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Sangetsu Co., Ltd. In-house newsletter special feature “Recipes for popular products” won the Silver Award at the In-house Newsletter Awards 2023

Sangetsu Co., Ltd.
In-house newsletter special feature “Recipes for popular products” won the Silver Award at the In-house Newsletter Awards 2023
Conveying the “thoughts” of the creators behind popular products ……
Sangetsu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director and President Executive Officer: Shosuke Yasuda) publishes the in-house newsletter booklet “Sangetsu,” which was awarded the “Paper Received the Silver Award in the in-house newsletter category for special features and one-off projects (7 pages or less).
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[Image 2:×679.jpg] Introducing the manufacturing process of popular products and the thoughts of the creators, and won the special project
◆Original press release (PDF): ◆WEB site: The “In-house Newsletter Awards” is an annual in-house newsletter festival consisting of a nationwide in-house newsletter project competition, awarding excellent projects determined by screening, and an event to share knowledge. This time, the special feature project “Local coverage! We’ll show you! Recipes for popular products” in our in-house newsletter “Sangetsu vol.243″ will be included in 62 projects in the paper in-house newsletter section special feature/single project (7 pages or less). He was awarded the Silver Award as 3rd place. This is the second time we have won this award, following last year, and the first time we have won the Silver Award, in recognition of our plan from the perspective of our employees, who are the readers.
In the special feature project that won this award, we delved into our own products in light of the coronavirus pandemic, which made it impossible to conduct on-site training at manufacturers. Focusing on the popular wall coverings, flooring materials, and fabrics that we handle, we introduce the manufacturing process and development secrets from the perspectives of the manufacturers and our product development staff. By focusing on our deep passion for manufacturing, we aimed to improve engagement through attachment to our products. As a result, in a survey conducted after publication, we received comments such as “I found the stories that went beyond the boundaries of the company very interesting.”
Based on the concept of “an in-house newsletter that connects people’s feelings,” we will continue to regularly disseminate information that allows us to recognize connections inside and outside the company through our in-house newsletter “Sangetsu,” and continue to work to improve employee engagement. We will continue to put even more effort into this.
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Click here for details on the company newsletter award.
◆About Sangetsu Co., Ltd. Our in-house product planning focuses on wall covering materials (approximately 50% of the domestic market share), flooring materials, and fabrics (curtains and chair fabrics) used in people’s lives, from residential to non-residential
fields.・Development and sales. With our brand statement “Joy of Design,” we offer the joy of design to those who create new spaces. Company name: Sangetsu Corporation Representative name: Representative Director, President and Executive Officer Shosuke Yasuda Sales (consolidated): 176 billion yen (year ending March 2023) Head office location: 1-4 Hasashita, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture Number 1
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