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Research Nester, a popular market research company, launches a partnership with Crifax

Research Nester
Research Nester, a popular market research company, launches a partnership with Crifax
Research Nester is a leading market research company and we are excited to announce our merger with CRIFAX. The merger was completed in the first week of September 2023.
CRIFAX is a leading provider of intelligent business solutions in 50 countries. With the merger of the two companies, we strive to help business enthusiasts around the world by providing tactical business solutions. We would like to work with our clients to propose comprehensive strategies to achieve their goals.
In fact, this also eliminates competition between the two major players and benefits customers by enabling better planning and utilization of financial resources. There was a recognition that the combination of the two companies would improve agility.
CRIFAX provides services across three sectors: Healthcare, IT & Telecommunications, and Energy & Power. It has also grown by about 33% over the past three years. This path has helped many companies expand and provide them with the right guidance. The company’s objective is to provide clients with well-researched reports to help them solve complex business problems. Meanwhile, Research Nesters’ core competencies are also in the fields of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, energy and power, and IT and communications. Besides these core areas, the company also works in various other areas and has diverse experience. We have published around 10,000 comprehensive research reports comprising various essential factors such as market
constraints, regional analysis, and growth factors.
Both companies have a sufficient team of researchers to analyze data from authentic sources and develop descriptive research directions. The merger of the two companies has created a hub where clients can find all the information they need. To meet higher demand from entrepreneurs in different markets, the merger of the two companies will allow us to serve a wider audience. Both companies were looking to expand into the market research industry in order to expand their business.
CRIFAX is based in the European region, while Research Nester is based in Japan and the United States, allowing both companies to expand into a wider geographic area. The two companies will be able to work together to explore avenues in the Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East/Africa and Europe regions and reach entrepreneurs in more markets. CRIFAX leverages Research Nester’s diverse experience and has the strength to respond to a wide range of industries. Research Nester, on the other hand, can benefit from the region where CRIFAX is located. Because the company is located in a European region that Research Nester rarely passes through. By working together, both companies will be able to demonstrate excellence in their respective expertise and build reputable brands around the world. The merger of CRIFAX and Research Nester is definitely a solid merger. Entrepreneurs as well as businesses would benefit from gaining insight from these two prominent names. These two paths aim to reach the pinnacle of success through service and hard work. The market research industry recognizes that associations are the perfect source of authentic and important information.
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