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Started providing MA tool “SATORI” to proposal cloud (R) “Visicle”

SATORI Co., Ltd.
MA tool “SATORI” starts providing to proposal cloud (R) “Visicle” We will start providing MA tools and marketing support through “Bizicle” to help small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide, mainly in rural areas, increase sales and resolve human resource shortages.

SATORI Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kosuke Ueyama, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), which develops and provides the marketing automation (hereinafter referred to as “MA”) tool “SATORI”, is BusinessTech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters in Tokyo). Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide, mainly in rural areas, through financial institutions that use the proposal cloud (R) “Bizicle” operated by Chiyoda Ward, Miyako, Representative Director: Kazuhiro Miura (hereinafter referred to as “BusinessTech”) , we will provide the MA tool “SATORI” developed and provided by our company, as well as the accompanying implementation and operational support.
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Background and outline of the initiative
Our company’s mission is to “take your marketing activities one step ahead,” and in order to achieve results for each and every marketer, we not only provide initial settings when introducing MA tools, but also provide services that are linked to attracting customers to a company’s website. We have a system in place to support marketing activities, and many SATORI users choose SATORI as their first MA tool.
On the other hand, the proposal cloud (R) “Bizicle” operated by BusinessTech is a problem-solving platform that aims to more quickly and easily solve complex and advanced business problems that many companies are struggling with. It is being introduced at financial institutions across the country, and we are working to promote DX (digital transformation) at the mid-sized and small businesses that we support.
Now, we will be providing MA tools developed and provided by our company and associated marketing support services through “Bizicle” through financial institutions nationwide. In order to solve problems such as lack of human resources, expansion of sales channels, and response to changed consumer behavior in local small and medium-sized enterprises, we also provide support for attracting customers and website creation, thereby helping small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide, mainly in rural areas. We will implement initiatives that will contribute to corporate sales growth and the local economy.
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In recent years, the digital shift in consumer behavior has been accelerating, and geographical constraints are decreasing for local businesses. However, due to a lack of human resources, they are unable to respond to increasing demand from buyers, resulting in opportunity losses. In this market environment, in order to support the continued growth of small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide, mainly in rural areas, we have decided to carry out an initiative with BusinessTech, which provides consulting services nationwide. . About MA tool “SATORI”
“SATORI” is a domestically produced marketing automation (MA) (Note 1) tool that solves customers’ sales issues by making it possible to approach and develop prospective customers and anonymous customers. With the mission of “taking your marketing activities one step ahead,” we have supported marketers and salespeople working on the front lines of over 1,500 companies through “SATORI.” Please see the website ( for details.
(Note 1) A system that visualizes sales issues and improves the efficiency of sales activities by automating the process from acquiring prospective customers to conducting business negotiations. 【Company Profile】
Company name: SATORI Co., Ltd.
Address: Shibuya Cultural Center Owada 11F, 23-21 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031
Representative: Kosuke Ueyama, Representative Director
Year of establishment: September 2015
Business content: Development and provision of marketing automation tools _________________________________
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
SATORI Co., Ltd. Hayakawa
MAIL: TEL: 03-6455-0500 (main)
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