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Spotunity Co., Ltd. Crowdfunding will be conducted on Spotunity for the purpose of raising funds for “MIRERO FESTIVAL 2023” hosted by professional soccer player Han Ho-kang.

Spotunity Co., Ltd.
Crowdfunding was conducted on Spotunity for the purpose of raising funds for “MIRERO FESTIVAL 2023” hosted by professional soccer player Han Ho-kang.
Spotunity Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Spotunity), which develops sports-specific crowdfunding to support teams, organizations, and athletes, is founded by professional soccer player Han Ho-kang (of Suwon Samsung Blue Wings, South Korea). We will start a new project with the aim of raising funds for MIRERO FESTIVAL 2023, which we are hosting.
[Image 1:×1385.jpg] 1. An opportunity to “challenge” your dreams through “extraordinary experiences” “MIRERO FESTIVAL” started in 2021 and has grown as a career support activity for Korean high school students living in Japan. The concept of this year’s third edition is “#Kakero”
Based on this concept, high school students from strong schools in Japan, North Korea, and Korea will gather together. We continue to take on new challenges, including cross-cultural exchange, and provide opportunities to challenge dreams through extraordinary experiences. 2. We want to brighten the future of high school students pursuing their dreams. The reason why we target high school students is because we believe in the infinite potential of Korean high school students living in Japan and all high school students who will lead the next generation. Our “MIRERO FESTIVAL” aims to provide an opportunity to pursue your dreams through the “extraordinary experiences (opportunities to come into contact with top-notch players)” that the founder, Han Hogang, had while still in high school.
Through this crowdfunding, we will expand the circle of sympathy and support from everyone beyond Japan, North Korea, and Korea, increasing opportunities for international exchange within MIRERO FESTIVAL, and expanding new possibilities for high school students. The journey to pursue your dreams will further accelerate.
Our activities are more than just events. This activity is an important step in shaping the future of our students. We sincerely hope that you will take this step together through crowdfunding.
[Image 2:×966.png ]
The photo is from the second Mirero Festival held in 2022.
3. Overview of MIRERO FESTIVAL 2023
“MIRERO FESTIVAL 2023” is scheduled to be held from December 8th to 10th, 2023. Participating schools include a selection of Korean high schools in Japan, two nearby high schools in the Kansai region, including Han’s hometown of Kyoto, and a strong school from South Korea, Sujin High School, which produces many K League (professional soccer league in South Korea) players. We are planning to invite. Outline of the project seeking support
1) Project URL *We recommend that you complete user registration in advance from the URL below.
2) Support recruitment period
September 15, 2023 – November 30, 2023
*Due to current assumptions, the start and end dates may change. 3) Target amount
3 million yen
4) Use of funds
1. Event management: venue equipment, personnel expenses for management staff, and other costs related to management.
2.Exchange programs: Operating expenses for exchange activities with Korean high school students and exchange games with strong schools in Kansai.
3. Career support: Costs for holding career development workshops and seminars within the event.
4. Advertising/public relations: Costs for advertising and promotional activities to increase the visibility of the event.
5. Equipment and equipment: Purchase costs for equipment and equipment to improve the quality of the event.
Examples) Natural grass pitches used by professionals, J League official balls used by professionals, referees with FIFA licenses, recovery methods used by professionals after matches, etc.
◆Usage fees are the lowest in the industry! In addition to the generous support of the two of us, we will conduct interviews and write articles for free and promote them widely!
At Spotunity, we are looking for professional/semi-professional athletes, student athletic clubs, and athletes who wish to implement crowdfunding projects. Most of the crowdfunding methods in the world only provide the system, and they have to come up with their own measures. However, at Spotunity, our “Spotunity Advisor” will carefully support you in planning the support recruitment project, designing the return, creating the appeal statement, registering the system, and disseminating the information.
In addition, a dedicated writer will interview and write articles about the teams using the service for free. You can gather support by making these articles known and spreading the word. For more information, please visit ◆We are looking for partners for column articles!
Spotunity’s “Spotunity Column” has the concept of shining a light on sports, teams, athletes, staff, behind-the-scenes, and fans that don’t usually get the spotlight, and delivering their stories and passion to the world. We operate
We are looking for media to partner with and collaborate with this spotnity column. For more information, please contact us here (
Examples of past collaborations: Yahoo! News, NTT Docomo I Menu, SmartNews, Sports Bull, etc.
[Company/organization overview]
◆Spotunity Co., Ltd.
Address: 2nd floor, Sagami Building, 7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: March 2016
Official facebook:
Official Twitter:
Overview: Based on the philosophy of “Sports x Opportunity,” we foster equal opportunities and dreams through “giving opportunities for young people to take on challenges,” “supporting sports organizations that give young people dreams,” and “revitalizing local areas through sports.” A venture company that provides crowdfunding specializing in sports, aiming to create an environment. The founding members are classmates who studied at Globis Graduate School of Management, and the majority of the members are MBA students, making it an unusual organization.
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