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SHENZHEN VIOFO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Big Sale 2K Full HD Drive Recorder A119V3 You can record smooth, high-quality video at up to 2560x1600p (frame rate: 30pfs).

[Big Sale] 2K Full HD Drive Recorder A119V3 You can record smooth, high-quality video at up to 2560x1600p (frame rate: 30pfs).
In combination with the new Starvis sensor, we deliver a higher-grade drive recorder image quality.
[Image:×1500.jpg] Product Features
– [Equipped with new SONY 5 million pixel starvis sensor] VIOFO A119 V3 is a drive recorder that is strong for night photography and is equipped with a new 5 million pixel SONY starvis sensor. Supports 2560 x 1600p recording, which is higher quality than full HD. It can record clearer and higher quality images than traditional drive recorders. The image sensor is equipped with a 5 million pixel SONY Starvis sensor. The image quality when shooting at night has been
significantly improved. With industry-leading brightness, it records vehicle characteristics and license plates day and night.
・[F1.6 bright lens & WDR] The lens is equipped with a bright F1.6 lens. The use of a high-quality 7-layer glass lens allows for clear video recording with little distortion. Equipped with WDR (wide dynamic range) correction. You can record in environments with large brightness differences such as the entrance and exit of a tunnel, or when driving at night by suppressing the whiteout of the license plate of a car in front of you.
– [Equipped with GPS & Compatible with LED traffic lights nationwide] The main unit is equipped with a GPS sensor. Real-time speed, date/time, and driving route can be recorded in a recording file (can be switched ON/OFF on the main unit). By using the data during playback in conjunction with the parking monitoring function, you can prevent theft and hit-and-run accidents. Compatible with records of LED traffic lights nationwide. It also records every traffic light. – [Compact & Thin Design] This product has a compact and thin body. After installation, it looks like a genuine product and is not very noticeable. Since the lens is positioned closer to the windshield, there are fewer reflections and you can record clearly. We have a one year warranty period from the date of purchase. You can download the Japanese manual and the latest firmware from the official website. – [Voice recording (ON/OFF) switchable] Audio recording in the car can be switched ON/OFF. Not only can you protect your privacy inside the car, but you can also record audio as evidence in case of an emergency.
[Technical specifications]
Brand: VIOFO
Product name: A119V3
Image sensor: Sony STARVIS IMX335
Number of pixels: 5 million pixels
Lens: F1.6 / 7 pieces all glass lens
Viewing angle: 140° wide viewing angle
Display: 2 inch LCD
Resolution: 2560×1440(30fps), 2560×1600(30fps), 3860×2140(24fps), 1920×1080(60fps), 1920×1080(30fps)
Video correction: WDR (wide dynamic range)
Microphone/Speaker: Built-in (audio recording can be set to ON/OFF) GPS: Built-in
Emergency recording:○
Motion detection:○
Parking monitoring function:○
Time-lapse shooting:○
Format: .MP4/.TS
Storage: MicroSD / supports up to 256GB
Input: Mini USB
Loop recording: 1 minute/3 minutes/5 minutes/10 minutes
Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, German, Italian, etc. Operating temperature range: -10℃ to 65℃
Product page
[What is VIOFO? ]
VIOFO is a brand established in 2010. We provide total production from design to manufacturing and sales of products such as high-definition drive recorders and action cameras that support full HD to 4K image quality. We have a sales record of 500,000 units a year in countries around the world, mainly in Europe and America, and are supported by many customers in the American market. This is our first arrival in the Japanese market this year.
Official website:
VIOFO JAPAN (manufacturer’s direct store): More details about this release: