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Stock Clearance Sale 40% off!Held today! Amazon 8+128GB, 2K display high performance tablet is available at a special price of 15,900 yen for one day only!

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[Stock Clearance Sale] 40% off!Held today! Amazon 8+128GB, 2K display high performance tablet is available at a special price of 15,900 yen for one day only!
Sale period: Today 9:15~21:15; AMAZON limited special price: 15,900 yen ……
Amazon sale information–
N-ONE tablet has endless possibilities!
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Amazon product link:
Regular price: 25,900 yen
Amazon exclusive special price: 15,900 yen
Sale period: Today 9:15~21:15
[Image 2:×1200.jpg] Introduction to npad plus
[Ultra high performance MTK 8 core CPU 8GB+128GB]
Npad Plus Android Tablet is equipped with 8GB of memory capacity, allowing you to enjoy an ultra-fast and smooth operating experience even when launching multiple apps. Combined with 128 GB of storage capacity, you can download and store all your favorite books, music, photos, movies, games, and more. It can be used as an e-book tablet, a children’s tablet, or a work tablet. It can also support 1TB TF card storage expansion, so you don’t have to worry about storage space anymore.N-ONE Npad Plus tablet computer is equipped with MediaTek MT8183 powerful 8-core high-speed processing chip, using 12nn core technology, The maximum frequency supported is 2.0Ghz. Support various requirements for games, entertainment, work, study and other activities
[2K high resolution display + 6600mAh large capacity battery] Npad Plus Tablet 10 Inch Wi-Fi Model is a tablet computer with a 10.36 inch display screen, 2000*1200 2K high resolution, clear and pure large screen, rich colors and brightness, providing a comfortable viewing experience. You can enjoy it. Every detail is exquisite and eye-catching. It truly restores the colorfulness of the world and brings you realistic and vivid images. It’s also a good choice as an e-book tablet, video tablet, or game tablet. Turn on the built-in eye protection mode on Android tablets, you can watch comfortably even after long periods of use, and your eyes won’t get tired. The tablet’s built-in 6600mAh large capacity battery can support long-term use. Fast-charging Type-C charging provides uninterrupted use to support your study, entertainment, and work day.
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N-one (Chill Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. brand) has the core idea of ​​”more fun, more love” and focuses on N-one’s high-quality tablet PCs and notebook PCs to help more people. We want people to enjoy the convenience of digital products and use them to love their lives even more.
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