Started recruiting agents to introduce company housing and moving support service “Tegarun PLAT” for corpora te relocation arrangements

Bizlink Co., Ltd.
Started recruiting agents to introduce company housing and moving support service “Tegarun PLAT” for corporate relocation arrangements “Tegarun PLAT” is a one-stop service for finding a room and moving when transferred. This will reduce the burden on general affairs and human resources personnel involved in relocation arrangements by up to 80% (*1), while also reducing moving costs. (*1 According to our research)
Bizlink Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Ken Hayakawa, Our company (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) has started recruiting agents to introduce our relocation arrangement support service “Tegarun PLAT.”
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The relocation arrangement support system “Tegarun PLAT” is a one-stop service that provides all the necessary arrangements for company employees when relocating to a new location, such as finding a room across the country, arranging moving, and providing information on lifelines. It’s a service.
Everything from searching for a room and requesting a moving quote to checking progress, deciding on a moving company, and checking moving fees can be managed on a dedicated web page, which is currently used by 440 companies nationwide. I am. (As of January 2023)
This time, we will begin recruiting agents who can introduce companies that are experiencing transfers across the country through this service.
[Arrangement for finding a room] We support companies in finding a room by partnering with 2,600 real estate companies nationwide. Either the person in charge of general affairs and human resources or the transferee registers room search information such as desired conditions, and our affiliated real estate companies nationwide will match the conditions and your company’s regulations to find a room. I’ll introduce you.
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[Moving arrangements] Bizlink’s unique arrangement method speeds up moving arrangements, reduces moving costs, and avoids the risk of being unable to make arrangements. On the web system, you can check the estimate, decide on a moving company, and download the invoice for the moving fee.
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[Requirements for agent recruitment]
Recruitment area: Nationwide
Type: Companies, sole proprietors, freelancers are welcome.
Referral destination: Persons in charge of general affairs and human resources at companies with transfers across the country
[Overview of “Tegarun PLAT”] Name: Tegarun PLAT Service overview: A one-stop shop specializing in corporate relocations based on the philosophy of making corporate relocation arrangements “smoother,” “easier,” and “safe.” Relocation arrangement support system. Service site URL: [About Bizlink Co., Ltd.] “Tegarun PLAT” is a “relocation support service” for BtoB, specializing in support for finding rooms and arranging moving when companies are transferred. “Relocation arrangement support system “Tegarun PLAT”” is a web tool used within this service. (Number of companies using: 440 as of January 2023) Company name: Bizlink Co., Ltd. Head Office: 5th floor, T.M. Suidobashi Building, 2-14-6 Kanda Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Ken Hayakawa, Representative Director URL: Capital: 9,000,000 yen Established: July 2016 Business: 1. Agency service for arranging company housing and moving when relocating a company 2. Arranging moving service when relocating an office/office 3. Arranging overseas moving estimate 4. Fire insurance agency 5. Other general procedures that occur when relocating support for
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