Subsidy for the introduction of software and mechanical equipment 1 million yen – up to 100 million yen

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Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Corporation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)
Subsidy for the introduction of software and mechanical equipment [1 million yen – up to 100 million yen]
Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Yamanashi ……
The Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Development Corporation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Mitsuru Nakanishi) aims to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo to develop new businesses and create innovation, and to realize a “profitable Tokyo.” Application reservations for the “Capital Investment Support Project for Rapid Business Promotion (6th Round)” will be accepted from October 30th (Monday). Prior to application reservations, information sessions will be held on September 28th (Wednesday) and October 20th (Friday).
[Image 1:×1500.jpg] [What is a capital investment support project for dynamic business promotion?] This project aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises that face change and transformation head-on and aim for sustainable development by utilizing cutting-edge technology to “strengthen competitiveness for further development” and “promote digital transformation (DX).” We will subsidize a portion of the cost of introducing new machinery and equipment necessary for “promotion of innovation” and “new initiatives by successors.”
Through this, the aim is to strengthen the self-earning power of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo, encourage new business development and innovation, and realize a “profitable Tokyo.” 【point】
● Grants of up to 100 million yen We support a variety of projects with grants ranging from the minimum grant amount of 1 million yen (minimum amount per equipment is 500,000 yen) to a maximum of 100 million yen. From FY2020, a significant budget has been added to accelerate the promotion of DX for small and medium-sized enterprises. ●Preferential subsidy rate In order to support efforts related to energy conservation and wage increases, we will establish a category for “strengthening competitiveness and zero emissions/promoting wage increases” and expand the subsidy rate to a maximum of 3/4. ● Software and the purchase of subsidized software alone are eligible for the subsidy. This applies to software that is considered a fixed asset under the corporate tax law. For details, please refer to the public corporation website (requirements and explanatory materials). [Projects eligible for subsidies]
The business must fall under any of the following 1 to 4: 1. Strengthening competitiveness and zero emissions/promoting wage increases Introducing new machinery and equipment necessary for business development with the aim of strengthening competitiveness for further development Business to do. In addition, the subsidy rate will be increased when new machinery and equipment necessary to achieve significant business energy savings while strengthening
competitiveness are introduced, or when a certain wage increase is implemented in conjunction with strengthening competitiveness. . 2. DX Promotion Business that utilizes digital technologies such as IoT, AI, and robots to introduce new machinery and equipment necessary for business development aimed at building new products and services and transforming existing businesses 3. Innovation City Issues 4. Successor Challenge: A business that introduces new machinery and equipment necessary to create innovation by contributing to the solution of problems and engaging in new business activities in industrial fields where the market is expected to expand both domestically and internationally. A business that takes the
opportunity of business succession to introduce new machinery and equipment necessary for the successor to diversify the business and tackle new management issues.
[Subsidy rate/subsidy limit]
[Image 2:×1122.png ]
*1 The number of full-time employees is 20 or less in the
“manufacturing industry/other” and 5 or less in the
“commercial/service industry” *2 The subsidy rate will be expanded for initiatives that have particularly high energy-saving effects. 【overview】
◆Grant recipients
As of October 1, 2020, those who have a registered head office or branch office in Tokyo (individuals who have registered business operations in Tokyo) and have been operating a business in Tokyo for more than two years. Continuing small and medium-sized businesses, etc. ◆ Subsidy eligible industries All industries ◆ Subsidy eligible period 1 year and 6 months from the 1st of the month following the grant decision date (April 1, 2020 – maximum September 30, 2020) ) ◆ Expenses eligible for the subsidy Expenses required for the
introduction, delivery, and installation of new machinery, equipment, fixtures, and software ◆ Equipment installation location within Tokyo and the metropolitan area (Kanagawa Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture) Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture) *In the case of installation outside Tokyo, the head office must be located in Tokyo. ◆Additional point measures
There are additional points available when applying for grants. Please check the application guidelines for details. [Voices from companies that use it]
“The introduction of robots freed the workers from simple tasks. They improved their skills and became multi-skilled workers.”
“By introducing the software, we were able to instantly visualize and aggregate the operating status of equipment, and the operating rate improved by more than 20% on average.”
“We are now able to stably supply new products, and we are achieving results that exceed our annual sales targets of 100 million yen and net profit increase of 30 million yen.”
“As we worked on the application, the staff exchanged opinions on important parts of the project, and we were able to share consistent ideas.”
Click here for list of successful cases
[Image 3:×1500.jpg] ◆Notes on application reception
*Both “application reservation on the public corporation website” and “submission of application documents through J Grants” are required within the application acceptance period.
*The application deadline will be very busy and it will take time to upload the data. Please apply early.
*To use J Grants, you need to have a “G Biz ID Prime Account” issued. Please prepare with plenty of time, as it will take some time for the ID to be issued due to government screening.
[About the subsidy briefing session]
We will hold a grant information session (grant explanation and Q&A). ◆Holding method
Online event (Zoom webinar)
◆Delivery date and time
September 28, 2023 (Thursday) 14:00-15:30 October 20, 2023 (Friday) 14:00-15:30 ◆How to apply
For those who pre-register using the URL below, we will notify you of the viewing URL by the day of the briefing session.
September 28th (Thursday) Registration URL October 20th (Friday) Registration URL* Apply as soon as the first 500 people reach I’ll close it.
*The content will be the same on both days. In order to allow as many people as possible to view the program, you may only register once. *Please check your internet connection environment when viewing. You can enter the webinar from 13:30.
[Click here to reserve your application]
Please refer to the public corporation website for application reservation procedures and details of the subsidy project. Public corporation website *The application reservation period is from October 30th (Monday) to November 7th (Tuesday) 17:00.
[Contact information]
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Corporation Planning and Management Department Equipment Support Division Phone 03-3251-7884
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