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Sony Marketing Co., Ltd. NiziU, who is popular after his first solo stadium performance, will appear in a double commercial! The new WEBCM for the latest model “Xperia 5 V” and “LinkBuds S” shows “the moment when the members become absorbed in it”!

Sony Marketing Co., Ltd.
NiziU, who is a hot topic after his first solo stadium performance, will appear in a double commercial! The new WEBCM for the latest model “Xperia 5 V” and “LinkBuds S” shows “the moment when the members become absorbed in it”! Released from Wednesday, September 20th! Special version commercials with “extra cuts” of each member will also be distributed randomly! A special interview video will also be released at the same time!
Sony Marketing Co., Ltd. announced on September 20th (Wednesday) the newly released premium smartphone “Xperia 5 V” and the completely wireless earphones “LinkBuds S”, which have a small and lightweight design and support noise canceling function and high-resolution sound quality. )”, a new web commercial will be released on September 20th (Wednesday) starring the 9-member girl group NiziU, who recently held their first successful solo stadium performance. We will also be releasing a special interview video in which NiziU members talk about their experiences with “Xperia 5 V” and “LinkBuds S.”
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Xperia 5 V LinkBuds S
[Image 1:×2442.jpg]
[Image 2:×2825.jpg] NiziU members show off their “enthusiastic expressions” on various contents The new WEBCM for “Xperia 5 V” and “LinkBuds S”, in which NiziU appears, meets the latest needs of consumers who say, “You never know when the moment you want to be immersed” will come, in an age overflowing with content. It expresses the appeal of the functional “Xperia 5 V” and “LinkBuds S.” NiziU members riding the elevator. You will receive notifications one after another on the “Xperia 5 V” that you are holding in your hand. The moment they tapped on a notification they were particularly interested in, the noise canceling function and high-resolution sound quality of “LinkBuds S” and the visual beauty and high-quality sound technology of “Xperia 5 V” made the members immerse themselves in the world. The process is depicted in a good tempo along with the song “PRISM”. In addition, a special version with an extra cut “Ending Fairy”* will be randomly released. Pay attention to the unique expressions of each member.
*Members who are photographed close-up by the camera at the end of a K-POP performance.
An interview video where NiziU talks about the appeal of “Xperia 5 V” and “LinkBuds S” is also released!
An interview video in which NiziU talks about the appeal of the “Xperia 5 V” and “LinkBuds S” that he actually experienced, as well as a making-of video in which he takes on the challenge of wire action, will be released on a special site. When asked about their impressions after actually using the Xperia 5 V in an interview after filming the commercial, RIMA said, “The sound quality has a great
three-dimensional effect, so I think live footage can be heard better, so we all decided to use it like this.” I think it would be great if we could monitor together.” Regarding the LinkBuds S, MAKO said, “When I do intense dances, sometimes (the earphones) fall off.But with the LinkBuds S, I don’t even feel like I’m wearing them. It fits perfectly, and I think the great thing about it is that it doesn’t fall off no matter how much you shake your head.” The special interview video can be viewed on the special website (URL:
In addition, from September 20th (Wednesday) to October 1st (Sunday), we will hold an Xperia new product trial session at Sony’s directly managed stores “Sony Store Ginza, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka Tenjin”, with limited quantities available. In addition to giving original NiziU novelties to those who experience the event, a commercial will begin airing on Shibuya Modi’s large-scale vision from the same day. Please enjoy our many campaigns.
“Xperia 5 V” “LinkBuds S” x NiziU’s new WEBCM and special interview video will be released at the same time!
■Release date
Wednesday, September 20, 2023 10:00 AM
■Special site
Xperia 5 V LinkBuds S
■New WEBCM/Interview video
[Table 5:]
[Image 3:×610.png ]
[Image 4:×610.png ]
[Table 6: ]
[Image 5:×611.png ]
[Image 6:×611.png ]
[Table 7:]
[Image 7:×2160.jpg]
[Image 8:×2160.jpg]
[Image 9:×2160.jpg]
[Table 8:]
[Image 10:×2160.jpg]
[Image 11:×2160.jpg]
[Image 12:×2160.jpg] NiziU interview comment excerpt
■Please tell us your impressions of the new “Xperia 5 V”!
AYAKA: When you take a photo with the Xperia 5 V, it seems like you can take the scenery as you see it with your own eyes without any processing, and I’m happy because I like to preserve that moment. I think the cuteness will stand out.
RIO: Thank you (lol) The battery drains quickly when I watch videos for a long time. I take a lot of photos with the members, so I think it’s difficult to carry around batteries and outlets, so I think it’s a good thing that the battery lasts for a long time in order to reduce the amount of luggage I carry. .
■Please tell us your impressions of “LinkBuds S”!
RIKU: I think “LinkBuds S” is convenient because you can switch between a mode where you can hear surrounding sounds and noise cancellation with one tap.
NINA: I’ve always been very particular about how that kind of music should sound, and I’ve tried a lot of different things, but the sound quality of the LinkBuds S really struck me as good. It sounds great at any pitch. I think sometimes only the intermediate sounds can be heard clearly, but with the LinkBuds S, I can listen to music the way I like without any stress, so I think this is the best. I did.
MIIHI: I’ve been shooting with the LinkBuds S for a long time, and I’m not the type who doesn’t like earphones to begin with, but they’re very light and fit well in my ears, so I’m comfortable wearing them for long periods of time now. So, I really want to use it a lot in my future life and while traveling.
■The theme of this commercial is “You never know when the moment you want to fall in love with it will come.” Have you ever felt the same way?
MAKO: When it comes to live shows on SNS, I don’t know when they will start, so I often think, oh, I missed it…
RIMA: I’ve been doing this a lot since I was a student, and I’m really happy when there are people online who can help me study. For example, there are people who upload videos of themselves studying for six hours straight, and sometimes you can watch them in real time. AYAKA: Huh.
RIMA: Then, when I was like, “Oh, this person is studying right now,” I felt lucky because I could study with him.
MAYA: When NiziU content goes up, I think, “The content has gone up. I have to see it, I have to see it.” At times like that, I think that I would love to see it on the Xperia 5 V, and I would like to see it myself. The content is so exciting that I find myself immersed in it. When I laugh at something I say or when I see something funny about other members, I feel like I love NiziU again.
MAYUKA: My member MAKO-chan does a live stream once a week called “Mako’s 1 Frame,” but she often does it without us, so we just watch it on our smartphones. At that time, I would like to use the “Xperia 5 V” and “LinkBuds S” to feel closer to the live broadcast while watching it.
Xperia new product trial session held at Sony Store! Receive an original NiziU novelty
We will be holding a new Xperia product trial session at Sony’s directly managed stores “Sony Store Ginza, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka Tenjin”. Participants will receive an original NiziU novelty in limited quantity!
■Event dates: September 20th (Wednesday) – October 1st (Sunday) Shibuya Modi’s large-scale vision will also be aired for a limited time from today
[Image 13:×450.jpg] Along with the release of the new WEBCM, the new WEBCM will be aired on the large street vision “Sony Vision Shibuya” on the Shibuya Modi wall. Please take a look at the powerful images that only large-scale vision can provide.
■Broadcast date and time: September 20th (Wednesday) – September 26th (Tuesday) 9:00-24:00 Scheduled *
*Broadcast period and time are subject to change without notice. Artist profile
[Image 14:×2626.jpg] A nine-member girl group selected from 10,000 applicants from Sony Music x JYP’s joint audition project “Nizi Project.”
In addition to big hits such as the pre-debut work “Make you happy” which became a social phenomenon, and the debut single “Step and a step”, the second album which achieved great achievements such as achieving 123 crowns on music distribution charts all over the world. Starting with the single “Take a picture/Poppin’ Shakin’,” all of his released works have taken the music scene by storm.
In 2022, she will hold her first solo tour “NiziU Live with U 2022 “Light it Up,” which sold out in just 10 minutes after general ticket sales started, and her first dome performance “NiziU Live with U 2022 “Burn it Up”” was held in Tokyo and Osaka, and when combined with the previous arena tour, it attracted more than 330,000 people, proving their tremendous popularity.
Their momentum continues in 2023, and in March they released their first movie theme song, “Paradise,” which topped all music charts. In July, he released his 2nd album “COCONUT” for the first time in about 1 year and 8 months, and won first place on the “Oricon Weekly Album Ranking” and the Billboard JAPAN Weekly Album Sales Chart “Top Albums Sales”. It dominated the weekly album charts.
From July of the same year, the second national tour “NiziU Live with U 2023 “Here! “Summer Fes.” has started.
On September 17th (Sunday) and 18th (Monday/holiday), the first stadium live “NiziU Live with U 2023 “Here! Summer Fes.” -Stadium Special-” was held at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba Prefecture. [NiziU Official Website]
Product Summary
■“Xperia 5V”
[Image 15:×1468.jpg]
[Image 16:×2194.jpg] U R L:
Product name: Xperia 5V
Color: black, platinum silver, blue
Release date: Scheduled for after mid-October this year
Price: Open price
“Xperia 5 V” is equipped with the latest sensor “Exmor T for mobile”, which is the same type as the flagship smartphone “Xperia 1 V” in the camera, and can capture people’s facial expressions and skin textures in high definition. It becomes possible to draw. In addition, the blur depiction has also greatly improved compared to the Xperia 5 IV. Utilizing AI, in addition to being able to express blur according to the distance from the subject, it also achieves large, smooth blur similar to that of a single-lens camera. The twin camera lenses on the back allow you to enjoy shooting with three focal lengths: 16mm, 24mm, and 48mm. Among them, 48mm is equivalent to 2x optical magnification, so you can shoot larger subjects without worrying about image quality deterioration. Masu.
In addition, the newly installed “Video Creator” allows you to process and edit the photos and videos you have taken in about 1 minute, making it easy to create videos that suit your tastes.
Additionally, the Xperia 5 V is equipped with a newly developed speaker amplifier that delivers powerful bass, as well as a
high-brightness, easy-to-read organic EL display. With beautiful images produced by the high-definition engine “X1 (TM) for mobile” of Sony’s TV “BRAVIA (R)”, you can also enter the world of content when enjoying video distribution such as live videos and short clips with “Oshikatsu”. Immersive. The 5,000mAh large-capacity battery that supports this content viewing and more has more than 50% battery power remaining even if you actively use your smartphone all day long *1. The theme color of the “Game Enhancer” assist function to help you enjoy the game even more has been updated. Furthermore, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon(R) 8 Gen2 Mobile Platform and Elite Gaming support stable gameplay.
The packaging for this device uses an original blend material developed by Sony that is made from bamboo, sugarcane residue, and recycled paper collected in the market, resulting in individual packaging that completely eliminates plastic.*2 . In addition, flame-retardant recycled plastic SORPLAS (TM), which has a recycled material utilization rate of up to 99%, is used as raw material for some of the parts used inside and outside the main body.
■Main features of “Xperia 5 V”
1.Equipped with a new-generation sensor that provides a variety of shooting functions that allow you to leave memories with high descriptive power regardless of time or place.
2. New editing function that lets you create memorable videos with friends in 1 minute
3. Sony’s unique visual beauty and high-quality sound technology 4.Long-lasting battery that lasts more than 50% even if you use it actively all day long, such as watching content.*1
5. Achieving both functionality and design while being environmentally friendly *1 Tested using the standard battery usage profile of Xperia(TM) users, assuming 360 minutes of Internet browsing, video viewing, gaming, and other functions per day (1080 minutes of standby time). Based on estimates. Actual battery life varies depending on usage conditions and usage environment.
*2 Individual packaging refers to individual product boxes, trays inside the boxes, packaging materials, and sleeves. Excludes materials used in coatings and adhesives.
■Wireless noise canceling stereo headset “LinkBuds S”
[Image 17:×728.jpg] U R L:
Color: White/Black/Ecru/Earth Blue
Price: Open price
“LinkBuds S” is small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, while supporting noise-cancelling functionality and high-resolution sound quality. While realizing the concept of the “LinkBuds” series, which brings in natural external sounds, it is also equipped with a high-performance noise canceling function that not only can be easily switched with one tap, but also automatically adjusts according to the user’s usage environment. (Adaptive Sound Control). This allows you to hear environmental sounds naturally even when wearing headphones, while providing a highly immersive experience when enjoying content. In addition, it supports the high-quality sound codec LDAC, so you can enjoy high-resolution sound even wirelessly *1.
Furthermore, by upscaling compressed sound sources such as streaming using DSEE Extreme(TM), you can enjoy high-resolution sound quality equivalent to high resolution *2. During calls, in addition to high-precision voice pickup technology, a noise reduction system realized by AI machine learning algorithms suppresses surrounding environmental noise and delivers clear voice to the other party. The new function “Auto Play” was developed by reflecting the voices of college students, who are a generation that often listens while listening.*3 It senses changes in the user’s behavior, such as when the user puts the device on and starts walking, and automatically plays content from the connected music service Spotify and Endel, which provides music apps that encourage concentration and relaxation, or reads out smartphone notifications. I will. By creating a new experience where headphones play music and send notifications depending on the timing, online and real life are seamlessly connected without the user having to touch their smartphone or headphones to switch.
The Sony Group has formulated an environmental plan called “Road to Zero” with the aim of achieving zero environmental impact by 2050, and is working to achieve this goal by setting medium-term environmental targets in stages.
This product uses recycled plastic made from factory-recovered resin for the main body and case *4. Additionally, we do not use plastic in individual packaging*5 in an effort to reduce environmental impact. In addition, Earth Blue pursues a new design expression using recycled materials, and uses recycled materials generated from water server bottles collected in the market for the main body and case to express a marble pattern. This material was developed uniquely for this product, and is a combination of conventional recycled materials and highly viscous recycled materials made from water server bottles, creating a marble pattern texture. The pattern of each product is deliberately designed to be different, making it a one-of-a-kind design.
■Main features of “LinkBuds S”
1. Freely switch between immersive and “while listening” experiences while wearing the device all the time.
2. High-quality call performance using AI technology
3. Enjoy high quality sound with high resolution wireless with LDAC support 4. Compatible with next-generation Bluetooth audio “LE Audio” 5. Environmentally friendly body and packaging
*1: Used by connecting with LDAC compatible devices.
*2: DSEE Extreme can be used by enabling the function from the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app. When playing compressed sound sources such as CD sound sources and MP3s using SBC/AAC/LDAC codecs via Bluetooth when DSEE Extreme is ON, it will expand to a maximum of 96kHz/24bit (depending on the specifications of the playback device, even if compressed sound sources are transmitted using LDAC) DSEE Extreme(TM) may be disabled).
*3: In collaboration with Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business Marketing Faculty.
*4: Exterior parts of the headphones and charging case. The recycled materials used in our products are subject to change.
*5: The scope of individual packages includes individual cartons and the packaging materials on and inside the individual cartons. More details about this release:

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