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Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Sara Minami” appears on the NYLON guys cover!

Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd.
“Sara Minami” appears on NYLON guys cover!
NYLON JAPAN November issue SPECIAL EDITION released with a special cover story shot in New York
It has been decided that actor Sara Minami will appear on the guys cover of the special edition “NYLON JAPAN 2023 November Issue SPECIAL EDITION” of “NYLON JAPAN November Issue” to be released on Tuesday, October 10, 2023!
[Image:×1198.jpg] Wearing stylish clothing from Coachtopia, a new sub-brand of Coach that supports a sustainable lifestyle that is considerate of the earth and the environment, we were photographed in the lively city of New York. A bold and fresh cover story. A series of positive visuals typical of Coachtopia, a brand filled with the desire to “contribute to a better future of fashion”!
The long interview features maniacal content that is rarely talked about, such as stories related to the brand’s concept of “sustainable” and his thoughts on his first New York shoot.
With a completely new hairstyle and a fresh glow, Sara Minami descends on the streets of New York to stylishly deliver the charm of Coachtopia.
Stay tuned for a playful cover story where you can enjoy the latest fashion while feeling the vibe and energy of the current New York streets!
【Product Summary】
Name: NYLON JAPAN November 2023 issue SPECIAL EDITION
Release date: October 10, 2023 (Tuesday)
List price: 1,000 yen (tax included)
Specifications: A4 modified version/132 pages
Distribution: Amazon, Tower Records Online, HMV&BOOKS online *The contents of this product, other than the front and back covers, are the same as the regular edition “NYLON JAPAN November 2023 issue” (issue released on September 27, 2023).
NYLON.JP special page:
[Sara Minami Profile]
Born June 11, 2002. Born in Tokyo.
She made her debut as an actress in the movie “A Little Child Was Born to Us” (2017). Her first leading role, Shino-chan Can’t Say Her Name (2018), won numerous film awards, including the Hochi Film Award and the Blue Ribbon Award, and her acting skills were highly praised. He has also appeared in many other works, including Sunday Theater “Dragon Zakura” (TBS TV). In 2022, the movie “I want to be killed by a high school girl”, the movie “Sara-chan’s Holiday” directed by Takayuki Yamada and starring Minami, the movie “This Child is Evil”, and the taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no 13” will be released. Appeared on TV programs such as “Hito” (NHK). This year, in addition to appearing regularly in the January 2023 drama serial “Goddess’s Classroom ~Regal Seishun Hakusho~” (Fuji TV), he also starred in “Kimi ni Todoke”, which will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix from March 30th. In addition to starring in the film “The Day I Learned About Love”, it is currently available on ABEMA.
▶Instagram: lespros_sara00
▶Twitter: lespros_sara
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Company name: Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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