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Southeast Asia direct-to-product EC “SECAI MARCHE” has been selected for the “Japan-ASEAN Asia DX Promoti on Project Boost Up Course” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/JETRO

Southeast Asia direct-to-product EC “SECAI MARCHE” has been selected for the “Japan-ASEAN Asia DX Promotion Project Boost Up Course” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/JETRO
In Malaysia and Singapore, we will collaborate with local companies and institutions and make full use of digital technology to rapidly accelerate the construction of new perishables infrastructure to meet the rapidly increasing e-commerce demand.
SECAI MARCHE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Global bases: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore) (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has been selected as a business operator for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/JETRO “Japan-ASEAN Asia DX Promotion Project Boost Up Course” . This will further scale up our already proven business in Malaysia and accelerate the construction of new perishables infrastructure to meet the rapidly increasing e-commerce demand.
[Image 1:×1536.jpg] Malaysia, the target country, has the following economic and social issues. 1. The size of the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia will be US$172 billion in 2025, and although the food sector is growing significantly by over 56%, the domestic transportation of fresh food in Southeast Asia is limited to individual production. refrigerated fulfillment functions are also underdeveloped. As a result, the quality of perishable fresh food cannot be maintained during the transportation process, and 53.92% of the food is wasted by the time it is consumed. 2. Facilities such as restaurants and hotels that purchase products have minimum order quantities with individual transportation companies, and it is not possible to purchase in small quantities and a wide variety of products across categories (businesses).
3. More than 90% of Malaysian farmers are small and medium-sized (less than 200,000 yen per month), have no sales channels other than existing distribution, and have the financial and technological strength to invest in EC-compatible systems and fulfillment functions. does not have
4. Due to the above situation, products of mediocre quality are traded at high prices (high costs), reducing market competitiveness both domestically and internationally, and hindering the e-commerce of fresh foods.
Our company was launched with the goal of solving the above-mentioned issues related to food distribution in Southeast Asia, and aims to solve supply chain issues in Southeast Asia and contribute to society by providing a digital EC platform with new and innovative AI technology. That’s what I’m aiming for. To date, we have been able to deliver small-lot, high-mix products and achieve a waste rate of 1% annually by developing a fulfillment center and e-commerce platform for joint small-lot deliveries that directly connect producers and consumers in Southeast Asia. We have achieved continuous growth of over 200%.
In this demonstration project, we will collaborate with local producers in Southeast Asia and partners building new last-mile fresh food distribution, and accelerate the expansion of fulfillment centers and EC platforms across the region. We will further increase our number of customers by expanding the application of the system and reducing lead times through automatic delivery routing.
■Ripple effects of business realization
1. Improving the business environment between Japan and ASEAN This project will raise the competitiveness of the fresh food markets of each ASEAN country and promote internationalization through digital EC. In our track record, some producers have seen their profits increase by more than 500%. In addition to market reform in Malaysia, it will be expanded to other ASEAN countries in the future, creating and expanding new domestic and international markets, improving producers’ technology and increasing profits, and strengthening international competitiveness.
2. Creation of new markets and expansion of exports by Japanese producers Through this project, the business environment has been improved by expanding sales channels for producers in Malaysia and abroad and optimizing prices, while also encouraging consumers to choose lower-cost, higher-quality products. An environment will be created to allow for this. By providing the fulfillment center and e-commerce platform provided by our company, producers outside Malaysia will also be able to participate in small-lot, low-cost exports to Malaysia, creating a new import/export market for fresh produce to Malaysia. This will give Japanese producers a new market for export to Malaysia. ■JETRO Announcement/Press Announcement Japan External Trade
Organization (JETRO) Home Page About the selected business operators related to the Boost Up Course public recruitment for Asia DX Promotion Project in Japan and ASEAN /e11ec2ac894f346c.html
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■SECAI MARCHE is Southeast Asia’s No. 1 fresh food e-commerce platform that connects producers and consumers directly. Growth for Everyone – Creates a new direct infrastructure in Southeast Asia with the mission of “creating a world in which creators and users are directly connected, information and goods are distributed equally, and everyone can play a leading role.” Masu. Our platform, which provides Freshness, Transperancy, and Product Value, is currently used by over 800 hotel and restaurant customers in Southeast Asia. We consistently provide fulfillment solutions such as ordering, payment, and logistics necessary for producers, and we have over 4,000 carefully selected ingredients from producers around the world, mainly in Japan and Malaysia. ■Company profile Trade name: SECAI MARCHE Co., Ltd. Head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo Overseas bases: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Established in Singapore: 2018 Representative: Shusaku Hayakawa/Ami Sugiyama Capital: 48,000 10,000 yen (including capital reserve) Business details: EC business, import/export business, wholesale business Website:
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