Take-Two Interactive Japan LLC Basketball fans Nobuaki Kaneko, Kirin Tamura, and non-star Inoue gather for a l ive broadcast commemorating the release of “NBA(R)︎ 2K24”! “Kobe Challenge Night” brings back the passion for Kobe !

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Basketball fans Nobuaki Kaneko, Kirin Tamura, and non-star Inoue gather for a live broadcast commemorating the release of “NBA(R)︎ 2K24”! “Kobe Challenge Night” brings back the passion for Kobe! ……
Take on the “Mamba Moment” where you can relive Kobe Bryant’s accomplishments! Is history in danger of being tampered with unexpectedly?
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Tokyo – September 19, 2023 (Tuesday) – 2K will be hosting a live broadcast of “Kobe 2K24” (https://nba2k.jp/), the latest popular basketball game currently on sale. Challenge Night” will be held on Friday, September 15th. We have three guests: Nobuaki Kaneko, an actor and musician who is known as an avid NBA fan, Yutaka Kirin Tamura, a comedian who loves basketball, and Yusuke Inoue from NON STYLE. Kobe Bryant can be played in the NBA 2K24 game. We took on the challenge of creating a “Mamba Moment (TM)” that realistically recreates many of the super plays that remain in the memories of many fans from his brilliant NBA career.
“Mamba Moment(TM)” allows you to relive Kobe’s victories and follow his accomplishments. When the in-game footage of this mode is displayed, everyone says, “That’s cool…” and is surprised by the high degree of reproduction and the realistic nature of the footage. When asked about his impressions of Kobe, “I think Kobe’s retirement game was the best game in history” (Kaneko), “He made a free throw and walked home even though he tore his Achilles tendon…I have nothing but respect for him” (Tamura). “There are many different players in the NBA, but Kobe has the image of being able to do it all,” said Inoue, and all the guests couldn’t help but be excited about “Mamba Moment(TM),” where they can relive the legendary Kobe. . This time, against Kobe’s idol, Michael Jordan, Kobe scored 19 points in the first quarter and 55 points throughout the game, keeping Jordan’s points under 20 points and making three steals, resulting in a victory. Challenge Kobe’s actual accomplishments with “Mamba Moment (TM)”! Kaneko, who was in charge of the first quarter, made a comment that could only be expected from an NBA fan, saying, “The footage from that time is so nostalgic…I’m crying, I’m crying.” (Kaneko) Following on from last year, Tamura, who is expected to be the representative of a basketball-loving comedian, will be in charge of the second quarter. “I can see once again how great Kobe is. It’s really amazing that he scores this many points in an actual game,” said Tamura, as he maintained his lead while showing his love for Kobe everywhere. In the 3rd quarter, Inoue had less experience with NBA 2K than the other two players, but he made a spectacular play just like Kobe and was excited, saying, “Historical pass! I want to do more!” (Inoue) It seems like it won’t stop. In the end, with Kaneko in charge of the important 4Q, will the guests, like Kobe, be able to win against the basketball god Jordan…? ?
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And finally, a 5on5 challenge with team cooperation! The teams used by the guests are the Los Angeles Lakers, whose team includes Rui Hachimura, who inherited Kobe’s spirit and is the third Japanese player to join the NBA, and the other Japanese player, the Phoenix Suns, whose team includes Yuta Watanabe. A head-on battle between the teams that belong to!
“We lost once when we played a practice match with these members, so we definitely want to win this time!” (Inoue) said enthusiastically, but the reality was not so easy, and the result was 0-0 after the first minute. However, gradually they became able to communicate well within the team, and Kaneko called out, “Can you go?” and the showtime began, where they performed a dunk shot in cooperation with Inoue! ? Were the guests able to grab the victory from the Phoenix Suns? Please see with your own eyes the match, which was much more intense than you could imagine!
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If you watch this, you can fully understand how to enjoy the latest work “NBA 2K24”!Special live streaming NBA 2K Japan Official X (formerly Twitter)
(https://twitter.com/NBA2K_Japan/status/1702620906550665365) & 2K Japan Official YouTube Channel The archive is now available at (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NReBw8-Il6w)! If you want to watch it again, or if you missed the live broadcast, please watch the archive. ■Guest comments
“There are so many different ways to enjoy it, so I wonder if I can really do it all for a year until the next game comes out!” There are so many different things to do, so I think people who like basketball of all kinds, or watch the World Cup, or have become addicted to (basketball). For people like you! It’s amazing that there are various women’s leagues. Please give it a try.” – Nobuaki Kaneko
“People like me who discovered the NBA late, say it’s been more than 10 years, so when we get together with people who like the NBA, they usually get carried away because they don’t know much about the legendary players of the past.” …If you study it with this “NBA 2K”, you can experience it to a certain extent, so if you increase your knowledge and gain experience points that can be compared to veteran NBA fans, you will enjoy the NBA even more, so definitely give “NBA 2K” a try. Please play! ” – Kirin Tamura Hiroshi
“In this game, not only those with experience in basketball, but also those with no experience in basketball, can see a lot of things that they want to try out or see play like this in basketball, and they can put it into practice by performing on their own! I’m especially short when I was active, and I want to do all the things I wanted to do but couldn’t do in this game, so if you’re like that, please try creating super plays on your own in the game. I hope you can do it.” -NON STYLE Yusuke Inoue
●“NBA 2K24” release commemorative live broadcast! “Kobe Challenge Night” Archive NBA 2K Japan Official X (old Twitter):
2K Japan official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NReBw8-Il6w About “Mamba Moment (TM)”
By recreating seven moments from Kobe Bryant’s illustrious career, from individual skills that are still talked about to this day to hard-fought victories in the playoffs, players can experience the Black Mamba on the court. You can experience the fighting instinct that he showed for yourself in “Mamba Moment (TM)”.
Latest courtside report with full details of Mamba Moment(TM) https://nba.2k.com/2k24/ja-JP/courtside-report/mamba-moments/ Click here for the “Mamba Moment (TM)” trailer
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