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Sheer Co., Ltd. What is your reason for wearing makeup? 1st place: “Because it’s good manners as an adult.”

Sheer Co., Ltd.
-Research Report-What is your reason for wearing makeup? 1st place: “Because it’s good manners as an adult.”
“Watatashi Switch” (, a beauty media that tries and tells people about beauty, operated by Sheer Co., Ltd. (, is aimed at people aged 18 and over nationwide who are interested in beauty. A survey was conducted among 165 people asking, “What is your reason for wearing makeup?” We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Researcher: Sheer Co., Ltd. “Watashi Switch” survey content: What is your reason for wearing makeup? Survey method: Internet Survey target: 165 people interested in beauty from teens to 50s and above Age of respondents: 4 teens / 38 people in their 20s / 71 people in their 30s / 42 people in their 40s / 10 people in their 50s and above Survey date: September 14, 2023
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Investigation result
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As a result of a questionnaire survey asking, “What is the reason for you to wear makeup?”, 1st place was “It’s good manners as an adult (45 people)”, 2nd place was “I want to feel confident in myself (40 people)”, 3 The ranking was “I want to cover my complex (35 people).”
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The first place winners by age group were as follows: 1st place for teens: “I want to look pretty and cute” 1st place for 20s: “I want to be confident in myself” 1st place for 30s: “Because it’s good manners as an adult” 1st place for 40s: “Because it’s good manners for an adult.” 1st place for people over 50: “Because it’s good manners as an adult.”
1st place: Because it’s good manners as an adult.
・Just like washing your face in the morning or changing your clothes, makeup is also part of your personal appearance (40s) ・Since I was 20 years old, my mother has told me, “When you grow up, it’s good manners to wear makeup.” That’s what I was taught, and I think so too. For example, when I go to lunch at a hotel or to a fancy place, I feel disappointed when I see someone without makeup. (50s and up) – I think it’s good manners for adults to maintain their appearance to a certain extent, so I wear makeup. I use things that save time, such as liquid foundation. (30’s) – My family says that it’s adult etiquette to wear makeup properly, so I wear makeup when I go out even if it’s a hassle. (30s) – Honestly, I’d like a world where people are allowed to wear no makeup. There is an impression that you can’t wear makeup because you’re a woman, and even at work, makeup is compulsory. (30s) – I don’t wear foundation when I’m relaxing at home. Basically, I don’t want to wear anything on my off days. So when I go out, I only think about the minimum manners. (Forties)
・People around her think that it is rude not to wear makeup after reaching a certain age. From then on, I felt like I had to do it on a daily basis. (30s)
・We live in a world where it is natural for working people to wear makeup. But if I don’t have to do it, it’s really troublesome and expensive, so if I don’t have to do it, I don’t want to do it. The minimum level for stains and anti-aging is good. (Forties)
・As we age, we get more dark spots and it becomes unseemly if we don’t apply base makeup. It is customary to greet mom friends and neighbors when dropping off children at school, so wear makeup as a courtesy. (Forties)
・I don’t really like wearing makeup, so I have no choice but to do it as a matter of adult manners. (30s)
・For me, the reason I wear makeup is because it’s my manners and appearance as an adult. The reason is that I think it would be rude to wear no makeup because of my age (I’m in my 50s and up).
・When you reach your 40s, you start to feel a certain amount of deterioration, so as a minimum of consideration and etiquette for those around you, it is best to keep your appearance neat with at least basic make-up. (Forties)
2nd place: I want to have confidence in myself
・When I go out or meet someone, I feel more confident, so I wear makeup. (30s) – I’ve always loved wearing makeup, so I try out different makeup looks every night. Also, when I go to work, I put on makeup as if to turn on my motivation switch. (20s) ・I do it because I want to make the parts of myself that I don’t like cute and have a little more confidence in my life (30s) ・I used to have low
self-esteem, but after receiving compliments on my appearance, I did it in various ways. I have the experience of being able to have a positive mindset that allows me to take on new challenges, so I would like to continue doing so in the future. (30s) – I’m not confident about my face without makeup and I’m afraid of making eye contact with people, but I feel a little more confident when I wear makeup (20s) – I’m worried about blemishes and dullness when I don’t make up I lose confidence when I’m in front of people, so I use makeup to help me feel more confident. (30s)
・I don’t have confidence in my face without makeup, so I don’t want to go out without makeup, and I can’t. (20’s)
・When I put on makeup, it turns me on and off, and it makes me feel like I can do anything, like Superman, so I do it all the time. (20’s) ・If my face improves even a little with makeup, I can go out with more motivation (20s)
・You will be motivated by changing the original parts of your face to make them more your favorite parts with makeup. Even when you leave the house, you can look better when you are wearing makeup than when you are wearing no makeup. (20’s)
– Makeup makes your face look beautiful. I like wearing makeup because seeing myself like that gives me confidence. (Forties)
・I don’t wear makeup in the winter because I can hide it with a mask, but in the summer it’s too hot to wear a mask, so I wear makeup out of necessity. Even if I just pass by a woman with a makeover, I feel miserable if I don’t make up, so I wear make-up for self-respect. (30s)
・When you go out into society, your appearance often leads to judgment, so I think it’s the minimum etiquette that doesn’t make others uncomfortable (20s)
・By wearing makeup, you can walk around town with more confidence. (20’s) 3rd place: I want to cover my complex
・I think of it as a tool to hide my complexes. Makeup is essential to me. (20’s) ・I don’t have the best skin, so I want to cover it up with make-up and reduce my complexes (I’m in my 40s) ・I have a lot of complexes, such as spots, freckles, and pores, and I don’t have the courage to go out with them. (20s) – I wear makeup to hide wrinkles and spots when I meet people. That’s why I don’t do it when I don’t see anyone on my days off (I’m in my 40s).I’ve always had a complex about my face, so I want to hide it. (20s) – As we age, there are many things we want to hide, such as skin tone issues, spots, freckles, and dark circles (40s) – As we age, spots, wrinkles, and uneven coloring stand out when we don’t make up, and we lose our sense of cleanliness. It makes me look tired, so I want to cover it up with makeup. (Forties)
・I’m not confident in my appearance and can’t walk outside without makeup. It’s obvious that people around you react differently when you wear makeup. (30s)
– As we age, dullness and age spots on our skin become more
noticeable, and we use makeup to hide them. (Forties)
・After I turned 30, my skin problems suddenly increased. I had so many stains that I was too embarrassed to go out without covering them. (30s)
・Because I think makeup is self-satisfaction. This is because I think that even if it doesn’t seem strange to those around you, it can cover the areas that you personally have complexes about. (20’s)
・The main reason for using it is to cover the marks of rough skin, wrinkles, etc. (Forties)
4th place: I want to look beautiful and cute
・I believe that being told that I’m cute gives me confidence. Trying to work harder when told to do so (20’s) – When it’s early in the morning or when you’re in a hurry, you tell yourself that it’s good manners for a working person and do the bare minimum. When I want to get excited, such as on a day off or an important work day, I put on my makeup with all my might. (20s) – I have severe acne and want to hide it. Also, I would rather be seen as pretty or a little more mature than to be seen as childish. (Teen) ・It takes a lot of effort, but thinking that I can become prettier even just a little increases my self-esteem. (30s) ・I want my husband to think that I’m always cute and fashionable even as I get older. (I’m in my 30s) – I want to look beautiful by covering up areas of concern such as spots, wrinkles, and acne scars with makeup, and I want to look younger than my age. (30’s) – My age spots and dullness have become more noticeable, so I feel like it’s rude to others if I don’t wear makeup, and I’m happier because I actually look better with makeup on. (Forties)
・I’m in the midst of raising a family, so I don’t usually have time to put on makeup, but I feel like I can stand out by wearing makeup every now and then when I go out with my family or with friends. Also, I feel like my husband treats me a little differently when I’m putting on makeup. (Forties)
・When I go out, I see a lot of beautiful people wearing make-up, and I feel like I need to wear make-up to the extent that I don’t feel embarrassed even if I’m among them (30s)
・It takes a lot of effort, but knowing that you can become more beautiful even just a little increases your self-confidence (30s) – Eyeliner can change your impression, and I want you to make a good impression when you meet people. (30s)
5th place: Because I like wearing makeup
・It’s fun to wear makeup because you can change the look of your face to suit the day. (20s) – I do it because I want to make the parts of myself that I don’t like look prettier and live with a little more confidence (30s) – It’s fun to choose different colors, and I can see myself changing through makeup. because I like. (40’s) – I love beauty, and I like researching and thinking about makeup that suits me before applying it, and trying out trendy cosmetics. (20’s)
・I like changing myself through makeup. It’s fun because just using a different eye shadow can completely change the atmosphere, and it’s fun to have a face that you’ve never seen before. (10’s)
6th place: Others
・I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, but only on special occasions (ceremonial occasions, entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, etc.) (40s)
・Be disciplined about your appearance and yourself. My mother used to tell me that makeup is an important part of a woman’s appearance, and I’m now old enough to understand that. And by putting on makeup, you can be more disciplined about your day’s activities and feel energized. (from 50s)
・When you put on makeup, you are emotionally set for the day. It’s like a motivation switch, or a motivation boost for myself. (30s) summary
When we surveyed 165 people on the theme of “What is your reason for wearing makeup?”, 28.0% of the respondents answered “It’s good manners as an adult.”
Regarding the first place answer, “It’s good manners as an adult,” there were other reasons such as “It’s a natural part of being out in society,” and “I don’t want to make other people uncomfortable,” but “I don’t really want to wear makeup.” It was interesting to hear that some people said that they only wear make-up as a courtesy to others and as manners.
Other reasons such as wanting to have self-confidence, wanting to cover complexes, and wanting to look beautiful were motivated by makeup, such as, “By wearing makeup, I gain self-confidence and it acts as an on/off switch.” I found out that it was a change in mood and mood.
There are days when you don’t want to wear makeup, days when you want to enjoy makeup, and days when you have to wear makeup even though you don’t want to, but I hope you can make your makeup time more in line with your mood by using time-saving makeup and heavy-duty makeup. — At Sheer Co., Ltd., in order to deliver real information to society as “beauty information that you really want to know,” we regularly conduct questionnaire surveys and disseminate the results to society. ■About Sheer Co., Ltd. Operates nail salon Sheer and beauty media. Our mission is to contribute to the realization of a better society through beauty. Company website: ■ Management media: Bescos-centered beauty review media “Beauty Mania”
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