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SRS Holdings Co., Ltd. Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen Held shrimp tempura mashimashi fair

SRS Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen] Shrimp tempura better fair held ~Mashiten fair where you can save up to 250 yen~
“Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen” operated by Sato Food Service Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President and CEO: Takayuki Sugimoto) will be open from September 14th (Thursday) to October 1st (Sunday), 2023. Until then, we will be holding a shrimp tempura fair. We will hold a fair where you can purchase shrimp tempura (usually 150 yen per piece) for 100 yen (up to 5 pieces) by purchasing -Tendon, set meal, bento.
This is a fair where you can save up to 250 yen.
Shrimp tempura mashimashi fair
[Image 1:×736.jpg] (1) Overview
This is a fair where you can purchase shrimp tempura, which normally costs 150 yen each, for 100 yen (save 50 yen) by purchasing a tempura bowl, set meal, or bento.
*You can purchase up to 5 bottles of each product – Tendon, set meal, and bento. *Available for both in-store and takeout.
(2) Period
Thursday, September 14, 2023 – Sunday, October 1, 2023
(3) Recommended for these customers
★I want to add a little more tempura to my usual tempura bowl! ★I just love shrimp!
★I want to eat tempura bowls that are as cheap and voluminous as possible!
[Image 2:×1507.png ]
[Original] Tendon – 3 shrimp better – Normally 880 yen ⇒ 730 yen (save 150 yen)
[Image 3:×1507.png ]
[Original] Tendon – 5 shrimp better – Normally 1180 yen ⇒ 930 yen (save 250 yen) What is Mashiten?
[Image 4:×817.jpg] “Mashi-ten” refers to creating your own original tempura bowl by topping it with your favorite tempura.
For example, if you choose the “Shrimp Tempura” which is normally priced at 150 yen, you will save 50 yen.
Furthermore, the “Atama Double Mori” tempura bowl has double the amount of tempura.
★At this fair, you can select up to 5 pieces of shrimp tempura, whereas previously you could only select 1 piece.

Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen is a Tendon/Tempura specialty restaurant with the catchphrase “Quick and proper rice” and the concept of fast, cheap, and piping hot dishes.
While offering freshly fried tempura bowls at a low price any time, we use our own flour, sauce, and carefully selected ingredients to maintain the low price while paying particular attention to taste, quality, and freshness. The cheap and hearty menu is appealing, and can be enjoyed as a main dish, side dish, or takeout.
“Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen” official homepage “Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen” official Twitter
“Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen” Official Instagram
-About SRS Group-
The SRS Group, including SRS Holdings Co., Ltd., aims to contribute to society through food, and operates food service businesses including eating out and ready-made meals both domestically and internationally. At our main brand stores such as Washoku Sato, Nigiri Chojiro, Tendon/Tempura Honpo Santen, Miyamoto Munashi, Kazoku-tei, and Tokutoku, our customers’ mealtimes are filled with deliciousness, fun, and excitement. We work every day with our partners, customers, and communities to help you experience a full and fulfilling life. Corporate homepage
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