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Started sales of “THINKWARE DASH CAM”, a drive recorder brand specializing in “parking monitoring”

Thinkware Japan Co., Ltd.
Launch of sales of “THINKWARE DASH CAM”, a drive recorder brand specializing in “parking monitoring”
Equipped with state-of-the-art 2CH radar parking monitoring, ultra-power saving parking monitoring, and smart parking recording function that works even outdoors in extreme heat.
Thinkware Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Hiro Jun Kane) will release two THINKWARE DASH CAM drive recorder models “U3000” and “QX100”, which have sold a total of 5.8 million units globally, in September 2023. Sold from.
Special page product
LCD-less front and rear 2-camera (4K/QHD) model
Sony Starvis 2 Image Sensor
bluetooth quick connect
Dual Radar Parking Monitoring & Power Saving Parking Monitoring Mode 2.0
[Image 1:×904.jpg] Touch screen front and rear 2 cameras (QHD/FHD) model
3.5 inch large IPS touch screen
USB-C smart connectivity
Power saving parking monitoring mode
[Image 2:×904.jpg]

Product features
1. World’s first dual radar parking monitoring (U3000 function) It is the world’s first commercially available drive recorder to be equipped with radar sensors (microwave) at the front and rear. Radar monitoring mode detects the minute movements of humans and vehicles with unparalleled accuracy, regardless of the surrounding environment such as brightness, and uses only 1/20th the power of a normal drive recorder’s parking monitoring mode. (15mAh), so you can monitor the surroundings of your vehicle for an extremely long time without draining your car battery.
The radar sensor starts recording as soon as there is a reaction, so you will never miss the moment of an accident or mischief.
In addition, the detection distance range can be set in 5 steps from 1m to 5m, and by adjusting it to the surrounding environment, it is possible to reduce parking recording errors.
[Image 3:×2100.jpg]
[Image 4:×2101.jpg] 2. Smart parking recording that supports even harsh environments (U3000/QX100 function)
If the main unit becomes extremely hot due to direct sunlight, etc., or if the car battery voltage becomes low, it will automatically switch to power saving mode.
In power saving mode, by putting the main unit to sleep, parking monitoring can be performed with almost no power consumption. It activates only when an impact is detected and records images of the surrounding area.
Smart parking recording/power saving mode is realized by THINKWARE’s unique FAST BOOT technology that can record within 1 second after power is turned on.
3. Checking recorded video couldn’t be simpler
Bluetooth quick connect (U3000 function)
After the first connection, just open the smartphone app and it will automatically connect to the drive recorder.
There’s no need to press a button on your drive recorder or configure WiFi settings on your smartphone.
[Image 5: ]
USB-C Smart Connect (QX100 feature)
If you have a USB type-C cable, you can connect your smartphone and drive recorder directly and immediately check and save the footage. *For iPhone, OTG cable/adapter is required.
[Image 6:×856.jpg]

THINKWARE DASH CAM special page THINKWARE DASH CAM is a brand of THINKWARE, a car electronics manufacturer that globally supplies approximately 1 million products annually. (Japanese corporation: Thinkware Japan Co., Ltd.) Recognized for its high technological capabilities that combine functionality and stylish design, it received the Innovation Award at CES, the world’s largest electronic product trade fair, and received an internationally prestigious design award. We have received many awards (Red Dot Design, IDEA, iF DESIGN, etc.).
*THINKWARE DASH CAM and DASH CAM are registered trademarks of THINKWARE.

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