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Review Co., Ltd. Research Report What kind of reviews of remodeling and repair companies do you refer to? 1st place was “High construction accuracy and quality”!

Review Co., Ltd.
[Research Report] What kind of reviews of remodeling and repair companies do you refer to? 1st place was “High construction accuracy and quality”!
“Hodo no Mori” (, an information media that is useful for daily life, operated by Review Co., Ltd.
(, is aimed at people in their 20s and above from all over Japan. We conducted a survey of people asking, “What kind of reviews about remodeling and repair companies do you refer to?”
We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Survey target: Men and women in their 20s and above
Survey date: June 2023
Research institution: In-house research
Survey method: Voluntary response via the internet
Number of people surveyed: 100 (69 women, 31 men)
Research report:
*When quoting the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Honbutsu no Mori” (
Survey results summary
When we conducted a survey to find out what kind of reviews about remodeling/repair companies are most helpful, the number one answer was “high construction accuracy/quality.”
We will also introduce other items in ranking format.
[Image:×768.jpg] The first place was “high construction accuracy and quality.” “Renovation costs” and “Sales response” came in second place, followed by “Insulation/Airtightness” which came in 8th place. 1st place: High construction accuracy/quality
・When renovating your home, you want to make it a better home because you can change it. Because I want to focus on quality and make something good. (Female in her 40s)
– I thought that if it wasn’t highly accurate and of good quality, there would be defects after renovations and people would feel uncomfortable living in it. I want my home to be a comfortable and comfortable space for me. (Female in her 30s)
・We hope that by doing the highest quality work possible, the renovated area will last for a long time. (Male in his 40s)
The first place was “high construction accuracy and quality.” If you’re going to renovate, it’s dangerous if you don’t have a high level of precision and quality, or you may end up with defects later on.
2nd place: Renovation costs
・After all, you need money to renovate, and if you can renovate cheaply, you can use it for other expenses and live comfortably. (Male in his 30s)
– Cheaper is best, but does it not look cheap or is it at this price? I think I’ll take a look at posts like this and make a decision. (Female in her 40s)
・I’d like to know from word of mouth because I’m afraid that even though I’ll tell you it’s cheap at first, it will end up being extremely expensive if I actually order it. (Female in her 30s) Second place was “renovation costs.”
Some people are saving money with an eye on renovations, but many people want to see how much it will actually cost.
3rd place: Sales response
・It’s the honesty of not only the sales staff but also the craftsmen, designers, and other team members. My biggest concern is that there are no additions to the estimate. (Female in her 50s and up) ・If we don’t communicate properly, our requests won’t be understood, and if defects are found after construction is completed, I don’t think they’ll deal with them properly. (Female in her 40s)
・Since we are going to renovate the property, we want to be very particular about the contents. It is very important to have a good relationship with the sales person, such as being able to receive advice and respond quickly to questions. (Female in her 30s) 4th place: Warranty details
・Good warranty = Even with a high warranty, business can be done without problems = There are not many problems. Because I think so. Or, in case of an emergency, they will be able to respond
appropriately. (Female in her 40s)
・We often hear that defects or accidents occur after renovations, so we are concerned about not having a solid warranty, so we place great importance on the warranty details. (Male in his 30s)
・Once you have renovated the house, you will be in trouble if something breaks down or there is a problem, so you want a solid warranty. (Female in her 30s)
5th place: High strength/earthquake resistance
・Since I live in Aichi Prefecture, I place the utmost importance on earthquake resistance in order to prepare for earthquakes that are expected to occur someday. I don’t want to live in a house where I can’t feel safe based on design alone. (Female in her 30s)
・Since earthquakes occur frequently, I want to make sure that the building is earthquake resistant if I’m going to spend money on it. It’s sad when it breaks right after renovation (female in her 20s) ・I came across a review saying that the earthquake-resistant construction was in disrepair, but there was nothing that could be done about it later, so I thought safety was essential. (Female in her 30s)
6th place: Design
・We paid particular attention to the functionality of the house when it was built, so when it comes to renovations, we want to focus on the stylishness of the interior. It depends on the details of the renovation, but we are looking for a high level of design that will make you want to stay at home. (Male in his 30s)
・I myself have lived in a shared house with architects and designers, and I feel relieved when I see someone who has a particular passion for design, and when that reaches the buyer and sees the appeal and emanation of the property. . (Male in his 20s)
・When it comes to remodeling and repair companies, design is important, so I thought reviews about design would be good. (Male in his 40s)
6th place: Durability
・Since I don’t do renovations often, I would like to check the reviews beforehand to see if the product is durable and will last a long time. (Female in her 20s)
・I’m worried about how much it will deteriorate after long-term use. The work is not cheap and is not done frequently, so I would like to know your impressions after using it for a long time. (Female in her 40s)
・Durability is the most important factor to consider when reviewing reviews from remodeling and repair companies. You can rest assured that it is durable. (Male in his 30s)
8th place: Heat insulation/airtightness
・One of the problems we currently have in older homes is mold caused by the cold in winter and the humidity in summer, so if we are going to renovate, we want to pay particular attention to insulation and airtightness. (Female in her 50s and up)
It was ranked 8th in terms of “thermal insulation and airtightness.” Depending on the region and the construction of the house, it can be very cold in the winter and moldy in the summer, so some people would like to know reviews of the insulation and airtightness of the house. summary
When we conducted a survey of 100 people, 41.0% of them answered “high construction accuracy/quality.”
Many respondents also said that if the work was done poorly, defects would be discovered later on, and that they expected high quality since they were spending a lot of money on renovations.
It can be seen that many people place importance on how precisely the construction is performed.
If you are considering remodeling, please take a look at the reviews. ■About Review Co., Ltd.
Our company operates the information site “Sublogg
(” that is useful for daily life.
We also manage YouTube channels, own media, and personal gyms. ■Company overview
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