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Shuwa System Co., Ltd. About the next-generation container engine Podman, the leader of the development team reveals the whole picture, “Podman in Action” will be published from Shuwa System on September 16th!

Hidekazu System Co., Ltd.
“Podman in Action”, in which the development team leader reveals the whole story about the next-generation container engine Podman, will be published by Hidekazu System on September 16th!

Hidekazu System Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Chairman and President: Tomokazu Ueda) will publish a new book “Podman in Action” on September 16, 2023.
Podman is a container engine that can replace Docker. This book is the Japanese version of Manning Publications’ book “Podman in Action” written by Daniel Walsh, who was the leader of the Podman development team at Red Hat, and was translated by volunteers from Red Hat Corporation. It was said that Podman’s Japanese information was scarce, but this book responds to that voice. Written by Daniel Walsh, who can be said to be the creator of Podman, the accuracy and quality of the content is guaranteed. Podman is being developed at a very fast pace, and our translators are updating the content of the original work with the latest information and checking its operation.
[Image 1:×2502.jpg] Docker emerged nearly a decade ago as a container engine that enabled containerized virtualization to boot another Linux system on top of Linux, revolutionizing the way Linux applications are distributed and run. The specifications of the runtime and container images required to run containers are standardized, and Podman was developed by a community centered on Red Hat with a different philosophy while maintaining compatibility with Docker.
Podman commands are almost fully compatible with Docker, and can be replaced by setting “alias docker=”podman””. It leverages Podman’s flexible command-line interface and is actually designed differently than Docker in many ways.
A key feature of Podman is that it is daemonless, avoiding the security risks of root privileges and daemons. It also supports the concept of Pods, allowing you to manage multiple containers
In this book, Daniel Walsh, former leader of the Podman development team at Red Hat, provides an in-depth look at the background behind Podman development, Podman’s design, advanced Podman topics, and container security.
This book is useful not only for those who want to take advantage of Podman, but also for anyone looking to take advantage of containers. For those familiar with Docker, you can learn more about Podman’s advanced features that Docker doesn’t have and gain a deeper understanding of how Docker works. If you’re new to containers, you can learn the basics of containers and pods. Of course, for those who want to learn about Podman, the whole picture is revealed, from the background of development, how to use commands, specific design such as the mechanism of rootless containers, to security and advanced utilization of containers.
Mr. Daniel Walsh, the original author, made the following comments regarding the publication of the Japanese version.
In the last few months I have seen a huge uptick in interest in Podman as well as Podman Desktop. Podman in Action is key to understanding the Podman technology and related tools. containers in production. Now with the Japanese translation of Podman in Action completed the book is available to a whole new set of Developers, administrators and enthusiasts. Come read about the next generation of container tools. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest in Podman and Podman Desktop. Podman in Action is the key book for understanding Podman technology and related tools, teaching you the basics of containers, how to build, ship and operate containers. The Japanese version of “Podman in Action” has been completed, and it is now possible to deliver this book to a new class of developers, system administrators, and Podman enthusiasts. Read about the next generation of container tools.
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table of contents
Part 1 Fundamentals
 Chapter 1 Next-generation container engine PodmanPart
Chapter 2 Command line
Chapter 3 Volume
 Chapter 4 Pods
Part 2 design
Chapter 5 Customization and configuration files
Chapter 6 Rootless Container
Part 3 Advanced topics
Chapter 7 Integration with systemd
 Chapter 8 Cooperation with Kubernetes
Chapter 9 Podman as a Service
Part 4 Container security
 Chapter 10 Security in container isolation
 Chapter 11 Other security considerations
Appendix Appendix
 Appendix A Podman-related container tools
 Appendix B OCI runtime
Obtaining Appendix C Podman
Contributions to Appendix D Podman
 Appendix E Using Podman on macOS
 Appendix F Using Podman on Windows
Book overview
Title: Podmain in Action
Author name Daniel Walsh
Translator/supervisor Yuki Isoda/Takahiro Inoue/Yuki Okada/Gaku Ori/Shion Tanaka/Sachiko Tokudome/Toshihiko Nagamine/Takuya
Nishimura/Ryoshi Noma/Ayako Mowaki/Kento Yagisawa
Regular price 4,180 yen (tax included)
Release date September 16, 2023
Rakuten Books
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