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Stayway begins partnership with Zennippon Shokuhin to provide management support to Zennihon Shokuryo chain member stores using “Subsidy Cloud”

Stayway Co., Ltd.
Stayway begins partnership with Zennippon Shokuhin to provide management support to Zennihon Shokuryo chain member stores using “Subsidy Cloud”
Zennippon Shokuhin chain member store selected for IT introduction subsidy through collaborative support from All Japan Foods Co., Ltd. and Subsidy Cloud
Stayway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Atsushi Sato, hereinafter referred to as “Stayway”) is a subsidiary of All Japan Foods Co., Ltd., with the aim of providing management support to All Nippon Shokuryo chain member stores using the “Subsidy Cloud”. We would like to inform you that we have started a partnership with a company (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Minoru Hirano, hereinafter referred to as “All Japan Foods”). In addition, we have already achieved results such as Family Store Miyatora, a member store of the Zennichi Shokuryo chain, being selected for an IT introduction subsidy, and we will continue to promote management support using subsidies in the future. I’m coming.
[Image 1:×709.jpg] Background of the partnership aimed at solving management issues in the food retail industry
The food retail industry is facing the challenges of sluggish sales due to declining regional populations and aging stores, as well as rising costs such as personnel and electricity costs, making business difficult. In addition to these cost burdens, in addition to investment in updating aging store equipment, investment in
replacement of freezing and refrigeration equipment due to the complete elimination of R22 refrigerant, and investment in systems for handling invoices, investments related to system changes will be made. is required. However, as we are busy taking immediate steps to ensure profits, we are unable to secure investment budgets and resources, and are now in an even more difficult situation.
Zen Nippon Shokuhin has supported member stores in making use of subsidies, but due to a lack of resources and know-how, the amount of subsidies that could be supported was limited.
In response to similar issues faced by franchised stores, All Nippon Shokuhin is using subsidies to encourage franchised stores to make capital investments, and from providing support centered on
maintaining and expanding sales, to improving management. With the aim of expanding our support to include profit generation that will lead to growth, we have introduced the “Subsidy Cloud” and entered into a partnership with Stayway for management support.
Overview of the partnership between Stayway and Zennippon Shokuhin With the introduction of “Subsidy Cloud” and the partnership between the two companies, we have jointly held subsidy seminars for member stores to increase awareness and interest in subsidies that can be used for capital investment. We have also set up a subsidy
consultation desk to respond to inquiries from member stores. As a result, we have seen an increase in inquiries from franchised stores regarding the use of subsidies, and discussions about the use of subsidies have become more active in daily interactions between All Japan Foods supervisors and franchised stores. We are making progress in building a management support system centered on . In fact, Family Store Miyatora, a member store of the All Nippon Shokuryo chain, has been strengthening its efforts with the aim of further expanding its support, including the adoption of an IT introduction subsidy. -System Chart-
[Image 2:×1723.png ]
About Family Store Miyatora’s IT introduction subsidy selection Family Store Miyatora, a member store of the All-Nippon Foods chain on Shikinejima in Tokyo, was selected for the “IT Implementation Subsidy 2023″ (digitalization infrastructure implementation framework third deadline (deadline: June 2, 2023)). Ta. Until now, Family Store Miyatora had not been able to implement the Zennihon Shokudo chain’s POS system, so they often had to deal with things like analyzing sales trends and placing orders outside of the system, which took time. In order to resolve these issues, strengthen the product lineup that meets the needs of Shikine Island residents and tourists, and streamline operations such as ordering, we applied for and received a subsidy for the introduction of POS for the Zennikka chain. it was done.
In the future, we will promote further utilization of subsidies by member stores.
Going forward, All Nippon Shokuhin and Stayway will further expand and strengthen the management support of All Nippon Shokuryo chain member stores using subsidies, which have led to results through their initiatives. In addition, Zennippon Shokuhin is working to achieve the “restoration of local commerce” by pooling the wisdom of its peers to solve problems that cannot be solved by individual chains or individual stores. We aim to solve the management issues of the food retail industry by supporting Zennikka chain member stores using subsidies.
For inquiries from retail companies: 0120-0249-15
Weekdays 9:00 to 17:30 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, summer vacation, and New Year holidays)
Comments from All Nippon Foods, Zen Nikshoku chain member stores, and Stayway ◆Takashi Udagawa, Managing Director and General Manager of
IT/Marketing Headquarters, All Nippon Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×403.jpg] We are a voluntary chain of over 1,600 small and medium-sized supermarkets nationwide. Our affiliate stores are local stores that support local commerce, but the environment surrounding these stores is becoming more difficult year by year due to soaring prices and rising labor costs. Therefore, in order to expand support for member stores, we incorporated Stayway’s knowledge of subsidies and grants to create a system that can provide financial support. We will continue to work with Stayway to strengthen our support for member stores. ◆Zenshoku chain member store Family Store Miyatora Representative Hiroyuki Miyagawa
[Image 4:×2065.png ]
At the suggestion of a store manager at Zennippon Shokuhin, we came up with the idea of ​​“Let’s take advantage of the IT introduction subsidy when introducing Zennihon Shokuhin POS!” This was the first attempt at an IT introduction subsidy for an All Japan Foods member store, but thanks to the follow-up from the Stayway staff and All Japan Foods staff, as well as collaboration with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I was able to apply without any problems. Doing. I was really happy that I was able to use the subsidy to install POS. Our store “Family Store Miyatora” is located in the middle of Shikinejima, which can be reached in about 3 hours by high-speed jet boat from Tokyo. We would like to make use of the Zennichi Shokudo chain’s POS to create a store that is even more loved on Shikinejima.
◆Stayway Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Certified Public Accountant Jun Sato
[Image 5:×1455.jpg] Our mission is to “unlock the potential of small and medium-sized enterprises and local communities,” and we provide financial and business support to small and medium-sized enterprises through the “Subsidy Cloud.” We are very happy to have partnered with All Nippon Foods to be able to support member stores across the country together with All Nippon Foods. All Nippon Shokuhin, which maintains close communication with franchisees on a daily basis, and Stayway, which has strengths in DX and support from experts, will join forces and strive to support franchisees nationwide.
About All Japan Foods Co., Ltd.
Zennippon Shokuhin Co., Ltd. is a voluntary food chain headquarters with over 1,600 member stores nationwide. We provide a wide range of support for store operations, including the supply of general foods, fresh foods, alcohol, and quasi-drugs, as well as management guidance and sales floor guidance. Since its founding in 1962, Affiliated Store Support has strived to create stores that are loved by the local community and are close to the daily lives of consumers, based on the concept of “always next to you.”
・Company name: All Japan Foods Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Minoru Hirano, President and Representative Director ・Founded: May 1962
・Business description: Headquarters of a voluntary food chain with approximately 1,600 member stores nationwide
・Company profile
[Image 6:×338.png ]
About the “Subsidy Cloud” series
“Subsidy Cloud” is a subsidy application DX service for financial institutions, business companies, and professionals. We collect and centralize information on complex subsidies, etc. that are dissipated by each country and local government, provide information tailored to the needs of each small and medium-sized business, and utilize data and technology to visualize, analyze, and improve efficiency. We aim to build a platform where small and medium-sized enterprises can have fair growth opportunities through subsidies.
Please contact us for detailed features and pricing plans.
“Subsidy Cloud” website:
[Image 7:×553.png ]
About Stayway Co., Ltd.
We are a professional firm comprised of certified public accountants from Deloitte and have strengths in technology. We provide services led by members who have experience in M&A advisory work, financial DD, valuation, IPO support, etc. at major firms. In addition, in the field of subsidies and grants, which have many issues, we are promoting subsidy technology that uses technology to improve efficiency in collaboration with regional financial institutions and business companies nationwide. Selected as a Fintech startup by the newspaper (
・Company name: Stayway Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Representative Director Atsushi Sato Certified Public Accountant/Certified Support Organization
・Establishment date: July 7, 2017
・Business content: Subsidy/Subsidy DX business
・Company profile
・Management service
◆Subsidy/subsidy support tool “Subsidy Cloud” series
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Subsidy Cloud for Pro [For professionals, chambers of commerce, and associations of commerce and industry]
Subsidy Cloud for Sales [For corporate sales]
*“Subsidy Cloud” is a registered trademark of our company (Trademark Registration No. 6488996)
◆Subsidy/subsidy media supervised by experts “Subsidy Cloud Mag.”
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