SAKE HUNDRED supports Japan’s largest art fair “ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA2023”. Providing sparkling sake “Fukabosh i” to VIPs

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SAKE HUNDRED supports Japan’s largest art fair “ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA2023”. Providing sparkling sake “Fukaboshi” to VIPs
Enjoy sake with art from September 22, 2023 at Japan’s only art fair with an Asian concept.
The sake brand “SAKE HUNDRED” (operated by Clear Co., Ltd./Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryuji Ikoma) will be held at Marine Messe Fukuoka from Friday, September 22nd to Sunday, September 24th, 2023. We will be co-sponsoring “ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2023” (hereinafter referred to as AFAF2023) to be held at Building B, and will be offering sparkling sake “Shinsei” at the VIP-only reception party and lounge.
[Image 1:×1348.jpg] SAKE HUNDRED, a sake brand whose brand purpose is to “fill the hearts and color the lives” of people around the world, actively
collaborates with art. The brand’s desire to pursue emotional value that goes beyond functional value and contribute to the enrichment of customers’ hearts has a deep connection with art.
This is our second time supporting AFAF, following last year. We sympathize with AFAF’s global, especially Asia-targeted dissemination activities and the theme of “becoming a bridge between the art markets of Japan and Asia,” and we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a venue that is approximately four times the size of last year, in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries. We have decided to support and co-sponsor AFAF’s continuing challenge and development activities, with a total of 126 galleries exhibiting, the largest ever including those from ASEAN countries.
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] “Shinsei” offered at “ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2023 (AFAF 2023)” At the venue, “Shinsei” will be offered in three scenes limited to VIPs. One is the Vernissage (*) on September 21st, the night before the event, where VIPs can enjoy the art-filled venue with a drink in hand. In addition to the reception party held at Restaurant Sola by chef Hiroki Yoshitake, who received one Michelin star in Paris, you will also be able to enjoy Fukasei along with art at the VIP lounge during the exhibition period.
(*) A vernissage is a party held on the eve of a painting exhibition to which related parties and VIPs are invited.
The common denominator between SAKE HUNDRED and art is the richness that comes from creations that express humanity.
Just like art, sake expresses the personality, humanity, and energy of its creator. We all share the common denominator of recognizing and expressing the added value of stories, backgrounds, and thoughts, and that by experiencing expression, we can enjoy it more richly. SAKE HUNDRED will continue to strengthen its relationship with art, providing opportunities to experience new colors that can be enjoyed with sake, and as a brand that fulfills its brand purpose of “filling the hearts and coloring the lives” of people around the world. We will continue to increase the value we provide.
Along with the art, you can enjoy the sparkling Japanese sake “Fukaboshi|SHINSEI” whose bubbles sparkle like star shadows that color the night sky.
A rich flavor that lies deep within the transparency. Quiet and beautiful bubbles. A long and elegant aftertaste. “Fukaboshi” is a top-of-the-line sparkling sake that combines sophistication and complexity and shows its true value when paired with food. A unique bubble sake that goes well with food, bringing a special time to those who drink it.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] Product name: SHINSEI | SHINSEI
Manufacturer: Yamanashi Meijo (Yamanashi)
Contents: 720ml
Price: 35,200 yen (tax included, shipping not included)
“ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2023” aims to be a global art fair
“ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2023” is one of the largest art fairs in Japan, held since 2015. Japan’s only art fair with an Asian concept, we aim to become a global art fair that not only introduces artists who are responsible for the future of Asia, but also communicates the appeal of domestic culture and art to Asia and revitalizes the Asian art market. Masu.
In 2023, the 8th event will be held in addition to Fukuoka City, which continued last year, as well as Culture Vision Japan, a general incorporated foundation that collaborates with industry, government, and academia to transform the power of creativity into new business value and competitive advantage. In addition to co-hosting the event, we also collaborate with art fairs in Japan and abroad, aiming to increase the presence of Asian-themed art fairs and enhance the value of the experience for art fair visitors.
◆Event overview
・Period: September 22nd (Friday) to September 24th (Sunday), 2023 *Preview event will be held on September 21st (Thursday)
・Venue: Marine Messe Fukuoka Building B (2-1 Okihama-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 812-0031)
・Number of exhibitors: 126 groups *planned
・Sponsor: Art Fair Asia Fukuoka General Incorporated Association ・Co-sponsors: Fukuoka City, Culture Vision Japan
・Tickets: Advance tickets on sale from August 10th (Thursday) ・Ticket details:
・Official website:
[Image 4:×1365.jpg] Asia is the center of art and sake
In the art market, China became the world’s highest-grossing region for the first time in terms of auction sales, surpassing European countries in 2009 and the United States in 2010. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, sales at Chinese fine art auctions have remained stable, despite sales declines in the US and UK, and the country has established itself as a major player in the global art market. In the Japanese sake market as well, China is experiencing a very high growth rate as an export destination, and has been the world’s top export destination since 2021. Expectations are also rising for inbound demand in Asian countries including China. Delivery of SAKE HUNDRED to duty-free stores will begin in the spring of 2023, and many customers in Asia and elsewhere are requesting it.
[Image 5:×686.png ]
“SAKE HUNDRED” is a sake brand that fills your heart and colors your life. SAKE HUNDRED is a sake brand that provides unparalleled value with the brand purpose of “filling the hearts and coloring the lives” of people around the world. As a top-of-the-line global brand, we contribute not only to taste but also to customer satisfaction, and build rich relationships with people. Physical, mental, and social satisfaction brought about by the best experience, all of which are the values ​​that SAKE HUNDRED delivers.
[Image 6:×509.png ]
Information on membership registration
SAKE HUNDRED holds members-only events and limited product sales. Membership registration is free, so please register.
SAKE HUNDRED member registration
Company Profile
Company name: Clear Inc. (
Address: PMO Shibuya 9th floor, 1-17-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: February 7, 2013
Representative Director: Ryuji Ikoma
Capital: 100 million yen
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