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SEGA Co., Ltd. Yuji Nakazawa will appear as a guest in “Let’s make a professional soccer club! Road to World”! September 18th “Owners’ Fest. 2023 Autumn with Del Piero” official live broadcast!

Sega Co
“Let’s make a professional soccer club! Road to World” Yuji Nakazawa will appear as a guest! September 18th “Owners’ Fest. 2023 Autumn with Del Piero” official live broadcast!

A fan event “Owners’ Fest. 2023” will be held on Monday, September 18, 2023 (holiday) at the popular sports training simulation game “Let’s Build a Professional Soccer Club! Road to World” (hereinafter referred to as “Sakatsuku RTW”). “Autumn with Del Piero” has decided to appear as a special guest “Yuji Nakazawa”.
2023 Autumn with Del Piero”, the official live broadcast featuring special guests “Alessandro Del Piero” and “Yuji Nakazawa” will be distributed from 14:30 on the same day.
[Image 1:×506.jpg] ◆ From 14:30 on September 18th (Monday/Holiday), an official live broadcast featuring “Alessandro Del Piero” will be distributed! Following the world legend “Alessandro Del Piero”, Japanese legend “Nakazawa” will be attending the “Saka Tsuku RTW” fan event “Owners’ Fest. 2023 Autumn with Del Piero” held on Monday, September 18th (holiday). Yuji” will appear as a guest!
In this official live broadcast, which is the first part of “Owners’ Fest. 2023 Autumn with Del Piero,” Mr. Alessandro Del Piero and Mr. Yuji Nakazawa, both of whom have experience as captains, will present a special that can only be heard here. Focusing on talk shows! Ms. Mako Kojima, a member of the familiar “Saka Tsuku RTW” official broadcast, and a croissant. and the development team of “Saka Tsuku RTW” will also participate.
In addition, a viewer gift quiz will be held for those who are watching this live broadcast to receive luxurious in-game items! A quiz about the contents of the broadcast will be given at the end of the program, so please participate.
Please look forward to the official live broadcast of “Owners’ Fest. 2023 Autumn with Del Piero”!
*For details on the viewer gift quiz, please check “Sakatsuku RTW” official X (
“Sakatsuku RTW” Fan Event “Owners’ Fest. 2023 Autumn with Del Piero” Official Live Broadcast
Cantonese simultaneous interpretation: ■Overview of “Sakatsuku RTW” fan event “Owners’ Fest. 2023 Autumn with Del Piero”
Date and time: Scheduled for September 18, 2023 (Mon/holiday) 14:30-18:30 (doors open 13:30)
1) Part 1 (14:30-): “Saka Tsuku! Road to World” Official Live Broadcast *Start time may change without notice depending on the situation. 2) Part 2: 3rd Sakatsuku Owners Meeting (social gathering)
Organizer: Sega Corporation
MC: Koichiro Wakatsuki
Nobuaki Miyazaki (Producer of “Sakatsuku RTW”)
Yuta Nakamura (“Sakatsuku RTW” development staff)
Mako Kojima (Talent)
Croissant. (Comedian)
special guest:
Alessandro Del Piero (former Italian national soccer team)
Yuji Nakazawa (former Japanese national soccer team)
[Image 2:×640.jpg] Mr. Alessandro Del Piero
[Image 3:×910.jpg] Mr. Yuji Nakazawa
-Alessandro Del Piero Profile-
Born November 9, 1974. Born in Conegliano (Treviso), Italy.
He joined Juventus Football Club in 1993. Since then, he has spent 19 years at Juventus, holding the club’s all-time record for most appearances (705) and goals (289), and is known worldwide for his creative football style and spectacular free-kicks. He wore the number 10 uniform for 18 consecutive years and became an icon in the soccer world.
During his career with Juventus, he has won 18 titles, including 8 Serie A titles, 1 UEFA Champions League and 1 Intercontinental Cup with a decisive goal in the final in Tokyo.
At the FIFA World Cup 2006, he scored a goal in the semi-finals and scored a penalty in the final, bringing Italy to victory and becoming the world champion.
In 2012, he left Juventus and moved to Australia’s Sydney FC, where he became the first world-class player in the history of the A-League to liven up Australian football.
In 2014, he became the first non-Asian player to be appointed as the Asian Cup Global Ambassador.
Taking the opportunity of the opening of the Indian Super League in the same year, he was appointed as a league ambassador with the aim of popularizing football in India, and transferred to Delhi Dynamos. 344 career goals.
In recent years, he has traveled around the world as an ambassador through sponsorship activities and participation in sporting events. HP:
-Profile of Yuji Nakazawa-
He is known for his good physique and competitive strength, and has been a key player on the Japanese national team for many years. He has played 110 games. He served as captain until the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
In the J League, he has played in 199 consecutive games since September 29, 2012 against Omiya, making him the top field player. Furthermore, he has a record of appearing in 178 consecutive games from the match against Oita on July 6, 2013 to the match against Nagoya on August 15, 2018. He retired from active duty after the 2018 season and is currently active in a wide range of activities, mainly as a soccer commentator.
Official YouTube: Official Instagram: -Let’s create a professional soccer club! What is Road to World?- “Let’s make a professional soccer club! Road to World” is a game that reproduces the fun of SEGA’s popular soccer game “Sakatsuku” for smartphones. Not only can you easily enjoy the system that follows the orthodox “Sakatsuku” system, such as club management, player training and reinforcement, and the development of matches that make you sweat, you can easily enjoy it without complicated operations. It is now possible to aim for the “World’s No. 1 Soccer Club” by competing with “Saka Tsuku” players.
-Let’s create a professional soccer club! Road to World Overview- Name: Let’s create a professional soccer club! Road to World Genre: Sports training simulation game
Supported OS: iOS/Android
Price: Basic free (item charge)
Manufacturer: Sega
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