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ServiceNow Japan LLC ServiceNow announces Now Assist for ITSM, CSM, HRSD, Creator, integrating generation AI functionality into the entire Now Platform workflow

ServiceNow Japan LLC
ServiceNow announces Now Assist for ITSM, CSM, HRSD, and Creator, integrating generative AI capabilities across Now Platform workflows Integrate generative AI to accelerate productivity, improve experience and agility. Leverage purpose-built ServiceNow LLM, built around your business needs and optimized for accuracy and data privacy.
*This document is an abridged version of a press release released by ServiceNow, Inc. in the US on September 20, 2023 (US time).
ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), a leading digital workflow company, today announced the Now Assist family of solutions that significantly expands the capabilities of the Now Platform. Now Assist for IT Service Management (ITSM)( ), Now Assist for Customer Service Management (CSM)( https:
// ), Now Assist for HR Service Delivery (HRSD)( .html ), Now Assist for Creator ( ) integrates generative AI into the entire workflow of the Now Platform, improving productivity and experience. , further improve business agility. To enable Now Assist, we are now offering a new,
purpose-built ServiceNow Large Language Model (Now LLM), built around business needs and optimized for productivity and data privacy. . CJ Desai, President and Chief Operating Officer of ServiceNow, said: “Organizations are looking for a trusted partner to guide them in this era of dynamic, fast-moving intelligence. Thousands of customers are leveraging our Now Platform to digitize and streamline processes across their organizations. 1,000 companies. The Vancouver release combines the power of the Now Platform with new generative AI capabilities to bring AI-driven intelligence to every area of ​​your business. Through these integrations, you can be even more productive and better. We will create a corporate experience that
Goldman Sachs ( percent.html), it is predicted that generative AI will improve people’s productivity and has the potential to boost global gross domestic product (GDP) by approximately $7 trillion over the next 10 years (*1). The Now Platform is built into every process and workflow to achieve high standards of digital trust and privacy, and complies with ServiceNow regulations for ethical and responsible development and use. . Now Assist is powered by generative AI capabilities that can be applied to a wide range of scenarios and features, including case, incident, agent conversation summaries, virtual agents, and search capabilities, generated by any persona, from employees to agents to developers. Now you can harness the power of AI. This foundational approach allows companies to bring the power of generative AI to any department and quickly and easily extend that power to other parts of the business.
Now Assist for ITSM gives enterprise IT leaders greater control over the IT experience while improving agent productivity and employee experience ( html), allowing you to solve problems faster. Incident history and live virtual agent interaction summaries provide complete answers instead of search results, allowing agents to quickly resolve issues and requests without asking users multiple times. Masu. Now Assist for ITSM can now create contextual summaries and resolution notes for incidents, allowing organizations to apply incident management best practices and resolve more incidents in less time.
Now Assist for CSM streamlines customer service processes from start to finish, increasing productivity, potentially reducing costs and improving the customer experience. The ability to quickly generate case and chat summaries reduces manual effort and helps agents resolve customer issues faster. Customers also benefit from an improved self-service experience and access to resources that help them find answers faster, increasing self-resolution rates and reducing costs. Now Assist for HRSD enables HR professionals to increase productivity and operational efficiency, eliminate manual and redundant tasks, and quickly provide employees with the answers they need. From pay discrepancies to document changes, HR managers can instantly get summaries based on live chat and virtual agent interaction history, past resolutions and actions, without having to dig through tons of information. You can engage in response. Human resources teams have the context they need to resolve issues quickly and confidently. Now Assist for Creator helps development teams develop and scale applications faster on the Now Platform. Because it’s trained on code written by ServiceNow engineers, the results are of high quality and designed to be scalable. Additionally, data is processed more securely on the platform than any other code generation technology. Now Assist for Creator includes general availability of text-to-code, which converts natural language text into high-quality code suggestions or complete code. Text-to-code helps ensure a seamless coding experience for faster development and increased productivity across all areas of your company.
Built into the DNA of the Now Platform, AIServiceNow’s generative AI strategy provides customers with extensive and secure LLM support, either through a generic LLM or a ServiceNow-developed model. The General Purpose LLM provides customers with flexibility and currently includes access to the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM and OpenAI API. Meanwhile, the purpose-built LLM built into the Now Platform is designed specifically for ServiceNow workflows, use cases, and processes, and is tailored for agents, employees, customers, and IT administrators using ServiceNow. Masu. This results in a superior end-user experience, unprecedented time to market, and high levels of transparency and governance. For example, Now Assist for Search functionality is based on ServiceNow’s highly tuned LLM, which is based on the NVIDIA NeMo framework and delivered using NVIDIA Triton Inference Server software. These features build from the ServiceNow and NVIDIA partnership announced in May
( It brings new features to market.
Customer feedback on the Now Platform Vancouver release said Ashish Ramchandran, Chief Commercial Officer, ServiceNow Alliance, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Deloitte’s AI-enabled solutions are shaped by our innovative thinking and help our customers unlock business value from the ServiceNow platform at scale. We see the value of the platform, which will be enhanced by the addition of AI capabilities.”
Darla Wolf, Senior Manager of Digital Employee Experience at Coursera. “Now Assist for ITSM allows us to resolve more incidents in less time, increasing the productivity of our IT teams while also improving the employee experience. At Coursera, we are using generative AI tools to By increasing the efficiency of our IT teams, we have been able to better support our employees, who have access to millions of learners and organizations with access to world-class learning from leading universities and companies. I am working hard every day.”
Hiroshi Kodama, Corporate EVP, CIO, CISO, and Head of Corporate IT and Digital Division at NEC Corporation (NEC), said: “NEC has been promoting corporate transformation with the aim of maximizing corporate value, including business strategy, business portfolio, financial strategy, corporate culture, and human resources.Through our collaboration with ServiceNow, we are transforming our employees’ digital experience. We will integrate generative AI in all aspects and advance our efforts towards advanced utilization.This will not only enable us to gain deep expertise in digital transformation, but also create social value. ServiceNow and NEC will continue to help our customers move towards their transformation goals and build a better society.We believe that through further collaboration between ServiceNow and NEC, we can achieve this goal together. “I’m here” said Lori Cobb, Senior Director of Digital & Technology, Global Customer Operations & Support at Travelport. “As a B2B business, leveraging the generative AI capabilities of ServiceNow’s Now Assist for CSM will greatly improve our ability to support our customers. These new capabilities will help us provide faster, more specific answers to customer inquiries. The ability to summarize support case details during the escalation process and create notes upon case closure allows help desk personnel to It reduces the amount of administrative work they do. By removing these after-call tasks from their daily tasks, they can focus on providing the best support to our customers.”
Peter Tow, Executive Director of Strategic Projects, Implementation and Improvement at Western Sydney University, said: “WSU is always looking for new ways to provide personalized experiences for our students and employees. By innovating with cutting-edge technology, we aim to be a market leader that changes the landscape of higher education. Our approach to AI always puts the employee at the center, ensuring that this technology continually improves the human experience and adds value. We’re excited to bring generative AI across our workflows as part of the Vancouver release of Platform. With these new features, we’re leveraging the power of generative AI to drive innovation and improve productivity. and enable us to tackle complex challenges at scale with creativity and precision for the benefit of our people.”
Pricing and Availability Along with the availability of Now Assist, ServiceNow also announced pricing packages for Generative AI. These new packages allow customers to quickly and easily get started with Now Assist through a pricing model built on a number of factors, including value, flexibility and simplicity. For more information on generative AI pricing, please see here ( ). All generative AI innovations announced today are delivered as part of ServiceNow’s Now Platform Vancouver release and will be generally available this fall in the ServiceNow Store (!/store/generativeai ) We are planning to start.
Additional Information Read the Now Platform Vancouver release blog post by Jon Sigler, Senior Vice President of Platforms ( .html).
*1 Goldman Sachs: Generative AI could raise global GDP by 7%, Apr. 5, 2023 that’s all
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