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RECCOO Co., Ltd. Real truth survey of Generation Z Young people are becoming less interested in beer. For Generation Z, “lemon sour” has become established.

RECCOO Co., Ltd.
[Real truth survey of Generation Z] Young people are becoming less interested in beer. For Generation Z, “lemon sour” has become established.
For my first drink at an izakaya, the first place was lemon sour, the second place I don’t drink in the first place, and the third place was draft beer.
“Circle Up”, a quick research service specializing in Generation Z, operated by RECCOO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masahiro Deya, hereinafter referred to as the Company), has released the latest Generation Z survey titled “College students are turning away from beer.” We will present a research report on the theme of “. According to the survey results, lemon sour, not beer, was the alcoholic drink most requested by college students. In 2023, when the coronavirus pandemic has subsided, attention is being focused on how Generation Z will enjoy alcohol.
[Image 1:×605.png ]
■About half of current university students feel that young people are turning away from beer.
[Image 2:×601.png ]
48% of Gen Z respondents say they feel young people are turning away from beer. The specific reason is
[Those who feel it]
・The culture of drinking beer according to the rules has disappeared. ・I don’t like it because it’s bitter
・I think beer is an old man’s drink.
[Those who don’t feel it]
・My friends around me drink a lot.
・Posting videos of friends drinking beer on SNS
・I want to drink beer for the first time
I was able to confirm an answer like this.
■“I’ll just live it for now” was ranked 3rd. 2nd place is no alcohol, 1st place is lemon sour.
[Image 3:×597.png ]
Specifically, when we conducted a survey to find out what people often order for their first drink at an izakaya, we found that people are more likely to order a lemon sour than a draft beer when toasting. In addition, the second answer was that they don’t drink in the first place. In addition to young people turning away from beer, it seems that they are also turning away from alcohol.
■What is Circle Up? Raw data available upon inquiry.
What did you think? When we show the data to university students, it seems that restaurants that offer all-you-can-drink lemon sour are becoming popular. If you check the data from actual university students, you can get a sense of reality. Circle Up is a quick research tool developed by the Dentsu Youth Research Department as its own research tool, and the company sold the business in June 2022. Approximately 20,000 current university students have registered, and the survey is characterized by its speed, with a survey of 100 samples completed in 10 to 30 minutes, and is used by many companies for marketing and recruiting activities. Masu.
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Generation Z is currently attracting a lot of attention, but there are many cases where they are perceived superficially, such as “Gen Z is
____”. Therefore, we are using Circle Up and working with a project team of current university students to distribute [Gen Z’s real honest research articles] that convey their real feelings.
We also provide raw data of some of the results of this survey to companies that make inquiries.
For inquiries, please use the form below.
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*When quoting this article, please clearly indicate the source and source URL. [Survey overview]・Survey date: March 2023・Research institution (research subject): RECCOO Co., Ltd.・Survey target: 1st to 4th year university students registered with Circle Up・Number of valid responses (sample size): 150 people・Survey method: Circle Up for client survey offer
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