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Sheer Co., Ltd. What is the average budget for skin care per month? 1st place is “less tha n 3,000 yen”

Sheer Co., Ltd.
-Research Report-What is the average monthly budget for skin care? 1st place is “less than 3,000 yen”
“Beauty Mania” ( is a beauty review media centered on the best cosmetics operated by Sheer Co., Ltd. ( ) conducted a survey asking 130 people over the age of 18 who are interested in beauty, “What is your average budget for skin care per month?” We will publish the results. Survey overview
Researcher: Sheer Co., Ltd. “Beauty Mania” Survey details: What is your average budget for skin care per month? Survey method: Internet Survey target: 130 people from teens to 50s and older who are interested in beauty Respondent age: 2 teens / 36 people in their 20s / 50 people in their 30s / 28 people in their 40s / 16 people in their 50s and above Survey date: September 14, 2023
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As a result of the questionnaire survey asking, “What is your average budget for skin care per month?”, the first place was “within 3,000 yen (57 people)”, the second place was “within 1,000 yen (28 people)”, and the third place was “within 1,000 yen (28 people)”. is “less than 5,000 yen (28 people)”.
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The first place winners by age group were as follows: 1st place for teenagers: “Within 1,000 yen” 1st place among 20s: “Within 3,000 yen” 1st place among 30s: “Within 3,000 yen” 1st place among 40s: “Within 1,000 yen” 1st place among people in their 50s and above: “Within 3,000 yen” ”
1st place: Less than 3,000 yen
・Each skin care item may be a little expensive, but since you don’t use it all up right away, I think it costs about 3,000 yen per month over the course of a year. (20’s)
・Lotion and emulsion usually last for about 3 months, so I think 3000 yen per month is about the right amount when divided from the total cost. (Forties)
・The products you buy may be a little more expensive, but since you don’t often use them up in a month, I think the average price will be about that. (30s)
・When I turned 50, I realized that I couldn’t go against my age, so I stopped doing excessive anti-aging care. (from 50s)
・Since I purchase lotion, milky lotion, and facial cleansing foam about once every 2-3 months, I spend about 3,000 yen or less a month. (30s)
・Wear packs every day. I also use lotions, emulsions, and creams, so they often disappear within a month. (20s) – I use 2,420 yen worth of lotion and 2,420 yen emulsion for two months, so my average monthly cost is less than 3,000 yen. (40s) – Even good products cost more than 1,000 yen, and as you get older, lotion alone is no longer enough and you start using more and more serums, emulsions, etc. (20s) – The products you buy It may be a little more expensive, but I don’t often use it up in a month, so I think it’s about that amount on average. (30’s) – I can’t afford to continue spending any longer than that, so this is the amount I can reasonably spend. (30’s) – Lately, I’ve been concerned about my pores and rough skin, and I’ve been trying a lot of different products, so I need good lotions and emulsions. People around me recommended that I should use it, and since I use expensive products (I’m in my 20s), lotions and emulsions usually last about 3 months, so if you divide it from the total cost, it’s about 3000 yen per month. I thought it was good. (Forties)
・Once every six months, I buy lotion, emulsion, and serum for about 20,000 yen, which comes out to about 3,000 yen per month. (30s) ・I spend a lot of money on serums, and the lotion and emulsion are not that expensive, so I think I spend an average of 3,000 yen, or a little over 30,000 yen a year. (30s)
2nd place: Less than 1,000 yen
・It varies depending on the month (sometimes more than 1000 yen), but basically it is within 1000 yen. I’d really like to spend more money, but I’m raising a child and have no income, so I’m trying to keep costs down. (30s)
・To save money, I try to use skin care products that are as
cost-effective as possible. (30s) – I only use the all-in-one gel and it lasts about 3 months, so it costs less than 1000 yen per month. (20s) – Since I don’t wear foundation, I only have to pay for skin care products. Ultimately, I think it’s more beautiful to have polished skin without foundation. (40s) – I choose inexpensive skin care products, and I don’t use lotion because I apply a face pack in the morning and at night. (30s)
・I can’t spend that much money on skin care, so I keep it under 1,000 (I’m in my 40s) ・I only use lotion and emulsion, and if I buy one bottle, it lasts for 3 months, so on average it’s under 1,000. It’s from. (50s and up) – I think it will cost less than 1,000 yen because you won’t be able to use up all the lotions you use for skin care in one month. (50s and above) – Food, daily necessities, and utility bills have risen, so I have to spend more money, and I have less money to spend on skin care. (Forties)
・Beauty salon fees (hair straightening treatments, cuts, coloring, etc.) cost a lot of money, so I want to keep my skin care costs to a minimum (teens)
・Since it lasts for about a month or more, the skin care costs vary depending on the month, but it doesn’t cost that much in total since it’s mostly cheap. (from 50s)
3rd place: Less than 5,000 yen
・I need makeup remover, face wash, lotion, and emulsion as basic cosmetics, and in recent years I’ve been trying out affordable cosmetics from drugstores and trying to keep them within the 5,000 yen budget. (40s) – I only use expensive serums, so my average monthly budget is about this. (20s) – I usually buy at least one all-in-one cream, foundation, or cleansing cream (50s and up) – Lotion (muji), which I use in large quantities for everyday use, and Curel cleansers, etc. for medicated care. I buy products like Sekkisei and Sekkisei, but the average monthly cost is ~8,000 yen (sometimes it’s around 5,000 yen if I have left over, but this is an average answer) (40’s) – Lotion and beauty products that last 2-3 months. That’s about the cost of liquid, cream, dermatology consultation once a month, and medication. (20s) – I tend to choose products that are priced within 5,000 yen because I think it’s important to use products that are reasonably priced and I don’t want to cause skin irritation. (30s) – I chose this price because I think it’s better to use something simple than something too expensive (40s)
The lotions and emulsions contain collagen and are from reliable brands, and I choose affordable skin care products that cost less than 5,000 yen. (20’s)
This is because I want to use a lot of lotion, and I need to use a lot of cleansing products and purchase them frequently (50s and up). 4th place: Less than 8,000 yen
・Because something can break. At the time of purchase, some items cost more than 10,000 yen, so I wrote down the average price. (50s and over) – Things I buy regularly every other month (masks, seasonal items, etc.) cost around 3,000 yen, and when I buy basic cosmetics once every six months, it costs around 15,000 yen. (20s) ・Because skin care products come in direct contact with the skin, I want to buy them at depacos rather than at bargain prices.(20s) ・I’m in my 40s and I try not to buy skin care cosmetics that are too cheap, so they cost about that much. . (40s) – I use lotions, emulsions, serums, and other products that cost about 3,500 to 7,500 yen each, but considering how often I purchase them, the monthly amount is about 8,000 yen. (30s) – I use a combination of expensive and cheap items, and I try to keep items as few as possible (40s) – The serum I buy regularly costs about 5,000 yen, and I only buy it once a month. Because it is used at the pace of the book. Even if you use this as a base and add other creams, it will still cost less than 8,000 yen. (30s)
5th place: Less than 10,000 yen
・What you use as a base is lotion (7,000 yen), emulsion (7,000 yen) + beauty serum (10,000 yen), add the price of eye cream and other topical serums, and divide it by 2.5 months, and it will be about that amount. Because it will be. (30s) – I don’t run out of lotions, emulsions, creams, face washes, and other skin care all at once. I always run out of some items each month, but I try to only buy what’s broken. (50s and up) – Because I don’t want to spend too much money. The amount will be within your monthly budget. (50s and up) – When considering eyelash salons and hair salons, I want to keep my skin care costs under 10,000 yen. I also go to a cosmetic dermatologist once every two months, so the amount I can continue to spend is less than 10,000 yen (I’m in my 20s). The skin care products I use every day (lotion and emulsion) last about two months, so 2 for 1. It’s about 5,000 yen per month. Plus, supplements cost about 5,000 yen a month, so it’s usually less than 10,000 yen! (20s) – I have sensitive skin, so I can’t use products that don’t suit me, so I ended up choosing something that was a little more expensive, which led to the above answer. (20s) – I don’t want to compromise on money for my skin, so I have to pay that price to get proper skin care. (20’s)
6th place: Others (10,000 yen or more)
・The serum alone usually costs more than 10,000 yen, and if you want to purchase other products such as lotion, emulsion, sheet mask, etc., it will cost about 30,000 yen. (20s) – Beauty serums and introductory fluids are expensive, so the bills are getting expensive every month. (40s) – Makeup remover, lotion, serum, etc. all cost about 10,000 yen each, so I end up running out of one every month. (30s)
We conducted a survey of 130 people on the theme of “How much is your average budget for skin care per month?” Since some skin care items last for more than a month, we combined the results with a monthly average of 3,000 yen. 43.8% of the total answered “within”.
As a reason for answering “within 3,000 yen”, we found many opinions such as “If I use lotion, milky lotion, and beauty serum, this is the average monthly cost.” Among skin care items, some say they are making adjustments across the board, such as keeping the price down on lotions and raising the budget a little on serums.
“I want to use good quality products because they are something I use every day!” On the other hand, the reality is that you can’t spend as much as you want on your beauty budget, considering how much of your living expenses you can spend on beauty products.
We live in an era where there are many products ranging from cheap but high quality products to department store cosmetics, so you want to choose cosmetics that are close to your level of satisfaction. — At Sheer Co., Ltd., in order to deliver real information to society as “beauty information that you really want to know,” we regularly conduct questionnaire surveys and disseminate the results to society. ■About Sheer Co., Ltd. Operates nail salon Sheer and beauty media. Our mission is to contribute to the realization of a better society through beauty. Company website: ■ Management media: Bescos-centered beauty review media “Beauty Mania”
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