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Quipo Co., Ltd. Autumn fair will be held from September 13th

Qipo Co., Ltd.
-CLATHAS-Autumn Fair will be held from September 13th
Introducing new products for the 23rd fall/winter season. Stores holding the fair will give away original mobile battery novelty items! ……
Qipo Co., Ltd. (President: Satoshi Okada) will hold an “Autumn Fair” at participating stores nationwide.
[Image 1:×1400.jpg] CLATHAS’s theme for this season is “Wearing brilliance”
Introducing new items with a trendy feel, such as quilting and fur, that will make your heart shine just by holding them.
The plump quilting and gold camellia give it an elegant yet soft impression, creating a feminine loveliness and delicacy.
[Image 2:×720.jpg] -2way tote bag-¥19,800
-2way shoulder bag-¥18,700
-Smartphone shoulder-¥10,780
[Serena accessories]
It has ample storage capacity and is highly functional. We also recommend carrying a matching bag from the same series.
[Image 3:×720.jpg] -Round bundle-¥20,900
-Thin long wallet-¥18,700
A fluffy fur bag will enhance your autumn/winter mood just by adding it to your usual styling.
The interior has zippers on both sides and a shoulder strap, so you can use it depending on your mood.
[Image 4:×713.jpg] -2way handbag-¥16,500
A warm design with craft-like stitching and hollowed-out camellias. It has a gentle and moist texture that is easy to hold.
[Image 5:×720.jpg] -Round bundle-¥19,800
-Thin long wallet-¥17,600
-Inner BOX bifold-¥16,500
-Smart key case-¥13,200
novelty present
At the stores holding the fair, those who purchase new fall products during the fair will receive a limited number of original mobile batteries as a gift.
*Since quantities are limited, the offer will end as soon as stock runs out, even during the period.
[Image 6:×1524.jpg] [Target stores]
・Meitetsu Department Store Main Store (9/27-10/10)
・Tobu Department Store Funabashi store (10/4-10/18)
・Yamakataya (10/6-10/17)
・Tsuruya Department Store (10/11-10/16)
・Yagihashi Department Store (11/15~)
・Sax Bar Nara Kashihara Kintetsu Department Store (9/13-9/26) ・Sax Bar Amu Plaza Kagoshima (9/15-9/30)
・Sax Bar Takamatsu (9/15-10/1)
・Sax Virgin Niigata Minami (9/16-9/30)
・Sax Bar Niihama Aeon (10/6-10/18)
*Please contact each store regarding the exhibition dates of the following stores.
・Sax Bar Kurashiki
・Grand Sax Kai Futaba
・Sax Virgin Goshogawara
・Sax Bar Hirosaki Sakurano Department Store
・Sax Bar Kusatsu Kintetsu Department Store
Please take this opportunity to visit us.
[Image 7:×580.jpg]

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