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Recruitment for “Splash Slash + New Group Member Nationwide Audition” has begun!

Recruitment for “Splash Slash + New Group Member Nationwide Audition” has begun! The Splash Slash Audition Office will be holding member auditions for the female idol group “Splash Slash” and a new group that will debut from September 25th (Monday) to October 14th (Saturday).
“Splash Slash” has gained momentum in its first year by appearing on big stages at major festivals and performing at Sapporo Collection, and a new group created by the same producer, Village Chief! We are looking for members of a new generation idol group who will run around the stage with all their might and overwhelm you with explosive performances!
The Splash Audition Office (Planning/Production: Origami Co., Ltd.) would like to inform you that we will be holding the “Splash Slash + New Group New Member Audition.”
Audition special site
[Image 1:×2925.jpg]
[Image 2:×1327.jpg] ◼︎What is Splash Slash?
The word 8 was coined by combining “splash”, which resembles a colorful spray can that explodes and scatters, and “slash”, which refers to the force that cuts into the idol industry, and the concept of 8 is “maximum explosive power, maximum speed!” A human female idol group.
◼︎How to apply
In the text to LINE@, include your name, age, date of birth, height/weight, address, phone number, favorite color, favorite idol group (or artist you usually listen to), past entertainment activities (if not, club activities) After submitting your SNS ID, where you heard about this audition, and your desired idol group, please send 2 photos (1 unedited full-body and 1 full-face close-up = taken within the last 3 months). Send.
Official LINE for application:
◼︎Application deadline
First semester: October 7, 2023, 23:59 Document application deadline. Results will be announced by October 9th. Second semester: October 14, 2023, 23:59 Document application deadline. Results will be announced by October 16th. ◼︎1st screening = Document screening 2nd screening = Interview + Practical October 15th (first half), 22nd (second half) @ Somewhere in Tokyo / Free song singing test (1 chorus) / Free song dance test (1 minute) Within)◼︎After passing
Belongs to Origami Co., Ltd. and begins idol activities as a member of Splash Slash or a new group.
The management philosophy is “Serious LOVE 120%”.・People who seriously want to be an “idol” ・People who want to be active in a group full of love
We’ll be expecting you!
[Video 2:] [Splash Slash Appearances/Achievements, etc.] March 25, 2022 Shibuya Spofity O-EAST Origami Big Thanksgiving Banquet Vol. 2 (unveiling of successful members) May 3 Hibiya Park Super! KAIRAIMAX IDOL2022 Supported By Pre-debut appearance at Kuji Live ・May 31st Toyosu PIT JAPAN IDOL SUPER LIVE 2022 @Toyosu PIT performance Pre-debut appearance at Spring Festival Edition ・June 10th Debut one-man live “We Are” at Shinjuku ReNY Spslash!” was held and debuted to a packed house of over 300 people. On August 16th, the music video for the new song “First Love Summer” was released, and the freshness of the video and dance became a hot topic.・December 10th: New song MV “Kaminari” featuring Harajuku-based apparel brand “Younger Song” popular among young people released ・December 28th: ​​MARQUEE Festival magazine competition battle, overwhelming victory with 500,000 points difference, MARQUEE Vol.149 (Released on 2/22) Published in 4P magazine February 10, 2023 One-man live “LAZER DIVER” will be held at Shibuya Veats. It became a hot topic with 333 people in attendance, a large number of performances, and an impressive stage performance.・May 7th: Appearance at SAPPORO COLLECTION 2023 SPRING/SUMMER ・June 1st: First appearance on terrestrial TV on Fuji TV’s music information program “Tune” ・June 10th: 1st anniversary one-man live “SPLASH PARTY” at Shinjuku ReNY held.・July 15th IDOL SQUARE SUMMER FESTIVAL2023 @KT ZEPP YOKOHAMA performance.・August 6th: Appeared on the big stage “HEAT GARAGE” at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2023 for the first time in their second year of formation.
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