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SUPERBOX.Inc Girl Legend A new legend of idle RPG begins!

[Girl Legend] A new legend of idle RPG begins!

Category: Mobile games
Platform: App Store/Play Store
Genre: Idle RPG
Price: Basic play free (in-app purchases available)
Development: Super Box Co., Ltd.
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube:
Release date: August 25, 2023
▼Table of contents
What is “Girl Legend”?
What is the release date?
game system
Dynamic motion “pixel art” character
PV released (Narration: Hinata Sato)
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[Image 1:×1047.jpg] 1. What is “Girl Legend”?
Have you ever stopped developing your character due to lack of play time due to working or being busy with daily life?
In particular, there may be times when you want to enjoy RPG games, but don’t have the time to develop them.
The speed of development varies depending on the strategy, but what if there was an RPG game where you could steadily grow?
In recent years, idle RPG games have been attracting attention from RPG enthusiasts. Characters can be developed with a little effort and a small amount of time spent, stages can be cleared automatically without clearing the final stage, and the game can be saved when there is time. Just develop your character with wealth.
Many idle RPGs have appeared in the world, but if you feel that idle RPGs are complex and difficult, we recommend “Shoujo Densetsu”, a work that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.
“Legend of Girls” is a smartphone game that was pre-released in South Korea in May 2022, and it tells the story of a girl who has the destiny of becoming a swordsman, defeats monsters, and becomes a legend.
Unlike other games that emphasize efficiency by referring to strategy information, anyone can easily play, and instead of growing by increasing skills or increasing status, character motions become more diverse as you advance, and you can feel the growth even in
appearance. It is possible to.
You can use ability options and pet formations to conquer each content, and you can increase your training status through promotion and content completion, allowing you to develop your character in a variety of ways.
Above all, we believe that “games that players can easily log in to are fun,” and are characterized by an easy-to-understand design and frequent distribution of training items to help them continue to grow. We are also preparing various content updates so that players do not have to worry about training, and these are points that cannot be found in other idle RPGs.
2. What is the release date?
“Girls Legend” was officially released on August 25, 2023.
A large number of users have already participated and the game is becoming very exciting.
Even now, 10 days after release, you can still catch up with other users by creating an account and developing your character.
Use the release commemorative items and the items that will be distributed in the future to catch up with the top rankers as soon as possible!
3. Game system
“Legend of the Girl” is about raising your own girl with the aim of progressing from an apprentice swordsman to a powerful swordsman. You can strengthen yourself with various items obtained by defeating monsters, use pets to advance to higher stages, and prepare for battle by combining pets and abilities suitable for each stage.
As you progress through the game, you’ll earn even more rewards, proving that your hard work pays off.
In order to obtain equipment, you can not only use gacha but also run up the tower to obtain various equipment, enjoy “gacha” to the fullest with abundant rewards, and train girls.
In addition to this, you can enjoy