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Starting today! Serial project “Beauty Journey” featuring talent MEGUMI by Estée Lauder

ELC Japan LLC Estee Lauder
Starting today! Serial project “Beauty Journey” featuring talent MEGUMI by Estée Lauder
A way for busy women to enjoy beauty. In the fall of 2023, Estée Lauder will launch a new serial project featuring MEGUMI.
Estée Lauder, a luxury cosmetics brand representing ELC Japan LLC (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: James Aquilina), a Japanese subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Group, one of the world’s leading prestige beauty companies, is a luxury cosmetics brand that inspires women through beauty. Today, we will start a serial project called “Beauty Journey” featuring MEGUMI, a talent who continues to empower people.
[Image 1:×1350.jpg] New series! “Beauty Journey”, a journey through the beauty of Asia with MEGUMI by Estée Lauder
Mrs. Estée Lauder, the founder of Estée Lauder, was one of America’s leading entrepreneurs and a single mother.
We develop high-performance skin care products and create effective and quick routine methods, telling women who lead busy lives that “all your beauty can be achieved in just 3 minutes,” and by responding to the real appearance and voice of women. We have proposed beauty while facing each other. Mrs. Estée Lauder’s unique perspective on women’s needs continues to be reflected in current Estée Lauder products.
Estée Lauder’s philosophy of supporting all women since the
establishment of the brand, and MEGUMI, a multi-talented celebrity who is not only an actor but also a businessman, and whose book based on her own beauty methods has been a huge hit. With the desire to “empower women through beauty,” we have decided to create a
large-scale series project called “Beauty Journey,” which will span four parts.
“Beauty Journey” can be viewed on Estée Lauder’s official YouTube and WEB MAGAZINE “Discover.”