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RECERO Co., Ltd. Revealing “Inside Sales Measures Implemented to Increase the Rate of Business Negotiations at Exhibitions”!

RECERO Co., Ltd.
“Inside sales measures implemented to increase the rate of business negotiations at exhibitions” revealed!
RECERO Co., Ltd., which operates a BtoB SaaS sales support and inside sales support business, has published an article titled “Examples and effects of CXO letters (letter measures) to win business negotiations with decision makers for inside sales managers and personnel at companies.” ‘ has been published. Useful materials can be downloaded for free.
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Real exhibitions are an extremely effective marketing tool for connecting with target companies.
The purpose of exhibiting at an exhibition is, of course, to get people to buy their products, but many companies seem to have a hard time connecting with business negotiations.
RECERO operates the inside sales agency service “Cellmate,” which supports customer development centered on inside sales for a wide range of IT and SaaS companies, from seeds to listed companies, and provides sales support for numerous SaaS products. I’m here. This time, by combining exhibition measures and inside sales, we have published “Inside Sales Measures Implemented to Increase the Sales Negotiation Rate at Exhibitions” as a useful document to increase the conversion rate from exhibition leads to business negotiations. . This information is also useful for sales and marketing personnel and business managers who want to strengthen their exhibition policies, so please take a look.
Inside sales measures implemented to increase the rate of business negotiations at exhibitions
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The slide “Inside sales measures implemented to increase the conversion rate at trade shows” summarizes specific actions and techniques for converting leads acquired at trade shows into business negotiations.
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[Company details] In order to turn issues into “growth” with appropriate solutions, we are developing various businesses to solve issues in “SaaS x Sales”, such as “inside sales support business” and “partner sales support business”. With the vision of “Follow your vision,” we are committed to growing our client’s businesses through sales support.
◇Company overview◇
Company name: RECERO Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Daisuke Tanaka
Date of establishment: July 2018
Address: 3F Ark Mori Building, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo ◇Business details◇
Inside sales support service “Cellmate”
Partner sales/success support business specializing in SaaS companies Back office DX/Agency consulting “DX Com”

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