked a friend to go in my place. But from then on, we became friends on Facebook, so I liked it! We continued to have so-called “exchanges” such as this. So, I didn’t actually meet the captain. Just like that, time passed and the coronavirus was over, and one day, an old customer of Puarani came to the store with his captain. I got into a situation where I thought, “Huh? Why are you two together?” (I won’t go into the details as it’s too long), and from that moment on, I was completely taken care of by the captain. When I told them that I was a big fan of the Boathouse and that the logo on our original hoodie was made to imitate a boathouse, they gave me lots of gifts such as premium T-shirts and commemorative tote bags, and also offered me meals. He also took me with him. This was after the coronavirus pandemic ended, so we have a short but strong friendship. And surprisingly, the next time the captain came to Hawaii, he brought the design for this T-shirt as a present from Japan. Frame that too. I was so surprised lol. From there, talks about collaboration got serious. Q3: Please tell us your feelings about this collaboration.
A: Again, for me, the Boathouse is the epitome of youth. Every time I think of the boathouse, memories from decades ago flash through my mind like a running lantern. I was worried about many things, such as how I fell in love with surfing, the boys I fell in love with, the royal milk tea I drank at the coffee shop (or so I called it at the time, not a cafe) that I often stopped at on my way home from school, the Western music I listened to there. The pain in my heart, the taste of tears. I thought I’d completely forgotten about those days, but I never thought I’d be able to experience them again, in Hawaii, where I moved more than 30 years ago. I’m filled with unbelievable feelings. Also, in this collaboration, we will be able to work with Captain Santa, making the trip to Hawaii even more fun. We will sell it with great care and with all the aloha we have.
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