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Ragzas Co., Ltd. Ragzas Co., Ltd. has been selected as a special sponsor of the 3rd WBSC Premier 12

Ragzas Co., Ltd.
Luxas Co., Ltd. selected as a special sponsor of the 3rd WBSC Premier 12 ~ Sponsoring international baseball tournament, Ragzas announces special sponsorship of the 3rd WBSC Premier 12 ~
Ragzas Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka/President: Seijiro Fukushige) is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a special sponsor of the international baseball tournament “Premier 12” to be held in November 2024. As a result, the name of this tournament will be “Ragzas presents 3rd WBSC Premier 12.”
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Background of special sponsorship of Ragzas presents 3rd Premier 12 “Ragzas Presents 3rd Premier 12” to be held in November 2024 is an international baseball tournament sponsored by the WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation). As a WBSC global sponsor, Luxus Group has decided to support the 3rd Premier 12 as a special sponsor. This tournament will be a very important international tournament for Japan’s baseball team, Samurai Japan, who aim to win the WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC (TM) (WBC) consecutive championship. We will support the 3rd WBSC Premier 12, where top-level baseball players from around the world compete, including the previous champions of Japan’s national baseball team, “SAMURAI JAPAN.” We will support the players competing on the world stage and make the tournament even better. We will make it more exciting.
Going forward, at the 3rd WBSC Premier 12, we will actively work in a wide range of places such as sponsor logos, advertising boards in the stadium, media and events to further increase familiarity and trust in the Ragusas brand, and In addition to delivering dreams, excitement, and joy to the world, we will continue to focus on increasing the corporate value of the Ragusas Group.
Ragzas presents 3rd WBSC Premier 12 Overview
The top 12 teams in the world rankings participate in the “World Baseball WBSC Premier 12” hosted by WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation), and after being divided into two groups and playing a round-robin match, the top two teams from each group Advance to the Super Round.
The group stage will be held in Taiwan (partly in Japan) and the Americas (location to be determined). Group A will be held from November 10th to 14th (host country, city, and venue to be announced at a later date), and Group B will be held in Taiwan from November 14th to 18th (venue to be announced at a later date). The opening match of Group B will be held on November 13th at Nagoya Dome in Japan.
The Super Round will be held at Tokyo Dome from November 21st to 23rd, with the championship match including the third place match taking place on the 24th. The 1st and 2nd place teams in the Super Round will participate in the championship match, while the 3rd and 4th place teams will compete for the 3rd place spot.
About Ragzas Co., Ltd.
Based on our mission of “Creating a future that doesn’t exist right now,” we are developing an Internet platform business, a media business, and an online learning service business that will become a “new marketplace that changes the industry structure.” As a holding company with multiple IT companies as subsidiaries, we aim to “create new value and make the people we interact with happy.” We aim to continuously increase corporate value through a variety of businesses.
[Image 2:×386.jpg] -Company Profile-
・Company name: Luxus Co., Ltd. *Transition to a holding company structure on November 1, 2022
・Representative: President and CEO Ikujiro Fukushige
・Head office location: Grand Front Osaka Tower B18th floor, 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
・Business content: Internet platform business and media business ・URL:
-List of Luxas Group’s Internet services-
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