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Shufu to Seikatsusha Co., Ltd. Respect for the Aged Day A perfect book as a gift for elderly parents! 90% of the worries that many middle-aged and older people have are explained by the new book, “As we get older.” You can solve it with your sm

Shufu to Seikatsusha Co., Ltd.
[Respect for the Aged Day] A perfect book as a gift for elderly parents! 90% of the worries that many middle-aged and older people have are explained by the new book, “As we get older.” You can solve it with your smartphone! We will solve the problems of middle-aged and elderly people who are not good at digital!
Smartphones can solve 90% of the problems that many middle-aged and elderly people have! “Forgetfulness”, “deterioration of eyes and ears”, “worry about money”, “loneliness of isolation”, “anxiety about disasters”… In the “second half of life” after 50s, smartphones are actually the most powerful weapon. !
[Image 1:×1954.jpg] ●No matter how old you are, you can use your smartphone! A perfect book as a gift for elderly parents!
A popular smartphone instructor and an 86-year-old digital senior guru have teamed up. Yuki Masuda, a popular smartphone instructor who runs the No. 1 women’s magazine in circulation, Harumeku, and Takeshi Maki, an 86-year-old digital senior guru who taught the internet to the late Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, who was 100 years old. ) provides a thorough explanation of “smartphone usage” in Japan, a super-aging society. The book “Smartphones come with age – 90% of the problems that increase as you get older can be solved digitally – Recipes for being familiar with aging” will be released by Shufu to Seikatsusha on October 13th (Friday).
[Image 2:×1042.jpg] – From the beginning of this book –
●When I try to teach my child how to use a smartphone, it always ends up in a fight…
What should I do?
[Maki] It’s not your fault. I want my son and daughter to read this book too. Let your elderly parents who are struggling to learn how to use a smartphone know that if you treat them poorly, you will be doing them a disservice in the future!
[Masuda] Many of the students in the smartphone class had the same problem. “I can’t ask my kids questions on my smartphone at home because they get scolded right away if I ask them.”
[Maki] I often receive advice from children. Fighting over smartphones seems to be a common problem between parents and children. What should I do?
[Masuda] As someone who has been teaching seniors how to use smartphones for many years, what I would like to convey to the children who are in the position of teaching their elderly parents is, “Being patient and helping your parents practice using smartphones without getting irritated will ultimately help you learn how to use smartphones.” It means “to help yourself.”
[Maki] Mr. Masuda’s parents are seniors like us, and they only recently learned to use smartphones. As a child, have you ever felt strongly that you were glad your parents were able to use smartphones? [Masuda] It’s the coronavirus pandemic. Up until now, I would often go back to my parents’ house to check on my parents. But that was cut short due to the coronavirus. At times like this, my smartphone became a bridge between me and my parents. Through the video call, we were able to easily report on our current status while looking at each other’s faces. If my parents weren’t able to use smartphones, I think I would have been confused because I could only check in on the other person’s situation through a landline phone where I couldn’t see their face.
[Maki] If children feel that there are benefits for themselves, they may be able to calmly teach their parents how to use smartphones. [Masuda] Yes! Instead of saying cold things like, “Don’t you remember yet?” I want them to realize that if their parents can use a smartphone, they can feel better about themselves in many ways. [Maki] It may be a good idea for seniors to be aware that not all children are familiar with smartphones. From my point of view, sometimes what children are taught is not always accurate. Your son or daughter is just using a smartphone and is not an expert enough to teach you anything. That’s why I end up teaching in an unfriendly way, and when my parents ask me questions, I get irritated and say, “I don’t even understand!”
[Masuda] It may be obvious, but it may be important that we don’t forget to care for each other.
★90% of aging problems can be solved with a smartphone! ★
[Image 3:×1308.jpg] for example
1) I am forgetting things more often… Forgetfulness is solved not by “memory” but by “recording”!
2) Feeling of loneliness and isolation… Counter loneliness by increasing your means of communication!
3) There is no one to rely on in the event of a disaster… You can quickly collect information and protect yourself!
4) Be nervous with your son or daughter… Rather than relying on your busy child, rely on your smart phone!
5) Daily shopping has become a chore… Shopping on your smartphone can be fun and effortless!
6) If your physical strength is declining and your body is not feeling well… By using smartphones and digital devices, you can enjoy and sustainably increase your physical strength!
7) Every day is boring because there is nothing to do…The Internet is a treasure trove of “fun”! Let’s look into things around us [Bibliography overview]
“As you get older, you should use your smartphone. 90% of the worries that increase as you get older can be solved digitally. A recipe for being familiar with old age.”
Author: Makiso/Yuki Masuda
Regular price: 1,650 yen (1,500 yen + tax 10%)
Release date: October 13, 2023 (Friday)
Available at bookstores nationwide and online bookstores.
-Rakuten Books-
It’s packed with information that will be useful in real life from the day you read it! Great deals on QR codes too! ▼
[Image 4:×1512.jpg]
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[Image 6:×1534.jpg]
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■“Recipes for aging” series■
Getting older becomes more fun! Textbook for “How to live after 50s” It can also serve as an “introductory book on aging” for
middle-class people who are confused about approaching old age, and a “practical book on how to cope with aging” for seniors who are tired of aging! A series of practical books to help you survive brightly in a super-aging society.
[Image 9:×1550.jpg] ★”Climbing Mt. Fuji in a wheelchair causes a huge fire!” – What is the truth that the media doesn’t report?
“The spirit of not giving up, the courage to surrender” Author: Yuichiro Miura –Amazon-
-Rakuten Books-
[Image 10:×1512.jpg ]
★Recommended by Fumio Umezawa! An answer book for Makiko Uchidate’s best-selling novel “Old Man”!?
“Etiquette for Elders: 50 Tips for Living in the Age of Old Age” Author: Shinya Ichijo
-Rakuten Books-
[Image 11:× g ]
★A new frontier for the book “The best way to drink taught by a doctor who loves alcohol” which has sold over 180,000 copies! “Recommendations for ‘sake handling’ to enjoy alcohol throughout your life” Author: Kaori Hayishi Cooperation: Yoichi Kakibuchi
-Rakuten Books-
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