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Sheer Co., Ltd. What cosmetics do you use to prevent wrinkles? 1st place is “Beauty serum”

Sheer Co., Ltd.
-Research Report-What cosmetics do you use to take care of wrinkles? 1st place is “Beauty serum”
“Beauty Mania” ( is a beauty review media centered on the best cosmetics operated by Sheer Co., Ltd. ( ) conducted a survey of 130 people over the age of 20 who are interested in beauty, asking, “What cosmetics do you use to care for wrinkles?” We will publish the results. Survey overview
Researcher: Sheer Co., Ltd. “Beauty Mania” Questionnaire content: What cosmetics do you use for wrinkle care? Survey method: Internet Survey target: 130 people in their 20s to 50s and above who are interested in beauty Respondent age: 0 teens / 21 people in their 20s / 46 people in their 30s / 44 people in their 40s / 19 people in their 50s and above Survey period: July 20, 2023
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As a result of a questionnaire survey asking, “What cosmetics do you use for wrinkle care?”, the first place was “serum (76 people),” the second place was “lotion (47 people),” and the third place was “emulsion (47 people).” 36 people).
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The first place winners by age group were as follows: 1st place for people in their 20s: “Serum” 1st place for people in their 30s: “Serum” 1st place for people in their 40s: “Serum” 1st place for people in their 50s and above: “Serum”
1st place: Beauty serum
・There is a beauty serum specifically designed for wrinkles, so I use that. Since it’s a serum, it seems to penetrate deep inside and protect the epidermis. (30s)
・There are many beauty products for aging skin (I’m in my 30s). ・I wanted to use moisturizing lotion and use a serum to treat wrinkles, so I could improve my appearance even a little. Because there are more products for wrinkles in serums than lotions (30s)
– Other skin care products do not stay on the face for long and are not effective against wrinkles. I’ve seen that the thing you should spend the most money on when it comes to skin care is serums. (30s) – There was a product that contained ingredients that prevent wrinkles and make the skin firmer. I bought it for my mouth and eyes, but it doesn’t wear off easily, so I use it all over my face. (30s) ・The beauty serum focuses on retinol to care for wrinkles and sagging. (30s) ・Dry skin can cause spots and wrinkles, so I moisturize it to prevent it from drying out and apply a serum to help it penetrate (30s) ・I used to use Orbis products, and I saw an advertisement for a wrinkle-improving and whitening serum. I was worried about wrinkles and Orbis products are reliable, so I bought them and started using them. (30s)
・I heard that serums are the most effective among cosmetics, so I use retinol serums. (30s)
・I feel like lotions and emulsions don’t have enough ingredients for wrinkles, so I would like to properly take care of them with a beauty serum. (Forties)
2nd place: lotion
・Since I choose serums that are effective for other problems, I only choose lotions that contain ingredients that are effective against wrinkles. (20’s)
・I have dry skin and wrinkles, and if I don’t use plenty of lotion, my skin won’t feel fresh, so I can’t do without lotion. (20’s)
– Use lotion and packs with an emphasis on moisturizing. (30s) – I only use face wash and lotion, so I’m worried about wrinkles and stains, but I’m not doing anything about it. (50s and up) – I don’t skip any basic cosmetics. I feel like it has something to do with wrinkles as a result of lack of hydration. (30s) – I use Rohto Pharmaceutical’s “50 Graces” series. In addition to whitening, it seems to have Japanese and Chinese effects on dark spots, freckles, and wrinkles, so I use it easily. It’s not a huge improvement in wrinkles, but I like how it makes my skin look plump. (Forties) 3rd place: Emulsion
・To prevent wrinkles, I use Curel Aging Care Series Cream after washing my face at night and as a final care. The wrinkles on my forehead are very noticeable, so I apply it there. (40s)・I use Pure Natural lotion emulsion. This is to make wrinkles around the eyes and fine lines less noticeable. I chose it because it gives firmness and elasticity to the skin. (40s) – I heard that the most important thing to prevent wrinkles is moisturizing, so I always make sure to use basic lotions and emulsions for skin care. (30s) – To prevent skin aging, I want to constantly moisturize my skin, protect it from dryness, and improve wrinkles that increase year by year. (from 50s) 4th place: Others
・I use an all-in-one cream. I use it because it is effective on wrinkles and fine lines. (30s) – When I wear makeup, I try to use makeup that contains wrinkle-improving ingredients. base and hand cream. (40s) – I use an eye cream that contains beauty ingredients such as niacinamide. It seems to be effective for wrinkles and sagging. (50s and up) – I’m concerned about the smile lines and wrinkles on my forehead, so when I have time and a serum, I try to apply a face pack to only a few areas of my face every day. (30s) – I use an all-in-one gel. Even if I applied it normally, my wrinkles didn’t improve, but when I stretched it out and applied it, I noticed that the fine wrinkles became less noticeable after about 2 months, so I’m continuing to use it. (40s) – I use moisturizing lotion and emulsion that are good for wrinkle care, and a night cream at night. (30s) – Chifure’s all-in-one. It contains lotion, milky lotion, and serum, and I’ve been using it for about 3 years (I’m in my 50s and up).
5th place: Face wash
・I don’t skip any basic cosmetics. I feel like it has something to do with wrinkles as a result of lack of hydration. (30s) – I only use face wash and lotion, so I’m worried about wrinkles and stains, but I’m not doing anything about it. (50s and up) – When the cause of wrinkles is insufficient metabolism of dead skin cells, I believe that cleansing and washing my face will help prevent wrinkles. (Forties) 6th place: Cleansing
・I think it’s important to remove makeup first. Thinking that sagging causes wrinkles, I searched for a makeup remover that won’t cause sagging. (20s) – When cleansing or washing my face, I try to spread it out gently without rubbing it too much, and lather it well before applying it to my face. I feel that dryness is the cause of wrinkles, so I try to apply lotion, emulsion, and serum as soon as possible after bathing. (40s) – After cleansing and washing my face, my skin immediately becomes crispy and I have very dry skin, so I use an all-in-one product that includes everything from lotion to serum! (30s) — When we conducted a survey of 130 people on the theme of “What cosmetics do you use for wrinkle care?”, 58.4% of the
respondents answered “serum”.
The most common reason given was “There are a lot of beauty serums for wrinkle care”.
In addition, many of those who chose lotion as the second most popular choice said that “moisturizing is important first” and that preparing the foundation of the skin will help prevent wrinkles. Some respondents said they use everything from lotions to creams for wrinkle care, so it’s important to address your skin concerns through careful daily skin care and daily lifestyle habits.

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