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School Corporation Nippon Educational Foundation Metropolitan Medical School Visit from the Republic of Croatia to inspect the establishment of a medical school!

Educational Corporation Japan Educational Foundation
Medical school establishment inspection team visits from the Republic of Croatia!
Capital Medical School cooperates with a training program in Japan supported by the European Union (EU)
An inspection team led by Medical High School Varaždin in the Republic of Croatia visited Capital Medical School, a comprehensive medical, sports, and welfare school.
A project to establish a new medical school is currently underway in Croatia. Therefore, in cooperation with the Embassy of Croatia in Japan and the Embassy of Japan in Croatia, a training program was held in Japan using financial support from the European Union (EU). In order to observe the efforts of Japan’s medical education and medical community, experts from various fields participated, including the principal, educationalists and psychologists involved in newly established medical colleges, and medical professionals involved in educational programs. Our university was selected as one of the educational sites of the medical school.
◆Visit the comprehensive school building in front of Shinjuku (West Exit) Station and its practical and cutting-edge facilities
The plan for the new school is to have students in the same fields as the university, including nurses, clinical engineers, physical therapists, dental technicians, dental hygienists, and midwives. We spent a lot of time touring the school building, training rooms, and equipment. The students seemed to be interested in our university’s training rooms and equipment that recreated actual medical settings, and there was a lively question-and-answer session until time permitted. During the school tour, the students had the opportunity to interact with some of the students, and were able to experience both the hard and soft aspects of learning at our university.
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◆Training medical personnel needed around the world
We will explain about Japan and our university’s educational system, including the title of “advanced specialist” which is equivalent to a university graduate, our educational program that emphasizes practice, the “three major guarantee systems”, “lifetime backup system”, and various tuition support systems. . Japan and Croatia have different school systems and career paths, but their passion for education is the same. Furthermore, the importance of training human resources who can play an active role in the medical field remains unchanged. As much as time allowed, we exchanged various opinions, and the observation team said, “This visit felt like the very reason we came to this training,” and “We hope to use the environment and initiatives of Tokyo Metropolitan Medical School as a model for school development. We received comments such as, “I would like to move forward with this,” and confirmed that we will continue to deepen our exchanges in the future.
Practical learning and system to cultivate authenticity at
Metropolitan Medical School
◆Advanced specialist = Equivalent to university graduate + highest title of specialized skills
“Advanced Specialist” is an official title recognized by the country, and is granted only to graduates of a vocational school who meet the standards. In terms of educational background and benefits, this title is considered equivalent to a four-year university graduate, and as the highest title that proves that you are an expert with specialized skills, it can be included on your resume, giving you an advantage in job hunting. It is also possible to enter graduate school.
◆The only “team medical education” in Japan that is practiced in a wide range of occupations, from emergency care to nursing,
rehabilitation, and welfare.
With departments covering the fields of emergency lifesaving, clinical engineering, nursing, dental care, rehabilitation, oriental medicine, sports, and welfare, we practice “team medical care” tailored to the field. You can learn how to support your team from your school days. ◆Unique “major-based education” that looks beyond national
qualifications to employment
We have introduced “major-based education” with an eye toward future medical settings, such as “specialized nursing,” “international nursing,” and “sports rehabilitation.”
◆Three major guarantee systems to prove your confidence. “Complete Employment Guarantee System” “National Qualification Pass Guarantee System” “Salary Guarantee System”
In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a job at the time of graduation, our university will cover the necessary tuition fees for two years after graduation until you find a job. (For those who are under 40 years old at the time of graduation) In addition, if a person who has received a graduation certificate in a department of this university designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and is unable to pass the national exam, he or she may continue studying to obtain the qualification after graduation. The university will cover the necessary tuition fees for the two years. The Salary Guarantee System, which will be introduced from April 2023, is for those who have received graduation certification from the department that grants the title of Advanced Specialist/Specialist at our university. In this system, if there is a disparity between students who graduated from a four-year university or a junior college, the university guarantees that the difference will be covered for one year. (For those under 40 years old at the time of graduation) About Capital Medical School
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Shuto Medical School (Tokyo) is a vocational school located 3 minutes walk from Shinjuku (west exit) station (directly connected to the underground mall) where you can study in the medical, welfare, nursing, and sports fields. We develop experts who can provide team medical care in an environment with a variety of departments. *Visits and consultations are available every day (excluding Sundays and holidays).
Please check the university website for details.

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