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SHE Co., Ltd. SHE won 3rd place and the Japanet Group Award at the Startup World Cup 2023 Tokyo Qualifier

SHE Co., Ltd.
SHE won 3rd place and the Japanet Group Award at the Startup World Cup 2023 Tokyo Qualifier
The only company to receive multiple awards from among the largest number of applicants in Japan’s history Received an investment prize of 50 million yen from the Japanet Group, a platinum sponsor ……
SHE Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Eri Fukuda,
hereinafter referred to as SHE), which operates Japan’s largest career school for women “SHElikes” that supports from learning to working, today September 8 We won 3rd place and the Japanet Group Award at the Tokyo qualifying round of the “Startup World Cup 2023” held at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo on Friday (Friday).
[Image 1:×670.png] The “Startup World Cup 2023” Tokyo Preliminary Round is Japan’s largest startup pitch contest where over 3,000 spectators gather together. Preliminaries will be held in more than 50 countries and regions, and the winning startups in each country and region will participate in the final competition held in San Francisco.
In this year’s Tokyo qualifier, 10 finalists selected from 300 applicants, the largest number in the history of the Japanese qualifier, gathered. SHE won two prizes at the Tokyo preliminaries: 3rd place and the Japanet Group Prize of 50 million yen.
SHE operates Japan’s largest career support platform for women “SHElikes” as its main business. SHElikes offers digital and creative skill lessons, coaching programs, job opportunities, and a community for students to connect with peers, so that women can acquire the skill sets and mindsets to realize their own way of working and living. The service has been provided to more than 70,000 people so far.
Recently, we have been working to solve women’s career issues through various activities, such as implementing a program to produce female entrepreneurs and starting a matching business between reskilling human resources and companies.
In addition, in order to provide services tailored to each individual, we will visualize each person’s deep-level psychological data and personality type by utilizing a customer database and AI, and realize optimal career matching as a talent database. . Utilizing technology, we will reproduce and expand the “community enthusiasm” that is SHE’s strength.
[Image 2:×2194.png]
[Image 3:×2194.png] SHE will harness the power of the community that creates enthusiasm and the power of technology to realize and maximize it, and solve the world’s gender gap through the fusion of learning and career. [SHE introduction video]
[Video 2:] [“Startup World Cup 2023” Tokyo qualifying]
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[Image 5:×2599.jpg] About “Startup World Cup”
The Startup World Cup is one of the world’s largest pitch contests, with preliminary rounds held in more than 50 countries and regions, with the aim of building a global startup ecosystem and fostering entrepreneurship.
This time, 10 companies were selected as finalists from over 300 startups, which is the highest ever.
Startups representing each region that have won the preliminary rounds will participate in the final tournament held in San Francisco in December 2023.
About SHE Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×1317.png] SHE Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 with the vision of “creating a world where each person can demonstrate their unique value and live enthusiastically”. Our main business, “SHElikes,” provides creative skill lessons such as web design and web marketing, coaching programs, and job opportunities so that everyone can work in their own way. I am attending
From 2021, we will also develop the service “SHEMoney” that aims to acquire the knowledge of money that is essential for realizing your ideal career and life.
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