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Sanyo Shigyo Co., Ltd. PAP.COFFEE grand opening on September 18th (Monday/Holiday)!

Sanyo Shigyo Co., Ltd.
September 18th (Monday/Holiday) PAP.COFFEE Grand Opening!
PAP.COFFEE, menu and upcoming event information announced! We welcome customers with seasonal drinks and shaved ice, as well as fun events and workshops!
This time, we will introduce PAP.COFFEE’s product lineup and attractive event information.
We look forward to welcoming you with products perfect for the upcoming season and fun events.
[Image 1:×1956.jpg] “PAP.COFFEE” is a coffee shop that proposes “new value of paper” and is operated by Sanyo Shigyo Co., Ltd. (Adachi-ku, Tokyo: CEO Mamoru Saita), a comprehensive printing paper carton manufacturer founded in 1969 in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. will open in Harajuku, Tokyo on September 18, 2023 (Monday, holiday). In a store space where you can experience the appeal of paper from multiple angles, we offer “Specialty Coffee” and “Dolce Shaved Ice” in packages that take advantage of the characteristics of paper. As a future-oriented cafe, we will communicate various things, such as supporting the independence of coffee farms based on fair trade and experimenting with paper resource recycling methods.
Thoughts behind the name “PAP.COFFEE”
The brand name “PAP” is the first three letters of “PAPER” and also stands for “P and P”, which represents our diverse range of products. “Paper & People” connects paper and people by exploring the
relationship between paper and people. and “People & People,” which focuses on the connection between coffee producers and consumers. We will continue to make use of the cafe space to conduct experimental experiments and communicate them to the world.
Since its founding, Sanyo Shigyo has continued to cooperate with printing and processing companies in the downtown area, mainly around its head office in Adachi Ward, and manufactures a large number of hand-processed paper products that require a high level of technical skill. Paper is a recyclable material that has characteristics such as tearing, changing over time, smelling, and changing color. Even in today’s world where paperless systems are encouraged and the state of paper is being questioned, the appeal of paper itself is that it has a variety of possibilities. PAP.COFFEE focuses on the “charm unique to paper” and hopes to create an opportunity for many people to come into contact with paper through the space of a cafe.
Introducing unique paper goods!
In this article, we will introduce three items: cup sleeves, shop cards, and roasted bean packages.
1. Cup sleeve
With the hope that you would enjoy the texture and feel of different papers, we created them in 3 different types of paper and 6 different shapes! In fact, if you look closely, you can see the name, thickness, and weight of each paper. Isn’t this an irresistible feature for paper lovers?
[Image 2:×1624.png ]
2. Shop Card A colorful and dynamic shop card. There are 4 types in total! This is a mysterious shop card that looks three-dimensional even though it is flat.
[Image 3:×1800.png ]
3. Roasted bean package
The charm point is the curls! This roasted bean package has a matte texture on the front and a glittering silver on the back, making it a perfect contrast.
[Image 4:×1500.png ]
We received a comment from Mr. Kodama, who was in charge of brand art direction and graphic design!
“[Touch] is fun.
This coffee shop is a testing ground where you can enjoy the charm of real paper, going against the trend of converting various paper products to digital ones.
The cup sleeve has a simple structure in which paper is wrapped around the paper and secured with a cut. Experience not only the difference in color and shape, but also the difference in texture.
At first glance, shop cards are placed in stores in a strangely long shape, but when you fold them by hand, the paper appears to be half three-dimensional.
The label on the package of roasted beans is
The experts at Sanyo Paper Industry responded to my request, “I want the edges to be smooth!” with a wonderful idea. Be sure to check it out yourself to see what’s going on! ”
Special drink menu
1. Drip coffee
There are three types of drip coffee from Mae Chan Thai Village, Thailand. The characteristics are described in the following. 1. Washed: Clean citrus acidity
2. Honey: Juicy with a hint of fruit
3. Natural: Richness like wine
[Image 5:×1467.png ]
(Left: Cafe latte, Right: Hand drip Thai washed hot from Mae Chan Thai village) dolce shaved ice menu
We’d like to introduce you to our 3 most recommended items out of 6 standard items and 1 seasonal menu!
1. PAP Cafe au lait and chocolate orange rum flavored espuma This is a flavor created by Mr. Kawamata of Sebastian for PAP.COFFEE. This shaved ice is sweet but slightly bittersweet, with flavors of coffee, chocolate, and a touch of rum and orange, and is full of charm for adults.
[Image 6:×2190.jpg] 2. Strawberry creme brûlée
As the name suggests, it’s a shaved ice similar to creme brûlée! Even though the surface is grilled, the ice underneath has not
melted…it’s a very strange dish. The combination of sweet and sour strawberries and sweet cream is a very exquisite dish.
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] 3. Organic pumpkin and roasted almonds, pumpkin espuma and fresh caramel A seasonal product that was very popular at Sebastian! This fall, it will be revived at PAP.COFFEE. The aroma of almonds, the sweetness of pumpkin, and the bittersweetness of caramel make it feel like autumn. Please try it in autumn when your appetite is full.
[Image 8:×2048.jpg] About the event
At PAP.COFFEE, we are planning to hold different events every month in order to propose “new value of paper”! We will continue to provide the “goodness,” “fun,” and “discovery” of paper that only Sanyo Paper Industry can offer.
In this article, we will introduce recent events.
[Event overview]
“Selected by a paper processing company! Thai paper miscellaneous goods exhibition (tentative name)” scheduled to be held in October “Paper Workshop” scheduled to be held in November
・Mid November
・Details have not yet been decided, but the following content will be held in the paper workshop in the future.
・ Paste box making workshop
・Card case (cover pasting) workshop
・Paper craft
・Paper items related to the season
For more information and the latest information, please visit the official website or contact the store.
[Cafe Overview]
Address: 102 Seliger Jingumae, 1-10-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Website:
Phone number: 03-6447-1988
【Company Profile】
Sanyo Shigyo Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-15-25 Nishiiko, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Established: 1969
Phone number: 03-3897-7181
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