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Start your free trial! FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi store (24h amusement fitness club)

Fit Easy Co., Ltd.
Start your free trial! FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi store (24h amusement fitness club)
Prior to the grand opening on September 25th! You can try the facility in the store for free!
FIT-EASY Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as the Company), which operates 24-hour fitness clubs nationwide, is the fourth store in Toyota City, FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi Store (Hirokawa-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture). 7-91-5) will open on September 25th. Prior to that, a free trial will be held from September 9th to September 24th from 10:00 to 21:00, allowing you to freely use the facilities and equipment in the store without making a reservation.
[Image 1:×691.jpg] FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi store is aimed at a wide range of people from beginners to advanced players, and offers a wide range of training facilities, simulation golf equipment, sauna systems, self-esthetics machines, high-concentration oxygen rooms, and a wide variety of products specialized for health and relaxation. We provide a service. By combining these services with training, we have become an advanced fitness club where you can enjoy the ultimate health experience at any time. These services are available for a monthly fee only.
Face authentication has been introduced to enter the store, so there is no need to carry a card key. You can use it easily according to your lifestyle. This facial recognition system can be used at FIT-EASY stores nationwide (more than 130 stores). We also have a
high-performance tanning machine, a monthly subscription protein server, and a hydrogen water server.
As a special project, those who join by the day before the grand opening will receive a “permanent discount” and receive a 500 yen discount on their monthly membership fee forever.
FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi store goes beyond the framework of a 24-hour fitness club and proposes a new form of “24-hour amusement-type fitness club” that can be experienced with all five senses, providing new value for health. Please experience a variety of services and enjoy a new experience of health and relaxation.
FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi store free trial
Address: 7-91-5 Hirogawacho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
Period: September 9th to September 24th 10:00 to 21:00 *Grand opening date is September 25th
Contents: You can try the facilities and services in the store for free without reservation (excluding some facilities)
Features of FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi store
■ A training environment that can satisfy not only beginners but also advanced users
We provide videos explaining how to use the machines so that even those who are going to the fitness gym for the first time can use them with confidence. In addition, the full training environment will satisfy even advanced users. Combining strength training with other services such as aerobic exercise, sauna and self-esthetics creates the ultimate health experience.
[Image 2:×874.jpg] Equipped with a new sense of virtual golf equipment that allows you to practice without worrying about the weather
Complete with virtual golf equipment. Hit the ball toward a large screen that is full of presence and powerful. Even if you are new to golf, you can practice right away. You can also use it at a gym to improve your golf distance by training your core and strength, which is unique to a fitness club.
[Image 3:×801.jpg] ■ Sauna system that maximizes health benefits
You can use the sauna as after-care after training, or just use the sauna when you want to refresh or feel tired. The combination of sauna and fitness promotes blood circulation, induces sweating, and heats the body, helping to recover from muscle fatigue after fitness and boosting metabolism, which can be expected to have a weight loss effect. In addition, you can expect a beautiful skin effect by reducing stress due to relaxation and improving blood circulation throughout the body.
[Image 4: &s3=99487-170-C1BD2F4D078D04827C57B03104D1 15-3900×2603.jpg] ■Experience high-concentration oxygen in the O2 room! Support your fitness performance!
High-concentration oxygen works efficiently at the cellular level, which can be expected to improve metabolism, promote recovery from fatigue, improve physical function, and strengthen resilience. As an aftercare after fitness, it can be used to improve mental health through stress reduction and relaxation effects.
[Image 5:×874.jpg] ■ The ultimate beauty body solution, improve yourself with self-esthetics Professional high-end self-esthetic machines can be used for a monthly fee only. By combining aesthetic elements and fitness elements, you can improve your skin condition, improve your physical condition, and get a beautiful body line through strength training and aerobic exercise. You can also use it according to your preference, such as combining it with a sauna. Please use it to realize the strongest beauty body solution.
[Image 6:×633.jpg] ■ Introduced “face recognition” and “heat sensing system” to provide safety and security
By introducing “face recognition” and “heat sensing system”, we have realized a “completely non-contact system”. With the introduction of this system, there is no need to have a dedicated key or card key, so you can come to the store empty-handed. You can feel free to use the store on your way to and from work, business trips, and travel destinations.
[Image 7:×693.png] ■ Introduced a high-performance tanning machine that can tan in a short time Introduced state-of-the-art high-performance quick tanning machine. Because it uses less irritating UV rays, it causes less damage to the skin than normal tanning.
[Image 8:×1334.jpg] FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi store opening campaign
As an opening campaign, if you join early, the following fees will be free. Admission fee: 3,300 yen
Administrative fee: 2,200 yen
Monthly fee: Up to 2 months
Hydrogen water: 2,160 yen for 2 months
Protein server: 3,240 yen for 2 months
* If you join by the day before the opening, the monthly membership fee will be permanently discounted by 500 yen as a “permanent discount”.
Overview of newly opened stores
FIT-EASY Toyota Takahashi store
Address: 7-91-5 Hirogawacho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture
Opening date: September 25, 2023 (Monday) (September 9 to September 24 is a pre-opening period)
*During the pre-opening period, you can use the facility free of charge without a reservation.
Closed: None (open all year round, available 24 hours a day) *10:00-21:00 during the pre-opening period
Usage fee: Monthly membership fee: 7,678 yen (tax included)
(If you join by the day before the opening, the monthly membership fee will be permanently discounted by 500 yen as a “permanent discount”) *Initial costs: Face recognition ID issue fee 3,300 yen (tax included) Administrative fee 2,200 yen (tax included)
Overview of Fit Easy Co., Ltd.
Company name: Fit Easy Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-2-1 Honmachi, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture 500-8034 Business content: Fitness club management, planning, FC development business Capital: 100 million yen
Number of employees: 245 As of April 10, 2023
Number of stores: 132 stores as of September 8, 2023
* All “FIT-EASY” stores have been certified by the Japan Fitness Industry Association (FIA) “FIA member company facility certification system”.
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