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Shochiku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. “Senpai, don’t wear that lipstick” starring Rowoon (SF9) will start broa dcasting in November | CS Home Drama Channel

Shochiku Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
“Senpai, Don’t Wear That Lipstick” starring Rowoon (SF9) will start airing in November | CS Home Drama Channel
A thrilling office love romance full of heart-pounding scenes ……
A drama starring Rowoon will be broadcast on CS Home Drama Channel starting in November.
The drama “Senpai, Don’t Wear That Lipstick,” starring Rowoon (SF9), will start in November on the CS broadcasting station “Home Drama Channel Korean/Historical Drama/Domestic Drama” operated by Shochiku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. A heart-throbbing office romance full of heart-pounding scenes, set at a cosmetics company, between an obedient junior male and a strong-willed senior female. Rowoon of the popular K-POP idol group SF9, who has an outstanding figure of 189 cm and a figure that looks like a sculpture, and Won Jin Ah, a talented young actress, have an uneven height difference of about 26 cm, and their heart-throbbing breasts are on display. A work where you can enjoy plenty of exciting scenes.
This work has also become a hot topic because it depicts the problems that everyone faces, such as their career as a working adult, and their relationships with their bosses, co-workers, and their own parents. The way each character turned their attention to the reality they had been avoiding up until now, and faced it seriously even though they were hurt and worried, resonated with many people. The drama will finally start airing on the Home Drama Channel. Check the Home Drama Channel website for details on how to watch!
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“Senpai, don’t wear that lipstick (all 16 episodes)”
Uncut/SKY PerfecTV! Program distribution
★Broadcast date: Starts on Thursday, November 2nd! Every week (Tuesday) ~ (Friday) from 2:00 p.m.
☆Rebroadcast: From 11/7 (Tuesday) every week (Monday) to (Thursday) 9:00 a.m. Starring: Rowoon (SF9), Won Jin Ah, Lee Hyun Wook, Lee Ju Bin Hyun-sung (Rowoon (SF9)), who has joined the marketing team of the cosmetics brand “Kral”, has an unrequited love for his senior, Song-ah (Won Jin-ah). Hyun-sung gives Song-ah some lipstick, but she doesn’t get to use it. One day, Hyun-seung learns that Song-ah is secretly dating team leader Jae-shin (Lee Hyun-wook). Hyun-seung is depressed, but by chance he learns that Jae-shin is planning to marry the chairman’s grandson Hyo-joo (Lee Ju-bin) in three months. Worried, Hyun-seung decides to confess his feelings to Song-ah, who wears a different lipstick instead of the one she gave him every time he secretly meets Jae-shin, saying, “Senpai, don’t wear that lipstick.” ●The original is a very popular web novel! Public exhibition grand prize winning work!
The original story is a work that won the grand prize in the modern romance category of the 3rd YES24 e-serial open competition “Romantic Collaboration” held in 2017 by Korea’s largest online bookstore “YES24”. This is a web novel from the Naver series, a major Korean website, and it has gained rave reviews and has been made into a drama in 2021 and a web comic.
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