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SEIMEI Co., Ltd. Former Google Yosei Iwasaki has been appointed as CMO.

SEIMEI Co., Ltd.
Former Google Yosei Iwasaki has been appointed as CMO.
SEIMEI Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Founder & CEO: Keiichi Tsuzaki) is pleased to announce that former Google Yoshinari Iwasaki has been appointed as CMO.
[Image 1:×1046.jpg] Left: CMO Yosei Iwasaki Right: Founder & CEO Keiichi Tsuzaki ■Comment from CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Yoshinari Iwasaki “My name is Iwasaki and I have been appointed as CMO.For me, who has been involved in Internet advertising for over 10 years, the insurance industry was a market that had two major shocks for me. The first is that the insurance market is 78 trillion yen, which is approximately 11 times the advertising market, and the second is that although it is a mature market, it is not in decline.
We joined SEIMEI because we saw great potential in bringing about digital transformation in this attractive insurance industry. I am excited about the future of supporting further growth in the insurance industry. Thank you very much”
■CMO Yosei Iwasaki Biography
[Image 2:×320.png ]
Born in Tokyo in 1983
2007 Graduated from Meiji University Faculty of Law 2007 Joined Keyence Corporation 2012 Joined Google Corporation (currently Google LLC)
2023 Appointed CMO of SEIMEI Co., Ltd.
◇ Achievements: Received APAC Best Sales Award from Google 3 times
[Image 3:×1046.jpg ]
Left: CMO Yosei Iwasaki Right: Founder & CEO Keiichi Tsuzaki ■Founder & CEO Keiichi Tsuzaki comments: “The appointment of Iwasaki, who was active at Google, as CMO of our company is an epoch-making move for our company, which aims to digitize communication between insurance companies and insurance agents, who have not been able to utilize the Internet for a long time.
Personally, I have known Iwasaki for 23 years since high school, and I am happy that someone like him who specializes in web marketing is attracted to the huge insurance industry.
We will promote our company’s mission of “utilizing technology to become the foundation of a 50 trillion yen insurance industry,” and everyone within the company will work hard to change the insurance industry for the better.
■Service overview of the insurance platform “Solicitor-kun”
[Image 4:×400.png ]
Providing insurance agents with a function to search business information from multiple insurance companies at once for free. We provide insurance companies with a platform that allows them to directly approach insurance agent recruiters.
Improves operational efficiency between insurance company solicitors and insurance agents, contributing to increased sales for insurance companies and insurance agents.
◇Service site for insurance agents◇Service site for insurance companies
■Market size of SEIMEI services
[Image 5:×1800.png ]
The domestic insurance industry is a huge market with ordinary revenue of 78.4 trillion yen. 2.25 trillion yen, equivalent to 30% of operating expenses of 7.5 trillion yen, is defined as TAM, and Solicitor-related expenses of 334.5 billion yen are defined as SAM. Furthermore, we assume that the insurance company’s solicitor recruitment budget is 33.5 billion yen, which is equivalent to 10% of SAM, and define it as SOM. DX for insurance companies and insurance agencies is a social requirement as remote work progresses, and we predict that the SOM market, as defined by our company, will rapidly move online in the future.
■Solicitor-kun’s introduction results
[Image 6:×800.png ]
[Image 7:×1800.png ]
■SEIMEI Company Profile
Company name: SEIMEI Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Keiichi Tsuzaki
Established: May 1, 2017
Capital: 90 million yen (capital reserve 150 million 587 yen) Head office location: 2nd floor, Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Dori Building, 7-18-18 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Business details: Development and operation of the insurance platform “Solicitor-kun”
Corporate site:
■Founder & CEO Keiichi Tsuzaki Biography
[Image 8:×320.png ]
◇ Career 1983 Born in Hyogo Prefecture 2008 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo 2008 Joined Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd. 2009 Founded an independent company 2017 Established SEIMEI Co., Ltd. and became representative director ◇ Achievements MDRT/TOT member registration twice Administrative Scrivener
[Contact information regarding this matter] Person in charge: SEIMEI Chibana Please contact the above address.
*The “insurance platform” business domain defined by SEIMEI as a target market includes the business areas operated by all 42 life insurance companies and 32 major non-life insurance companies listed below, as well as the business areas of insurance agencies that handle their insurance products. refers to all of Japan Post Insurance / Nippon Life / Meiji Yasuda Life / Dai-ichi Life / Sumitomo Life / Aflac Life / MetLife Life / Gibraltar Life / Sony Life / Dai-ichi Frontier Life / Taiki Life / Taiyo Life / Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Life / AXA Life / Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life / Daido Life / Fukoku Life / Asahi Life / Prudential Life / Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life / SOMPO Himawari Life / Nissay Wealth Life / NNN Life / Manulife Life / Orix Life / Fukoku Shinrai Life / T&D Financial Life /FWD Life/PGF Life/Credit Agricole Life/Medicare Life/Neo First Life/Aeon Allianz Life/SBI Life/Cardiff Life/Zurich Life/Rakuten Life/Midori
Life/Lifenet Life/AXA Direct Life/Hanasaku Life Insurance/Nanairo Life Insurance/Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance/Ipet Insurance/AXA
Insurance/Anicom Insurance/E-Design Insurance/AIG Insurance/HS Insurance/SBI Insurance/au Insurance/Capital Insurance/Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance/Sakura Insurance/JI Accident and Fire Insurance / Secom Insurance / Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance / Zenkankyo Reiwa Insurance / Sony Assurance / Sompo Japan / Daido Fire and Marine Insurance / Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance / Tor Reinsurance / Nisshin Fire and Marine Insurance / Japan Earthquake Reinsurance /Pet & Family Insurance/Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance/Mitsui Direct
Insurance/Meiji Yasuda Insurance/Rakuten Insurance/Rescue
Insurance/Chub Insurance/Zurich Insurance/Star Insurance
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