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Sony Music Labels Inc. “Keitaimi Shiteyo feat. Hashimelo, maeshima soshi” from the fictitious apartment MAISONdes, which produces the most used music on SNS, won first place in TikTok Weekly Top 20!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
“Keitaimi Shiteyo feat. Hashimelo, maeshima soshi” from the fictitious apartment MAISONdes, which produces the most used music on SNS, won first place in the TikTok Weekly Top 20!

“Yowanehaki feat. Wanuka, asmi” and “Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous feat. Kafu, Tsumiki” have created record virality on SNS, and the cumulative number of streams has exceeded 500 million. “Keitaimi Shiteyo feat. Hashimelo, maeshima soshi” of the fictitious apartment “MAISONdes” that exists is on the TikTok song chart “TikTok Weekly Top 20” released by Billboard JAPAN on September 6th (Wednesday). Won 1st place.
[Image 1:×3900.jpg] “Keitaimi Shiteyo feat. Hashimelo, maeshima soshi” is viral on TikTok with a choreography video that reminds you of the lyrics that approach your lover, “Keitaimi Shiteyo”. It also appears in this week’s “HOT SONG IN JAPAN” released by JAPAN.
Since its release on June 28th (Wednesday), it has already exceeded 46 million views on TikTok in about two months.
This song was written, composed, and sung by Hashi-Mero, and maeshima soshi participated in the arrangement. It has a catchy and pop sound, but the heavy refrain “Keita mishite yo” is impressive. A song. On the MAISONdes YouTube channel, the live video of this song at MAISONdes’ first live “MAISONdes LIVE #1” held at Zepp Shinjuku on Friday, July 21st has been released as a short video.
In the summer of 2023, songs by the fictitious apartment MAISONdes are once again being used by many people on SNS. It will be interesting to see what kind of movement “Keitaimishiteyo feat. Hashimero, maeshima soshi” will show in the future.
▼“Keitaimishiteyo feat Hashimero, maeshimasoshi”
Click here for sound source DL/streaming: Music Video:
[MAISONdes LIVE #1] Keitaimi Shiteyo feat.
■MAISONdes: Complete Collection (playlist with all songs)
[Image 2:×2578.jpg ]
MAISONdes is a fictional apartment building that produces “the music most used on SNS today.” A room is assigned to each song, and the singer and creator are changed for each room, creating pop music called “Rokujohan Pops”. It could be Earth, or it could be space. It could be the future, it could be the past. The only thing that has been decided is that the size of the room is six and a half tatami mats. In this place, each room’s song is presented through
collaboration between singers and creators who can only be born in this era. Each room has its own story and song, and surely there is one room that you feel is your own story. This apartment is a place where you can find your song.
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[Image 3:×1280.jpg] Lyricist and composer pop star Hashimero.
A funny nerd. Started music activities around 2020.
He specializes in genre-less songs, from his own compositions to rapping with type beats. He is also in charge of vocals for the band Kagi wo Kaesete.
In 2022, the song “Miramira”, which I happened to find on the internet and rapped on my iPhone to the type beat given to me by Amagif, became a hot topic on SNS in Japan and overseas, and has surpassed 2 million streams in total. Digital distribution service FRIENDSHIP., which distributes music carefully selected by curators who are active on the front lines of culture, ranked 6th in the annual ranking “FRIENDSHIP. Top50 Chart 2022” announced based on the total number of songs played. It has been ranked in the top 10 of weekly charts for over a year since its release.
In 2023, “Meri Mi” in April, “mine” in May, “Warui Yume” in June, and “Ganakamu” in July will be released for four consecutive months. Their songs, which cross genres such as band sounds, lo-fi chill sounds, and trap beat HIPHOP, are attracting attention everywhere.
Participated in writing, composing, and singing MAISONdes’s
“Keitaimishiteyo feat. Hashimero, maeshima soshi”, which was distributed in June 2023. Ranked #1 on Amazon Music’s “Trending Today”, selected as a popular song on the Spotify Japan Rising Chart, and on playlists such as Spotify’s “Buzz Tracker”. Posts on social media, especially TikTok, increased rapidly, and the song ranked first on Billboard Japan’s TikTok Weekly Top 20 song chart released on September 6th (Wednesday).
My dream is to become a pop star and idol producer. Tonight, I’m working on a super dope POP song with ramen in hand.
YouTube: Twitter:
■maeshima soshi
[Image 4: &S3=1354666-057120A3E177771EA D1E9-1200×1200.png]
Belongs to SASAKRECT Inc.
He is a music producer who writes, composes, and arranges all of his music, and the songs he has produced have been streamed over 100 million times in total, and he actively releases his own music. From up-and-coming rappers to Johnny’s, LDH, Youtubers, Vtubers, and anime theme songs, we create the “maeshima sound”.
He is a versatile cross-cultural producer who has gained support from Generation Z.
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