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Solved! What to do when your iPhone/iPad is in recovery mode and cannot be restored

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[Solved! ] What to do when your iPhone/iPad is in recovery mode and cannot be restored
AnyFix official website:
AnyFix updated to version 1.2.3 on Saturday, September 16, 2023. Supports iOS 17 and repairs over 130 types of iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS defects.
Have you ever encountered any problems or breakdowns with your iPhone? Cases such as “I haven’t been feeling well lately” or “It suddenly stopped working!” Actually, there is a method that can help you when you find yourself in such a situation. That is the recovery mode officially provided by Apple. Recovery mode is provided as a way to restore your iOS or iPadOS device in the event of a failure or malfunction.
However, even in recovery mode, you may not be able to successfully repair your iPhone or iPad. For those of you who say, “I want to take it to a repair shop and have it repaired, but I can’t wait that long! I want to restore it as soon as possible!”, this time we will show you what to do when you cannot restore your iPhone/iPad in recovery mode. to introduce.
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Part 1: What is the reason why iPhone/iPad cannot be restored in recovery mode? Part 2: What to do when an iPhone/iPad that is in recovery mode cannot be restored
Part 3: Last resort! Restoring iPhone in DFU mode [Data erased] Part 1: What is the reason why iPhone/iPad cannot be restored in recovery mode? There are several reasons why you may not be able to put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore it. Below are some common causes, but the causes and solutions may vary depending on your specific situation.
1. Latest iTunes or Finder is not installed:
To put your iPhone into recovery mode, you need the latest version of iTunes (Windows) or Finder (Mac). Please update these applications to the latest versions and try again.
2.USB connection problem:
In order to perform a recovery mode restore, your iPhone must be properly connected to your computer. There may be a problem with the USB cable or USB port, so try a different USB cable or port. 3. Security software interference:
Some security software may not recognize iPhone recovery mode. Please temporarily disable your security software and try again.
4.Hardware issues:
If your iPhone itself has hardware issues, you may not be able to restore it in recovery mode. For example, this can be caused by a broken home button or a bad Lightning port. If you need a repair, we recommend contacting Apple Support for professional help.
5.Software issues:
If your iPhone’s software is not working properly, restoring in recovery mode may not work. In this case, trying DFU mode (Device Firmware Update Mode) may help. DFU mode performs a deeper level software reset.
If the issue still persists after checking the above causes one by one and trying the solutions, we recommend the following methods: Part 2: What to do when an iPhone/iPad that is in recovery mode cannot be restored
AnyFix is ​​an iOS repair tool developed and provided by iMobie. If your iOS device is stuck in recovery mode and cannot be restored, AnyFix allows you to restore your device from recovery mode with a few simple clicks.
About AnyFix:
[Image 2:×580.png ]
AnyFix can repair over 130 types of iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS issues, and can also repair over 200 types of iTunes errors. If you are restoring due to iTunes errors or your iPhone is malfunctioning and your device cannot be restored, you can easily fix it with AnyFix.
If your iPhone or iPad is in recovery mode and cannot be restored, please try AnyFix.
AnyFix official website:
Step 1. Download AnyFix to your computer.
Step 2. Connect your iPhone and computer using the genuine Lightning cable. After that, click on the “Toggle Recovery Mode” feature.
[Image 2:×580.png ]
Step 3. Since your iPhone is in recovery mode, click “Exit Recovery Mode” → “Exit” button.
[Image 3:×1160.png ]
Step 4. It may take some time to get your iPhone out of recovery mode, so please be patient.
[Image 4:×1160.png ]
Step 5. After a while, your iPhone will come out of recovery mode successfully. [Image 5: & 314-314-314-23C25CD9-314-23C3F0CD9121F0C2621Becdddd -2000×1160.png] With just a few clicks, I restored my device that was in recovery mode. If you can’t restore your iPhone due to iPhone errors, you can use the “System Repair” feature to fix the problem.
AnyFix offers three modes: standard mode, advanced mode, and top-of-the-line mode.
Standard mode allows you to repair common system problems without erasing any data.
Premium mode can repair the most complex system problems, but it also takes a long time. And after repairing, all data will be erased. Please select the mode according to the situation.
AnyFix official website:
[Image 6:×580.png ]
Part 3: Last resort! Restoring iPhone in DFU mode [Data erased] DFU mode is the most thorough recovery method and will completely erase your iPhone data.
If your iPhone is in recovery mode and won’t update or restore, you can use DFU mode. DFU mode is a mode for updating the device’s firmware and leaves your iPhone in a minimal state. The steps to enter DFU mode are as follows:
1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a genuine USB cable. 2.Press and hold the iPhone’s power button and home button at the same time. When the power turns off, let go of the power button. This will enter DFU mode.
3. After entering DFU mode, launch iTunes. A message will appear saying, “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. This iPhone needs to be restored.” Click “OK” on the message and select “Recover from iPhone” in iTunes.
[Image 7:×255.png ]
4.The message “Are you sure you want to restore your iPhone to its factory settings?” will appear, so select “Restore”.
[Image 8:×380.png ]
5.Enter your Apple ID and password and select “Continue”.
6. After the iPhone restarts, it will initialize as a new iPhone. Follow the steps above to proceed with DFU mode and you will force restore your iPhone. Restoration may take an hour or more, so please allow plenty of time.
This is the explanation about DFU mode, which is what you can do if your iPhone cannot be restored in recovery mode. Apple usually recommends restoring in recovery mode, but there are some cases where restoring doesn’t work.
If you find yourself suddenly stuck in recovery mode and unable to restore, please try the DFU mode introduced in this article. AnyFix official website:
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