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Soto Co., Ltd. New product announcement! “MOVB” directed by Yoshimasa Hoshiba releases 4 items using unique wool jersey

Soto Co., Ltd.
New release announced! “MOVB” directed by Yoshimasa Hoshiba releases 4 items using unique wool jersey
Equipped with a multi-pocket system, releasing “elegant and comfortable” items. ……
MOVB is a men’s fashion brand created by popular fashion director Yoshimasa Hoshiba and Soto Co., Ltd. (Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Yasuhiko Ueda, Stock Code: 3571), a dyeing and processing company in Ozu, Aichi. (Mauve)”.
From September 25, 2023, we will be releasing 4 new items that use the new material “Duplex Wool Jersey” for fall/winter 2023.
In 2023, it has become easier to go out, travel, and go on business trips, and this year’s product theme, which is appropriate for the times, is “The beginning of a beautiful journey.” We have developed “Duplex Wool Jersey”, a unique jersey material that not only has the “luxury” and “elegant” that gentlemen seek, but also has
“stretchability” and “durability”.
[Image 1:×807.jpg] The high-quality feel of wool jersey gives the wearer a sense of dignity, and the unique elasticity of jersey provides stress-free comfort. A new material that makes everything from everyday business situations to extraordinary trips beautiful and comfortable. MOVB will continue to provide items tailored to active business people. ■MOVB:
Developed “Duplex Wool Jersey,” a new material with outstanding shine, drape, and elasticity.
[Image 2:×785.jpg] The new material “Duplex Wool Jersey” developed for the fall/winter season of 2023 features a “punch material = double jersey” that is made from wool, nylon, and polyurethane threads that are knitted with “high density” using a special double-sided knitting machine. Double jersey knitted on both sides gives the fabric firmness and stiffness, has strong elasticity and kickback properties (the ability to return to its original shape after stretching), and is highly wrinkle resistant and durable, but MOVB has a special By knitting the fabric even more tightly using a knitting machine, we have created a high-density double jersey that looks just like woven fabric.
[Image 3:×708.jpg] While retaining the sliminess and warmth characteristic of wool on the surface of the fabric, a process that suppresses fuzz creates a smooth surface that gives it an elegant sheen and drape.
We make full use of the dyeing and processing know-how cultivated by Soto, a 100-year-old company, to bring out the texture of the fabric to its fullest extent.
The firm texture and smoothness that you can tell just by touching it is a top-quality material that rivals even high-end suit fabrics. This material was introduced in a total of four items: a tailored jacket, tapered slacks, MA-1 jacket, and jogger pants.
[Image 4:×733.jpg] In addition, each item in the Duplex Wool Jersey features a
“multi-pocket system” with pockets placed throughout for ease of use, embodying the “beginning of a beautiful journey”.
This is an original MOVB design that pays particular attention to the size and angle of the pockets so that you can easily store small items such as wallets and smartphones when traveling or on business trips, and make them even easier to take out.
1.Duplex Wool Jersey Single 2B Notched Travel Jacket
[Image 5:×806.jpg] MOVB’s minimalist and sharp design and silhouette have minimal ornate decorations.
Using tailoring technology that makes the three-dimensional human body look beautiful, the jacket has a dignified appearance that looks as if it has shoulder pads.
[Image 6:×710.jpg] And the multi-pocket system has more pockets than a typical jacket, making it highly functional.
It has functionality such as a smartphone pocket, business card pocket, wallet/passport pocket, etc. that allows you to move around without a bag during business trips or travel.
Of course, care was taken not to ruin the beautiful silhouette.
[Image 7:×722.jpg] In addition, the MOVB is also equipped with Moving specifications that are also considered from an ergonomics perspective.
By incorporating special mesh fabric and stitching from the shoulders to the arm area, where it is easy to feel cramped, it is easy to move the arms even though the silhouette fits the body.
¥62,700 (tax included)
2.Duplex Wool Jersey Slim Tapered Travel Slacks
[Image 8:×722.jpg] MOVB classic slim tapered silhouette slacks that are perfect for business occasions.
Although the pattern has a clean and fitting feel, it has a
three-dimensional finish that does not make you feel cramped. And the crease line is pin-tucked, so no matter how many times you wear it, you don’t have to iron it, so you can feel safe even when you’re on a business trip.
[Image 9:×664.jpg] Like the jacket, there are many pockets. Equipped with a zippered pocket for storing smartphones and business cards, a key loop, and a coin pocket.
These travel slacks have a great storage capacity and are functional, yet have a sharp and beautiful silhouette and are comfortable to wear. ¥31,900 (tax included)
3.Duplex Wool Jersey Travel MA-1
[Image 10:×2700.jpg] The MA-1 type jacket that has been introduced since spring/summer 2023 will also be available as Duplex Wool Jersey.
Although the basic design is based on the universal MA-1, it has evolved into a modern length and details.
The ribbed sleeves have just the right amount of elasticity to prevent cold air from entering through the sleeves, keeping you warm and comfortable even in early winter.
[Image 11:×728.jpg] The zipper pull is made of leather that gives it a luxurious feel. The front pocket has beaded edges to prevent the zipper from being visible from the outside, giving the overall look a clean look.
[Image 12:×724.jpg] Of course, there are pockets on the inside as well, making it highly functional. ¥64,900 (tax included)
4.Duplex Wool Jersey Travel Slim Joggers
[Image 13:×728.jpg] Jogger pants are a popular item from MOVB. Despite its slim
silhouette, the stretch of the Duplex Wool Jersey means you won’t feel any stress.
It has a streamlined silhouette and details, but like slacks, it has plenty of functionality such as zippered pockets.
[Image 14:×724.jpg] There is a hidden pocket on the right side. You can store your smartphone and passport. In addition, by placing the inside of the pocket on the hip side, you can comfortably walk while storing it without getting in the way.
Designed for casual use, it also has a D-ring on the front. You can attach keys or wallet chains.
¥30,800 (tax included)
What is MOVB?
We are proposing “Hybrid Style Wear (HSW)” to enjoy the new normal era in business, sports, play, and borderless ways. With the vision of “creating luxury clothes that are stylish, cool, and comfortable to wear in business and private life in today’s diversified world,” we conduct everything from fabric production to sewing, except for raw material procurement, in Japan.・A brand that conveys the appeal of clothing from Bishu to Japan and the world. HP: 03-3470-2200MAIL
About Soto Co., Ltd.
Soto Co., Ltd. is a leading company in dyeing and processing in Japan. We are a company that operates a dyeing and sorting business in the Bishu production area in Aichi Prefecture, which is known as one of the leading wool production areas in Japan. We process fabrics woven and knitted by our group companies at our own factories, and offer safe and secure materials made in Japan. More details about this release: