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Skyland Ventures Co., Ltd. Skyland Ventures participates in funding round for Bitcoin marketplace wallet “Un iSat”

Skyland Ventures Co., Ltd.
Skyland Ventures participates in funding round for Bitcoin marketplace wallet “UniSat”
Skyland Ventures (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Partner/CEO: Yoshihiko Kinoshita, hereinafter referred to as SV), a venture capital fund that mainly makes seed startup investments, is UniPro, which develops the Bitcoin-standard token marketplace wallet “UniSat Wallet”. We announced that we have invested in Technology Limited (Headquarters: Hong Kong, CEO: Lorenzo).
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About UniSat Wallet
UniSat Wallet is a wallet that can store and manage BRC-20 standard tokens. BRC-20 is the first token standard that can be used on the Bitcoin blockchain and is currently attracting attention. The service also supports BRC-721 standard tokens. UniSat Wallet’s strength is its user-friendly interface, and it can also be installed as a Google Chrome extension. In addition, UniSat developed a DEX on Onchain that specializes in BRC20 transactions, which received a great response on sites such as X (formerly Twitter). Comments regarding this investment
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Skyland Ventures Capitalist: Shohei Matsumoto
The team building UniSat is Segwit. These are contributors involved in major technologies and updates of the Bitcoin ecosystem, such as Lightning Network and Taproot. Although we are a team of only six people, we release a variety of high-quality products on a monthly basis in response to market changes and demand. Their source of energy is to evolve Bitcoin from “digital gold” to the next stage. Ordinals and BRC20 have proven that Segwit/Taproot makes it possible to generate various asset applications on Onchain. The team at UniSat is an expression of our excitement for teams that will grow the Bitcoin blockchain into something even more organic and versatile.
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Skyland Ventures General Partner: Yuan Xiaohang
I think Bitcoin Inscription has succeeded in bringing new innovation to Bitcoin and expanding its potential uses, which could lead to a larger narrative. And Unistat, a BRC20 and Ordinal NFT encrypted wallet, has become an important participant and leader in BTC innovation. Mr. Matsumoto, a young capitalist at Skyland Ventures, worked tenaciously on deal sourcing, and I think he had the chance to witness this first page in the history of crypto. I would like to thank him for his efforts and send my best wishes.
[Image 4:×400.jpg] Skyland Ventures Tech Adviser: Yosuke Aramaki
In response to the boom in Ordinals-based tokens and NFTs, UniSat was released quickly and established a significant market share. New features such as the marketplace and BRC20-swap continue to be added, and their rapid response and development capabilities are very impressive. I look forward to UniSat continuing to promote financial inclusion with its unique perspective and execution capabilities.
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Unipro CEO Lorenzo
UniSat is actively working on establishing an organic system on Bitcoin. With enthusiastic participation from Japan, our confidence in the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and its applications has
significantly increased on a larger scale.
About UniPro Technology Limited
UniPro Technology Limited offers a wallet “UniSat Wallet” that can store Bitcoin tokens such as “Ordinals” and “BRC20”, a marketplace for Ordinals, “Unisat”, Dex protocol “brc-20swap” for BRC20 tokens, etc. This is a company that develops and operates. A major feature is that all protocols are developed as open source.
Official website:
About Skyland Ventures
Skyland Ventures (SV) is a venture capital (VC) fund that primarily makes seed startup investments. With the mission of “The Seed Maker. & Unlearning.”, we conduct equity and token investments that provide seed money to startups that will have a major impact on the technology industry. So far, we have invested in approximately 150 companies, mainly startups in Japan. From 2022 onwards, we will focus on investing in startups in the Web3 (Crypto/NFT/Blockchain) and Generaltive AI fields.
Company name: Skyland Ventures (Representative: Yoshihiko Kinoshita) Address: Sakuragaoka Front Building II, 16-13 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL: [English]
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