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Sprocket Co., Ltd. 9/27 (Wednesday) Free Seminar What is “collection” and “personalization utilization” of customer data? (Co-sponsored by UNCOVER TRUTH Co., Ltd. and Sprocket Co., Ltd.)

Sprocket Co., Ltd.
[9/27 (Wednesday) Free Seminar] What is “collection” and
“personalization utilization” of customer data? (Co-sponsored by UNCOVER TRUTH Co., Ltd. and Sprocket Co., Ltd.)
Introducing Hibiya Kadan’s CX improvement examples and tips on collecting and utilizing customer data
Sprocket Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hirotsugu Fukada), which provides a CX improvement platform, is co-hosting a free online We will be holding a seminar titled “Learning from Hibiya Kadan’s CX improvement case study: What is the “collection” and “personalization utilization” of customer data?
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To improve customer experience (CX), you must leverage customer data to deliver personalized experiences. However, there are various issues when collecting customer data, such as system structure and
coordination between organizations.
Therefore, Sprocket has invited Mr. Mitsuharu Sato of Hibiya Kadan to deliver a discussion style with Mr. Yoichi Obata of UNCOVER TRUTH, including examples of CX improvement measures and tips on collecting and utilizing customer data.
Recommended for these people
・Those who are interested in improving customer experience
・Person in charge of EC planning and operation
・Those who are interested in web customer service and CDP and are considering introducing tools
・Person in charge of gardening, apparel, cosmetics, furniture, household goods, food, home appliances, finance, housing, etc. Seminar overview
■Date and time
Wednesday, September 27, 2023 17:00-18:00
■Seminar title
Learning from Hibiya Kadan’s CX improvement case study: What is “collection” and “personalization utilization” of customer data? ■Speakers
・Hibiya Kadan Co., Ltd. Retail Division 1 Mr. Mitsuharu Sato ・UNCOVER TRUTH Co., Ltd. Director COO Yoichi Obata
・Sprocket Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hirotsugu Fukada ■Venue
■Participation fee
■How to participate
We will use Zoom for online distribution (advance registration required). After completing your application, we will send you a viewing URL.
■Participation registration
Please fill out the required information in the input form on the page below and apply.
■Sponsored by
Sprocket Co., Ltd.
*We may refuse participation from companies whose services or businesses compete with the organizers.
*Program is subject to change.
*You can participate from your browser even if you have not downloaded the Zoom app.
After clicking the participation URL, click “Join from your browser” to participate.
Company name: UNCOVER TRUTH Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-8 Yotsuyamotoshiocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 24, 2013
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Keizo Ishikawa Business content: Data utilization consulting in marketing DX (from customer understanding to strategy planning support)
Infrastructure design and construction of data integration (CDP), collaborative development of marketing infrastructure such as BI/MA/customer service, marketing policy design
About CX improvement platform “Sprocket”
Sprocket is a CX improvement platform that realizes one-to-one communication by running a series of PDCA cycles from discovering issues with websites and apps to implementing measures and making improvements.
Sprocket collects the actions that customers take on websites in real time as “behavioral data.” By analyzing and utilizing behavioral data, it is possible to understand customer psychology and provide the ideal experience for customers.
About Sprocket Co., Ltd.
Sprocket Co., Ltd. provides commitment services that create results for websites and apps, with the mission of “creating relationships between people and companies that improve each other through technology.”
Name: Sprocket Inc. (English company name Sprocket Inc.)
Established: April 2014
Address: 6th floor, K.U. Building, 7-24-4 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Business details: Providing commitment services to create results through development and operation of the CX improvement platform “Sprocket” and consulting
Representative: Hirotsugu Fukada
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