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Shippio implements value update

Shippio Co., Ltd.
Shippio implements value update
New action guidelines set to achieve sustainable trade
Shippio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Takanori Sato, hereinafter referred to as Shippio), which provides the international logistics platform “Shippio,” is realizing its mission of “implementing the ideal logistics experience in society.” Therefore, we would like to inform you that we have revised the values ​​(Anchors).
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■What is Value (Anchors)?
At Shippio, our values, which guide our employees’ behavior, are called Anchors. As a startup that innovates and builds a new business model by groping, it embodies the desire to “create an anchor for Shippio” that will not waver even in the face of big waves and storms.
■Background of Anchors revision
Shippio formulated Vision, Mission, and Anchors in 2020, placing the realization of the mission and vision at the center of our business, and placing emphasis on instilling it among our employees.
Approximately three years have passed since the plan was formulated, and the number of Shippio executives and employees has more than tripled from less than 20 people at the time. The number of companies using our service has also grown by more than 10 times.
While responding to this evolution, we would like to continue to promote our legacy industry by building a business that leverages the strengths of our organization in line with global standards. Therefore, we launched the Anchors renewal project “Shin-Anchors Project.” We believe that Anchors, which form the basis of employee behavior and thinking, should not be something that is told one-way by the company, but that individuals share the same values ​​and “update the industry.” In order to maintain the mindset of “I’m going,” we have newly revised Anchors.
■Shin-Anchors Project’s thoughts
Three years ago, we formulated three anchors: “Attack in the middle,” “Continue aiming for the light,” and “Believe in your teammates.” These are the sources of Shippio’s strength. Anchors, which are always based on ideals and guide decisions and actions that are not swayed by adversity, have not only become a standard for decision-making, but also a standard for hiring and for members to admire each other. What we focused on in this revision was to cherish the thoughts behind these three anchors, while also using words that were in line with the current situation of Shippio, which is challenging itself to even greater heights. We will position the five new Anchors as “Anchors of Shippio” and further promote DX in the international logistics field.  ⚪️Contents regarding Anchors revision (note):
■5 Anchors
1. Moonshot
Let’s realize Industrial Transformation while embracing great ideals. Huge and complex industrial transformation cannot be achieved overnight. Plan carefully, take on bold challenges, accumulate small efforts, and aim for unprecedented scenery.
2. Do-Mannaka
Let’s realize Industrial Transformation squarely and squarely. Even if it is troublesome or difficult, let’s continue down the right path that we can be proud of. Let’s respect the achievements of the industry and focus on realizing Moonshot.
3. Record Breaking
We are the team that absolutely can and must achieve the Moonshot of this industry. With that pride, determination, and belief in our hearts, let’s set high goals and reach our goals to the very end. Four. Fail Fast, Sail Forward
Let’s move forward at overwhelming speed without fear of failure. When you fall, use it as a lesson to run faster next time. Take bold steps to do things that you might be hesitant to do at first glance, and use all your experiences to your advantage next time. The accumulation of these efforts will surely lead to the realization of big dreams. Five. One Team
Even if you can’t overcome the obstacles alone, you can overcome them if you have friends who aim for the same ideals. Whether you’re the one holding the anchor, the one raising the sails, or the one steering the ship, let’s do our best for the team from our respective positions. Let’s use every word to understand each other’s values, rejoice, and realize Moonshot together. Let’s make a team that we can work hard together to make each other proud, a lifelong asset.
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By promoting the penetration of this new Anchors, all Shippio members will aim to further accelerate business expansion and maximize the value provided to the industry.
■About Shippio
Shippio is Japan’s first digital forwarder (*) that promotes DX in international logistics with the mission of “implementing the ideal logistics experience in society.” By providing trade systems and international logistics forwarding services, we will build an international logistics platform and promote DX in the international logistics field.
The trade system enables automatic updates of ship movements, quotation/ordering, and unified management of trade documents and invoices.By building business processes and providing operations using digital technology, we are able to realize international logistics DX for client companies. Masu.
*“Digital Forwarder” is a registered trademark of Shippio Co., Ltd. ■Company overview
Company name: Shippio, Inc. (English name: Shippio, Inc.)
Location: 15th floor, Hamamatsucho Building, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Takanori Sato
Established: June 2016
Business content: Planning, development, and operation of digital forwarding services
Obtained license etc.:
Class 1 Freight Forwarding Business Operator (Seki Jika No. 1714), Class 2 Freight Forwarding Business Operator (Kokusai Kokubutsu No. 107), Regular Member of the International Freight Forwarders Association (JIFFA), International Complex Intermodal Transport Terms and Conditions (2013), WAYBILL Terms and Conditions (2013), (Kokusai Kokumono No. 107-2
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