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Sheer Co., Ltd. What is the number one skin problem that women in their 40s most want to solve? 2nd place is “Sag”. 1st place?

Sheer Co., Ltd.
-Research Report-What is the number one skin problem that women in their 40s most want to solve? 2nd place is “Sag”. 1st place? ……
“Beauty Mania” ( is a beauty review media centered on the best cosmetics operated by Sheer Co., Ltd. ( ) conducted a survey among 115 people across the country who are interested in beauty in their 40s asking, “What is the number one skin problem that women in their 40s want to solve most?” We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Researcher: Sheer Co., Ltd. “Beauty Mania” Survey contents: What is the number one skin problem that women in their 40s most want to solve? Survey method: Internet Survey target: 115 people in their 20s to over 50s interested in beauty Respondent age: 0 teens / 0 people in their 20s / 0 people in their 30s / 115 people in their 40s / 0 people in their 50s and above Survey date: September 19, 2023
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As a result of a survey asking, “What is the number one skin problem that women in their 40s most want to solve?”, the second place was “sagging skin” (27 people), and the third place was “wrinkles (17 people)”.
1st place went to “Stains/Freckles” (42 people)!
1st place: Stains/freckles
・I feel like the spots are getting darker and more and more every year. Also, even when I try to cover it with foundation, etc., it doesn’t cover it properly and it ends up looking thick, which is a problem. (40s/combination skin) – This is the age when spots that weren’t there before suddenly appear, and spots can make you look older. (40s/combination skin) – It’s become more noticeable at this age, so I wish I didn’t have to cover it up so heavily with makeup. (40’s/Sensitive Skin) – Since I turned 40, my dark spots have increased and concealer is essential. I think you should take good care of your skin when you are young. It’s too late now.
(40s/combination skin) – After turning 40, my age spots and freckles became darker and more noticeable, making me look older. It’s hard to cover even with foundation. (40s/normal skin) – I’m concerned about pores and acne, but I’m also concerned about dark spots that gradually get darker and more common as I age (40s/normal skin) – Spots on the high points of my cheeks and on both sides. there is. I cover it with concealer, but sometimes I can’t hide it and it becomes noticeable. I regret not taking proper sun protection until now. (40s/combination skin) – When I wear makeup, I can remove it with concealer, but I don’t want to see the stains on bare skin, so I thought it would be nice to be able to remove them easily. (40’s/normal skin) – Age spots and freckles become more noticeable, and even if you erase them with concealer, your makeup won’t look good. (40’s/dry skin) – I get dry especially in the winter, and wrinkles in my eyes become more noticeable, which is a big concern (40’s/dry skin) I started to worry about the stains on my face. I don’t think it was there before, but it has turned a light brown color and I don’t think it can be treated with cosmetics. (40s/combination skin) – The dark spots are the most noticeable on my face, and the impression of my appearance changes depending on whether I have them or not (40s/combination skin) – When I look in the mirror, I can’t help but notice them. Because it’s a part. I’ve had friends and family point out my skin, so I’m worried that they’re staring at me (I’m in my 40s/combination skin).Even if I cover it up with foundation, it’s still a little visible and stands out. Also, dark spots make your skin look older. (40’s/Dry skin) – The number of age spots has increased and the complexion looks dull, making me look older than before. I want to remove blemishes and brighten my skin tone. (40s/normal skin)
2nd place: Sagging
– When you reach your 40s, your entire face begins to sag and the contours of your face become blurred. As sagging progresses, the wrinkles naturally become deeper, so at first I thought it was sagging. (40s/Combination skin) – Every time I look in the mirror as I get older, my sagging skin and fine lines get deeper, making me look older. (40s/Oily skin) – My skin becomes sagging, and I notice strange wrinkles on my face. Because there is a line. Because your skin is sagging and your pores are more noticeable. (40s/combination skin) – My eyelids are sagging and drooping, and my eye makeup looks completely different from when I was younger, and I don’t feel like doing it anymore. I’m shocked to see the sagging cheeks in photos and first impressions, as they make me look older all at once.
(40s/Combination skin) – My skin is no longer as firm and firm as it was when I was younger, and I feel it has deteriorated considerably. The appearance of your face changes considerably due to sagging, so I don’t want to make it worse. (40s/dry skin) – My face looks bigger than before because it’s sagging. Even if I use beauty equipment, it doesn’t get better. (40’s/Sensitive Skin) – One of the most aging skin problems, especially sagging under the eyes, is the most worrying problem. (40’s/Dry skin) – I’ve become more concerned about sagging on my face due to wearing a mask. I think I have become less expressive and don’t use my facial muscles more often when I speak. (40’s/Dry skin) – When I turned 42, my skin started to sag and I suddenly felt older. (40’s/Sensitive Skin) – The impression of my face has changed due to sagging, making me feel older. I think this is the root cause of wrinkles and pores, so I want to solve it. (40s/dry skin) – I’m concerned about my face as a whole, but I’m especially concerned about the bags under my eyes and around my cheeks. (40s/Combination skin) I think I can somehow disguise age spots, dullness, and dryness with cosmetics, but I can’t disguise sagging skin no matter how hard I try. I’ve had sagging skin since I was young, but it’s gotten worse every year. (40s/normal skin) – I have a lot of age spots, and while the age spots go away with treatment, I think there is a limit to how much sagging skin can be treated. (40s/combination skin) – The corners of my mouth have drooped due to wearing a mask, and the sagging around my mouth is terrible. (40s/dry skin) – Sagging cheeks make fine lines more noticeable, making you look older than your actual age. (40s/combination skin) – I’m most concerned about sagging skin, and it’s noticeable under my eyes, and I also have pigmentation around my eyes, so the sagging makes the pigmentation even more noticeable, which I’m really concerned about. So I chose it. (40s/combination skin)
3rd place: wrinkles
・It’s because of my age (40s/oily skin) ・Especially in the winter, my eyes get dry and wrinkles become more noticeable, which is a big concern (40s/dry skin) If you use it in layers, you will notice fine lines and fine lines due to aging. I don’t want to look old. (40’s/Sensitive Skin) – It seems like I started to develop presbyopia and found myself squinting unconsciously, which resulted in slight wrinkles between my eyebrows, and an increase in the smile lines around the corners of my eyes that I’ve had since I was young. The nasolabial folds are also getting darker and starting to wrinkle. (40s/combination skin) – This is because when I turned 40, the wrinkles and fine lines on my forehead suddenly deepened, and I realized that my face looked older. (40s/normal skin) – This is the age when wrinkles become noticeable. Because I want to make wrinkles as less noticeable as possible. (40s/combination skin) – If you have fine lines around the corners of your eyes or fine lines, it will be difficult to cover them with makeup, and you will look older than your actual age, so this is a problem that I would like to solve somehow. (40s/dry skin) – Every time I look in the mirror, and above all, every time I look at old photos or images, I notice how many wrinkles I have now. (40s/normal skin) – I feel like my wrinkles are increasing with age. There’s nothing you can do about wrinkles. (40s/dry skin) – I understand that wrinkles appear with age, but when I look at photos, I feel like my wrinkles are deeper than other people’s. (40s/dry skin) I chose this because I think getting rid of wrinkles is very difficult in both skin care and aesthetic medicine. (40s/oily skin) – When you reach your 40s, wrinkles become more noticeable, and if you don’t take care of them, wrinkles will appear on your face by your 50s. (40s/combination skin) – I’m concerned because it makes me look older. Spots can be hidden with makeup, but wrinkles are difficult to hide. I want to solve it. (40s/normal skin) – About three years ago, the wrinkles on my forehead started to become noticeable, and I tried anti-wrinkle creams, but they didn’t seem to improve. (40s/normal skin)
4th place: Dry
・I’m curious about everything. When I turned 42, my skin started to sag and I suddenly felt older. (40’s/Sensitive skin) – This is because the skin tends to be reddish and rough. If it weren’t for the dryness, my skin would be whiter (40’s/dry skin) – I’m still worried about dryness in my 30’s, so I think I’ll become more concerned about it (40’s/dry skin) Skin): If your skin is dry, your makeup will easily come off in the evening and wrinkles will become more noticeable. (40’s/Dry skin) – Sensitive and dry skin. The dryness is getting worse every year. I think it’s just aging, but I’m worried. (40s/Sensitive skin) – My skin gets dry all year round, and skin care is essential. Also, age spots and freckles become more noticeable. (40’s/Dry skin) – Most of my skin problems are caused by dryness, so I want to get my skin moisturized first. (40s/dry skin) – I think my skin gets dry more often, and as a result, I think there will be more spots and wrinkles. (40s/normal skin) – As I age, my skin loses moisture, and my skin becomes dry even if I use the same skin care routine as before. It is especially difficult in winter. (40s/dry skin)
5th place: Pores
・I am concerned about enlarged pores. This is because it can cause pores to become sagging and wrinkles. (40s/combination skin) – When reapplying makeup after a while, you are concerned about enlarged pores and blackheads. Also, even if you take care of your pores, you won’t feel much of an effect. (40’s/Combination skin) – When the pores become large and loose, the skin appears to have no firmness. Also, I can no longer wear makeup because my pores are so noticeable. (40s/combination skin) – Sometimes when I look at my face in the mirror, the blackheads in the pores on my nose are very noticeable and I hate it. I don’t really know how to deal with it. (40s/normal skin) – I take care of my skin with lotion, emulsion, and face packs, but due to my oily nature, my pores are large and especially noticeable around my nose. It looks like a strawberry and my pores are so black that I can’t help but poke them with a toothpick. (40s/oily skin) – This is the part that I always notice when I look in the mirror. I’ve had friends and family point out my skin, so I’m worried that they’re staring at me (I’m in my 40s/combination skin).I’ve been concerned about darkened pores and bumpy skin since I was young. However, since I turned 40, my pores have become even more sagging and noticeable. (40s/combination skin)
6th place: Dullness
・Even if I apply foundation, I can’t hide it completely, and I’m worried that my complexion will look pale and unhealthy. (40’s/Dry Skin) – I thought so because I am in my 40’s and my skin problem is dullness. Compared to when I was younger, my skin has deteriorated and I’m most concerned about dullness (I’m in my 40s/combination skin) and my skin tone has worsened and I don’t get the color I want. The brightness of my skin color has become less bright. (40s/oily skin) – I think the biggest problem is when your skin becomes dull because it makes you look dirty and older (40s/dry skin) – It’s good when you’re wearing makeup (foundation). However, if you don’t make up, your skin tone will look bad due to the dullness, and people will ask, “Are you sick?” (40s/combination skin)
7th place: Others
・Perhaps because of my age, I sweat a lot, especially around my forehead and nose, and my makeup tends to come off easily (I’m in my 40s/oily skin). It goes away easily (I’m in my 40s/sensitive skin) – In my case, I’ve had dark circles since I was young, even after getting a good night’s sleep, and I’ve tried various things like concealer and massage, but I can’t really hide them. It is a complex that cannot be done. (40s/combination skin)

When we surveyed 115 people with the theme, “What is the number one skin problem that women in their 40s want to solve most?”, 36.2% of the respondents answered “spots and freckles.”
Many of the reasons given for their answers included “My dark spots have become more noticeable since I turned 40,” and “I can no longer hide them with concealer.”
The results of this survey revealed that “spots and freckles” are the most concerning skin concerns for women in their 40s, and one of their biggest concerns is that the spots and freckles that appear on the skin as you get older can no longer be hidden with makeup. It is being

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