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S-TEKT Co., Ltd. “Irodori” – Introducing a next-generation access control system that combines beauty and safety

S-TEKT Co., Ltd.
“Irodori” – Introducing a next-generation access control system that combines beauty and safety
A new step in security and design provided by “Aya”
Introducing “Aya”, the future access control that combines beauty and safety. “Aya” is an access control system with new value that combines a design that harmonizes with the space and reliable security. We can appeal to a wide range of people, from architecture and design professionals to those seeking beauty and peace of mind in their daily lives.
Harmony of beauty and security, features of “Aya”
“Aya” provides a new option as an access control system that harmonizes with the space while balancing security and beauty. *For information on the security camera “Aya” released in August, please see this release.
[Image:×725.jpg] Architects and designers have been seriously troubled by the design limitations of traditional security devices. However, “Aya” provides an answer to this problem.
The harmony of beauty and security is an important element that not only enhances the attractiveness of a space, but also provides a sense of security to residents and visitors. “Aya” can be freely changed in color to match the interior and exterior, ensuring security while maintaining a sense of unity throughout the space. For example, the charm of “Aya” shines in various places such as the lobby of a luxury hotel or the entrance of a shopping mall.
Beautiful design greatly influences the impression of buildings and facilities. “Aya” creates an environment where architects and designers can realize new ideas by providing a high level of security while maintaining its aesthetic appearance. Security is no longer a constraint on space design. Through “Aya”, you can achieve both beauty and security.
A new approach to architectural design
Balancing beauty and functionality is always a challenge in
architectural design.
In particular, equipment installed to enhance security can disrupt the flow of the design.
However, with the advent of “Aya”, a new approach has been born that solves this dilemma.
“Aya” provides a way to ensure safety without compromising the design of buildings and spaces.
While conventional access control systems had the potential to spoil the aesthetics, “Aya” takes advantage of the flexibility of coloring to become part of the design, creating a sense of unity throughout the space.
This makes it easier for architects and designers to pursue creative ideas. “Aya” can harmoniously blend into not only the exterior but also the interior, allowing architects to proceed with design with
unprecedented freedom of thought.
By choosing a color scheme that matches the user’s aesthetic and environment, security measures become a complementary part of the architectural design.
Birth and prospects of “Aya”
“Aya” is a product of our thoughts and values, as we value the voices and requests of our customers.
We listened to the voices of our customers and created “Aya” in order to breathe new life into the electrical work industry in which we are involved.
In the electrical construction industry, customer requests also have great significance.
“Aya” is the result of pursuing ways to meet customer needs and achieve both security and aesthetics.
That’s why we offer a variety of “Aya” colorings to match the design of buildings and facilities.
Looking to the future, we plan to further evolve “Aya.”
While valuing the voices of our customers, we will further enhance the scope of “Aya” and respond to new needs.
“Aya” respects the requests of our customers and believes that it plays a role in bringing a new approach to the electrical construction industry.
Customer feedback is the driving force behind “Aya” and is our guideline. We will continue to create new value together with everyone. Company Profile
Company name: Esect Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Head Office / YS Building 5F, 1-9-11 Saga, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0031 Osaka Office / 2F Unitex Building, 5-3-19 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka 531-0076
Representative: Takahiro Shimizu
Established: June 1993
TEL: 03-3820-5760
Tokyo Head Office/03-3820-5763
Osaka Office/06-6940-6243
Business details:
Design, construction, sales, and maintenance of security (room entry/exit), security cameras, and audiovisual equipment.
Custom-made production [various control panel production, control board production, program setting, etc.]
Various electrical work, LED lighting work, network work
[Customer inquiries]
Estect Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Tatsumi
TEL: 03-3820-5760 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00)
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