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Shenzhen Daoge Creative Electronics Business Co., Ltd. Limited one-day sale for Amazon’s popular new product “DOOGEE T20S” (Android 13/Widevine L1)!

Shenzhen Daoge Creative Electronics Business Co., Ltd.
Amazon’s popular new product “DOOGEE T20S” limited one-day sale is being held (Android 13/Widevine L1)!
Sale time: 9.15-9.16
[Image 1:×600.jpg] Sale period: 9.15-9.16
Link: Original price: ¥29,900
Special additional discount: 1000 yen
Promotion code: BES8UHJD
Applicable price: ¥22,900
15GB RAM(8GB+7GB expandable)+128GB ROM+1TB expandable
[Image 2:×1716.png ]
[Video 2:]
[Image 3:×600.png ]
With 2000*1200 resolution 2K full viewing angle screen, wide-angle viewing and high-definition images bring you the perfect visual effect and make every video watching experience enjoyable. DOOGEE T20S 10-inch Android tablet is equipped with up to 8GB of memory + up to 7GB of expandable virtual memory, for a total of 15GB of fused memory. This allows the tablet to easily and smoothly switch between multiple applications, eliminating lag and providing a fast and smooth operating experience. DOOGEE T20S Android Tablet also comes with 128GB of massive storage, so you never have to worry about running out of memory again. You can further expand your storage capacity with a high-capacity microSD card up to 1TB. (FAT32 and exFAT format cards are sold separately)
[Image 4:×600.png ]
[Image 5:×600.png ]

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